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By Nitros!

Aside from running RiseNation in the zone I stream full time on Twitch, mostly H1Z1. I have been streaming H1Z1 since February and have since created a large community for players to socialize and organize teams. Some range from highly experienced to novice but it's all fun. I own a Discord Channel which is basically the same thing as TS. I have won 40+ BRs just this month and would like to invite anyone here who plays H1Z1 KOTK to join us. We do 5s almost every night and sometimes we have multiple teams of 5 going on. Everything can be located in my channel if you have any questions just tag me in a tweet or ask me when I am live.

Just an invitation for those who play the game and are looking for people to play with.

By Lacoste
so you are saying you dont care about RiseNation as you let your guys there alone with no leading since weeks

alright alright The Watch will rise up with ex-risenation members to plow too fresh

enjoy your h1n1 owens
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By Nitros!
First, you messaged me the other day asking me to train the scrubs you pick up :lol: The Trash, give up. RIP

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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

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