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lagGore wrote:well gfx look as sad as op flashpoint was at his time imo ( doestn call of duty look way better? )
but what do i know of new games/gfx

my geforce 5600 just burned through and using a radeon 9200 now
out of the frying pan into the fire
COD4 ? In terms of graphics, probably, but Arma 2 pretty much smokes it when it comes to a combat simulator, its not even a fair match. For example, you cant do this on COD :lol:

collision detection is a bitch.
Wing Gundam Zero X wrote:Damn, that Arma 2 looks insane. Are you playing that Mars? Whats your PC setup like right now?
Intel Core i7 920
6GB corsair dominator
evga x58 classified
Intel X25-M 80GB ssd
Nvidia 285GTX

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