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By Omega Red
Hey guys and ladies, sign ups are open for TWDT season 2018. I'd like some low rated newbies to clobber so please sign up. ... nups-open!

This is a draft league that runs all 3 main TW leagues, BASE, WB, JAV. Newbies are required in the line up so go ahead and sign up.

Want one last chance to feel the thrill of competition? Sign up quick.
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By GhostBusters
I’ll check it out when I get my computer hooked back up. But we need to get a league started for EG again. Need to host a league that people had the most fun in so it will intrigue people to atleast come back and play in the league.
By Kush
dazz 5vp like cyclone in TW, ships too slow for bald aerodynamics to matter

Fc: Fc was a good player, I remember flagging with[…]

it's worth a shot, there's a trickle of tw players[…]

today 3v3

3v3 no bot ( so today we […]

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