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By doomsy
so yeah eg is not going too well lately. i thought gaz league wasnt rly appealing to me, but once he switched it for 2 bases only, i felt it was meant for pub with variant in it.

so lets go , middle area is meant for pub games with 2 goals free roaming space + top and bottom base mirrored with 2 fr.

yes 2 fr, a door in the back end wall in first fr to block the way to continue to the deepest fr. its meant to grow base accordingly for pop growing in the middle area.
simple flag game , need to determine the flagging style.
spawns r in center safe (back to original formula) but theres an exception
the only freqs that would be spawned in middle would be pub freq
priv freq would be to challenge in the duel modes and they would spawn in the graveyard at bottom of the map
(queue bot should someday see the day)

the duel modes: 1 bot will be for regular duel and the other bot for managing the baseduels.

22 bases meant for teams to directly compete one another in different size of base from 1v1 up to 10v10.
4 mini size bd
10 original size bd
4 medium pub base size
4 large pub base size

we could just make it simple and make it touch safe of nme team or xc. but wut would be the point of that srsly its too plain and boring , not much excitement going on for that. plus im sure there would be long stalemate and waste of time .

so i thought, why not make this be base control.
game plan would be to push out nme to at some point win by xc or a certain criteria met.

base control would be done by measuring the amount of base % conquered per time held.
we could make it be based on points to reach goal or a fixed amount of time to control.
so if i held 75% of base for x amount of time/points i would get rewarded faster/better than if i held 20% of it.

to make it work we would need checkpoints at like (15 30 45 60 75 90 100%)

the point of it is to limit game time and end up a stalemate for hours of non stop pushing without effects.
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By jaXen
You usually come up with some ridiculously bizarre ideas.

But I think you're seriously on to something here. I think that would be huge for having a time limit based on points for control measured by checkpoints. I'm pretty sure another zone was similar to that (maybe dsb).
By gaZ
I doubt FC will do anything that mirrors TW or DSB, although I like the static flag idea and ball for flag protection. IDK what FC wants to do, seems he has got burnt out again.
By TheCript
been asking for a single static flag for years; cant be done coz it requires programming
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