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By Andy
meh its a 10man guild that i'v been wanting to quit for a while, but nothing on alliance is any good besides Impulse but I dont wanna raid that much lol. Trying to do 25mans with another guild that sucks downed gruul a few times
By Evo+
what about basic? i seem them outside SSC a lot. Skeletors a guild me and my buddy made a little while ago. Somehow we managed to pull together a good amount of people. Stuck on Vash tho, of course. Such a cock block
By Andy
Evo+ wrote:what about basic? i seem them outside SSC a lot. Skeletors a guild me and my buddy made a little while ago. Somehow we managed to pull together a good amount of people. Stuck on Vash tho, of course. Such a cock block

Should invite my horde paladin ;P
Agro! wrote:god WoW is so old and ugly as fuck now.

Come AoC !
Now?? WoW was ugly from day one. Great ideas in the game though but graphics are non exsistant and the cartoon look is even worse...

Why didn't they make the graphics look like all they're offical art images I always see?? Meh...
Agro! wrote:wow put most good concepts from various mmo's, into one game.

mmo'ers are like sheep though. because a player base of 8million or w/ stupid for how generic a game it is.
There are game that have everything wow does and then some, like Eve Online. I agree though, WoW is basically one of those free korean MMO's, except shinier (it's not as bad as GW for that. Although I like the look of GW wayyyy more than WoW). It's basically a skeleton compared to some other MMO's, I suppose that's its strength, though. The fact that you can get right into it and the learning curve is really low helps people become immersed quickly. The thing about WoW is that it's starting to lack low level content while they expand end game content way too quickly, but the end game content is really just new instance and new gears, they're not actually adding content of any real substance.

But, I mean, they must be doing SOMETHING right that I just don't get or haven't seen (my fiance plays WoW). It's just not my thing.
Lord of the rings online absolutely shits over WoW in GFX, Story, quests, score and Roll-play. (played both) and its quests - while some arelike allmost every other mmo "kill 20 of this and return back to questgiver" sorta shit, its when you start doing its epic quests that you notice its a step above the rest. Everyquest 2 will allways be the best quest based mmo, but its doesn't even hold a candle to LOTRO when its at its best. Ingame narration by the movie actors, with beuatiful ingame movies following the storyline...just awsome.

Its only downfall, is a serious lack of endgame and pvp and next-to-no compatability with dx10. But it is still astronimically better then WoW, just with 10% of its playerbase. Which is what shits me off the most and where WoW wins. Its marketing department should be given a fucking medal.

Age of Conan is looking to be the abolute kickassness when it comes out. But i had a look at Warhammer allso, which looks like a safe bet it will be the next big mmo.
the thing about wow is that it's made up of small, reachable accomplishments that keep you playing. it's actually quite brilliant. you can farm honour for 2-4 days and get a new piece of gear, or you can do arenas and buy a new piece of gear after 3 weeks. you can farm this or that, and EASILY get a new item. you can farm gold and buy that epic mount.

every single thing is within reach. to say wow has no lore/story is wrong, but the thing is you're not forced to actively take part in a story-line, even though if you look you wil find tons. lots of questlines have very unique and interesting stories, behind every instance there is a lot of lore, but as i said you're not forced to take part in it.

and as julia said, learning wow is pretty easy, leveling up from 1-70 should give you most of the knowledge you need, the rest is stuff like macros, tactics etc. that anyone can look up on the official forums.

personally i think what makes wow so popular is the fact that you can always set a goal and reach it within a reasonable amount of time, and when you reach that goal there's always something new to reach out for. i also think this is one of the great failings of the game as well. because these goals are so easily reachable, blizzard has to keep adding content to the game at a very high speed (new content is released every few months), and it's creating a large gap between the hardcore and the not-so-hardcore, and a lot of people grow bored of the continious grind. personally i think that is why wrath of the lich king (2nd expansion) is going to be released so soon, because they're forced to add something new / raise the levelcap. there are already 3 seasons of pvp/arena gear and the stats on the gear is starting to get pretty ridicilous.
yeah, but king, the point is, is that some people don't want to farm for rep or grind the same instances/raids over and over again for gear. It's repetitive and boring and offers nothing to keep my mind busy, like some kind of storyline maybe? It doesn't even have to be all that complex, just anything not to be what WoW is. I played through most of the low level areas in WoW and I never once say anything close to being any kind of lore. :/

Also, the pvp in wow is pretty piss poor if you ask me.
the pvp is hardly piss poor it just requires that you know what your doing. And its gonna be piss poor once u just hit 70 or something cause your gonna get rocked because of your gear, but then it goes back to what king said about setting goals. you can say, well i wanna get a good amount of honor this weekend so i can buy 3 pieces of season 1 gear.
King wrote:you can farm honour for 2-4 days and get a new piece of gear, or you can farm arenas and buy a new piece of gear after 3 weeks. you can farm this or farm that, and EASILY get a new item. you can farm gold and buy that epic mount.

and a lot of people grow bored of the continious grind.
Farm Farm Farm Farm... Exactly, thats why i quit WoW. Newbies who suck at the game rape you cause they have no life and farm 18 hours a day and have items that gives them a rediculous advantage over casual players. I prefer games where skill > gear.
By Julia
The Riddler wrote:i don't know what you mean, pvp in wow is amazing, there's lots of different options (arena, bg's, world) and it's all organized well so you can jump right in (usually) whenever you want. what other mmo's can say that? the only thing that's really lacking is world pvp, but it was nerfed intentionally to protect lowbies and make the grind easier.

the thing that makes wow so great is the community, hands down. wow is as close to an open-source game as it gets, with the UI code being open-source, and they constantly implement what ideas the community comes up with. it's beyond just a 'best-of' of previous mmo's - it's constantly evolving and basically stays on top of the best ideas because the people who play it come up with them. that is why it will be the best mmo for a long time to come.

as for storyline, if you're like me and you've played rpg's since you were 8, there really can never be a storyline that will capture my attention. and BELIEVE ME, there are plenty of lore-whores in wow...when you talk to them in vent you have no fucking idea what they're talking about. there is a huge storyline, but i just ignore it because i watch movies and read books for better stories. every fucking story in an rpg is essentially 'omg, world is ending, you are the chosen one from the simple land, and you have to travel through the world to save everything.' almost all rpg/adventure games involve a shit load of gathering quests, and it sucks, but wow realizes that and makes it extremely quick.

julia i don't even know why you're talking poorly about wow and pvp, lol as far as i know you've only leveled a toon to like 20. the game doesn't even start until you hit max level (70 for now).
I think the PVP isn't welldone because it's not balanced and it's TOO dependent on gear and level (well, level only in lower brackets - and yes, I realize it's an MMO and to some degree HAS to be based on that, I just think WoW takes it too far) and not enough on skill. From what I've experienced of WoW PVP (and I admit, it's nowhere near as much as you or anyone else on this forum) it's just lack luster and doesn't do anything to keep me interested in playing.. I dunno, it's just not exciting, it's just math and stats, I like games like subspace where the only skill that matters in a duel is your dexterity, and your ability, not what stats you have based on how you spec and what gear you have on your character. That's not a skill. That's just sort of... Lame. I leveled a character to 60, Ridd. Just not on your server.

And honestly, the community is not that great, it may be friendly, but it also has the intelligence of a retarded eight year old. All I ever saw in that game on various servers has like "PENIS LOLOLOLOL" humor, it was stupid. Don't get me wrong,I can handle that humor from time to time, but jesus christ, it was a constant, never ending river of stupidity. Scratch that, it's an OCEAN of stupidity. Even people that I know in real life who play it that are extremely intelligent people act like morons in that games. It bothers me. Also, when people aren't making terrible jokes, they're arguing about their character builds. That'd be like me and you arguing over the best way to duel. Who cares? Nobody. So we don't.

I also don't care about things like custom UI's, while they may add some functionality, it seems, for the most part, it's just for aesthetics anyway. I spent a long time deciding whether or not I like WoW, I always knew I had a problem with it, but it was subtle at first, hard to put a finger on. But what it comes down to is this: It's all futile. Why would I waste my time dungeon crawling for hours and hours every week to farm gear I don't need that will be obsolete when the next round of gear is released? And while you claim it evolves, I disagree, I think it claims it gives you something new but it's really the same old crap in a new package. They don't actually change anything, they just add in new dungeons and new gear that looks exactly like the old gear except it has different stats. The noly thing that really does change in gear is the ridiculousness of the shoulders. lol.

I agree and disagree that most RPG's have similar storylines, but there are plenty that don't (Shenmue, anyone?), I've played RPG's since I bought my SNES when I was a kid. What it comes down to, is that I have extremely high expectations for RPG's, why would I settle for less? I get WHY people play world of warcraft but they aren't the same reasons why -I- play games. I actually want a challenge, I don't want everything handed to me like they do in WoW, what's the point? I want a game that's engaging, that challenges me, either some kind of skill or compels me with a storyline. WoW has neither.

And while there may be lore, you'd never notice without some kind of background knowledge from previous games (which I don't play and never will) so even on the are occasions there might have been some lore in the game, it didn't register... On that note, lore is not the same as a storyline.
By Julia
AceRockola wrote:people complaining about the grind in an rpg, that's original :roll:
Why does it have to be original? It's a legitimate complaint, one that's not being addressed. Do you have to contradict everyone? Like, I get it Ace, everything is stupid to you, you're just so above it all. Give it a rest, your shtick is old and boring, you're a flogging a dead horse. SNORE. Save your lame posturing for someone who gives a shit, you're so transparent it's actually kind of pathetic.


Sorry for the double post.
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rip EG

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