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By Lacoste
we can post reply cool, was just wondering about the 7 day ineligibility..wut does that means exactly cause last game i played 7v8 cause 1 guyu was on squad since 4-5 days and i forgot to put him on roster..he was actually on chat/squad since 8-9-10 days but squadjoined 4-5 days before match...wasnt allowed to play..we lost 7 v 8...
u have to understand zone is dead..players come N go without caring..10+ members of my original roster 1 month ago are gone..they just stop logging on...without any warning..sometimes i had to find people with short notice and suchs...that shows up wont be that great...and i dont think any squad outthere wanna get advatange of 1 on us especially when we got 1-2 trainees on..1-2 very old rusty players..and so on..people want to log onfor a challenge a good game, a good practice for next squads matches...
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By Lee
this 7 day waiting period was originally placed to reduce squadhopping between players. For example bunch of risinblood players joining some weak squadron for game vs Mutiny and then hop back for next game. I agree with Lacoste on this one, it does not really make sense in todays EG anymore. Instead there probably should be some sort of limit on how many different squads a player can be during the league? I do not know if its even an issue anymore...
By Cust
The rules he posted actually already say there is no 7 day eligibility this time. You just can't go back to a squad you already left (and I think it also says each player can only change squads once but I'm too tired and careless to look again :D)

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