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By TheDruid-3X3
Awens to All:

Recently, I had a go at Base Duel Anchoring and I kept getting too close to the Front and ending up getting Killed. it got to the point that even my old Chew Crew Comrade Unlimited even stated Disappointment in my Base Dueling Performance.

I have to admit I am a bit out of Practice with Base Dueling as all I have been doing lately is just some Early Morning Gaming just before going off to Work and have not had much Practice with Base Dueling so my Abilities in that regards is not as good as I was when I was a Member of the Championship Rated Squad - 'The Chew Crew'. You can not get much Base Dueling Practice just Scoring Goals in the Early Mornings ya know.

But after Unlimited left the Arena, I did a 3 Ship vs 3 Ship Base Duel with me Anchoring and we Won Undefeated. So it I don't think it will take too much Practice to get my Talents back up as it was when I was with The Chew Crew a few years ago.

So I am will be looking to getting back into Base Dueling in the near Future in hopes to get my Talents back up in that.

By TheCript
gaZ wrote:
August 2nd, 2017, 12:59 pm
Fckin right
feel free to take him in, he aint gettign on my freq
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By TheDruid-3X3
Last night after Work, I Logged into EG to get some Base Dueling Practice and there were only Two Other Ships present.

I spent about an Hour Scoring Goals, Raping & Neuting Flags and Hiding a couple of Flags - In other Words - doing my usual Early Morning Gaming Schick.

Seeing as there was No One coming into Arena to do any Base Dueling, I Logged Off after getting my Laundry Done and made Dinner.

I was a bit Disappointed that there was No Base Dueling going on last night.

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By TheDruid-3X3
Last Night After Work, I got into some Base Dueling and everything I seemed to try did not seem to Work.

My Bombs never found their Mark, Enemy Bombs seemed to always find me although there were times when I did Clear Hallways with my Spider Gunfire.

But my Team always seemed to get Owned and after getting Defeated 2 Matches in a Row, I tried something.

I was on a 5 Ship Team and I have always been of the opinion that on a Team of Five Ships or more that at last One Ruching Ship should be a Terrier. So I switched to Terrier in order to get the Extra Bounce that may Score A Hit on an Enemy Anchor.

But that did not seem to get things going much better for my Team and we ended up getting Skunked Zero Matches to Five.

So do you guys think it might be better to have an Extra Rushing Terrier on a Team of 5 Ships or more?

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