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The first of many bi-annual tournaments to decide who the ultimate dueler, elite dueler, and base duelers are!
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By Rek
2 Tournaments, 1 Day!
We'll be hosting the first (of many) official quarterly duel tournaments to determine who's the best of the best for our Duel and Elite Duel arenas!

Duel Winter Classic 2015 Info
When : January 31st (see tournament times on their respective sign up pages)

- Duel Winter Classic (2015) : Duel Arena (12:00pm CST)
- Duel Winter Classic (2015) : Elite Duel Arena (4:00pm CST)

Duel & Elite Duel are double elimination tournaments - matches are 10b2. 1 person per team.

See the Prizes on the Tournament Pages!

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