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By Wang!
Am looking for a new game. I like mmorpg's but I hate fantasy. I don't like sci fi, so there is really no mmorpg. since the rpg means role playing and I am just a sit back and have fun kinda guy, not a role player ;c.

I like challenges, not sit down in one spot and wait for some gay spawn, or run around for 50 mins doing a "quest" kind of challenge, but a thinking challenge.

List of games that I have bought and burned.

Everquest :eee:
Eve-Online (takes way to long to do shit in, takes 3 weeks to train a skill.... wtf)
Lineage 2 (too much "YOU GO NOW OR PKPKPK")
Call of duty (great single player, not so good multi player)

I have alot of free time on my hands, wouldn't mind getting into a game. Except really I can't find a good game recently. They are all either mindless, or corny (everquest). Please help me! :wipe:
By Mars
dont know if you like RTS but check out Warhammer Dawn of war if you havent already.
By Wang!
oh :ohshit:

am on a 1.5ghz athlon...

Radeon 9700.

edit: ok ya warhammer looks cool
By SA-Leaf
yea the only thing youve not mentioned is RTS games, starcraft is the best ever, i played it pretty much exclusivly for like 6 years.
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By Kupo!
Starcraft or Warcraft III are the only things I can think of.

Quake 3 used to be cool, but people don't play it as much anymore =(

Can't think of anything else.
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By Ezik ^^
GTA's are the bestizzle fo shizzle
By Pot
I like those games Kupo mentioned
but yeah, i'm gonna have to go with ezik on this one
gta fckin owns
By F.r.e.a.K
By Overtone
Rome: Total War
Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War
Sims 2

I dont know which to get :/
By Master Prime
if u are a girl take sims!

if not, i would take rome (dl'in right now)
By Lab
The Riddler wrote:um if you're gonna play EQ, might as well play FFXI

it's better ;p
I've heard so many bad things about FFXI. If you want a fun P2P online game, wait for World of Warcraft to be released.
By Selpa
im thinking of buying dawn of war today...

right choice?, whats rome total war like? im not buying a $20 a month game, i just want something like starcraft where its free to play multiplayer
By Lab
The Riddler wrote:people whine a lot about server downtime when they do maintenance, but it's the fastest maintenance in any MMORPG, and people are gonna whine no matter what ;p

there's no KS'ing (kill stealing), parties are more dynamic than ANY rpg because of skill chaining and spell bursts, plus the economics vary from city to city (there's 4 cities you can start in) so you can buy stuff in one city and hike it to another and sell it for profit. Blah blah, tons of other improvements from other mmorpg's, basically they improved on the mmorpg's before it, so if you're gonna play one, play it ;p
Actually, I've never heard anyone whine about the server itself. The majority of the bad reviews revolved around the fact that it's nearly impossible to level without grouping. Most people, like myself, prefer to solo as mush as possible. Being forced to group just to beat the bad guy guarding the treasure to complete your quest isn't fun, especially when your firends aren't online, or no one around wants to help you. I got to level 21 in 2 weeks mostly solo in WoW. Not because it's easy, but because it was possible; with patience and trial and error.
And the lack of kill stealing isn't something new. WoW implements this very well. I for one, will buy WoW when it's released, and you can be guaranteed you won't see me in EG anymore ;)
Maybe my opinion is biased since I've never played FFXI, and your opinion is biased because you never played WoW. I would like to try out FFXI if they would ever offer what Dark Age of Camelot is offering at the moment: A 7-Day free trial.
By Guest
?buy x-box
?buy halo 2
?buy fable

By Lab
The Riddler wrote:meh you're right, ffxi only offers a 30 day free trial ;)
Yeah, but you have to BUY the game to get the free trial. :lame:
By Yoshi
i can't wait till wow comes out
By Re-Vengeance
im just waiting for world of warcraft right now starcraft owns btw
By Bennyboy
FFXI is not a game for people who would rather level up by themselves then with other people, i couldn't leveling all the way to 75 by myself. I would have to quit from being so bored.
By Andy

By deep_sin
Ezik ^^ wrote:GTA's are the bestizzle fo shizzle
- deep
By esca
ridd just wait till you hit level 25 and start leveling in jueno

when i used to play with RB (almost a year ago), i had 1000+ constant ping because of all the people there. not sure how it is now though

oh and the difference between ffxi and WoW is that ffxi is more RPG oriented while WoW is less of an rpg but with more action elements implemented (i've played both). basically WoW is for people with less patience and FFxi is for people who want to lose track of time.

just shows you how a japanese mmorpg differs from an american one
By Huy

conquer is awesome $$

heres a pretty kool single player with bots
10mb - not too bad, its an ok game
ther's also mulitplayer too, just go on google: soldat servers.
By Andy
hmm its been a year since i talked to esca,,, hmm hello esca! ohh riddler your on diabolos? lol.,,,,,,,,,,,,

OoOo 71 Mithra Warrior/35ninja
By deep_sin
try out some star wars games

- deep
By neRd
the fuck is mu

do u pronounce it MOO? or m u ?

does it pwn?


is it free cause iam a cheap ass mexican
By Master Prime
its some sort of dialblo... really boring and repetitive
By Selpa
Master Prime wrote:its some sort of dialblo... really boring and repetitive
10 days free, then pay

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