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By deep_sin
try out some star wars games

- deep
By neRd
the fuck is mu

do u pronounce it MOO? or m u ?

does it pwn?


is it free cause iam a cheap ass mexican
By Master Prime
its some sort of dialblo... really boring and repetitive
By Selpa
Master Prime wrote:its some sort of dialblo... really boring and repetitive
10 days free, then pay

hey nerd how fat are you?
By borg-orb
you could always go with Diablo II
By Guest
lowB wrote:mu is crap
true... you have to hack and slash on small newbie beasts to get some points and experience... like 10 days to get a bit of higher level and buy some nice equipment.

soooo stupid.. i hate mu :(
By Huy
found this kool game


The Legend of MIR 3
Bro this thread was from 2004.
By Rahix
SA-Leaf wrote:yea the only thing youve not mentioned is RTS games, starcraft is the best ever, i played it pretty much exclusivly for like 6 years.
Yes, star craft is a good game. Recently, someone told me about Star Quest releasing on Kickstarter. Is it same? :roll:
rip EG

One card reading please.

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