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By Pantha
If anyone plays Destiny on PS4 and knows me, add me on PSN (when it's not down) - same name.

Just let me know who you are, as I ignore random requests :P

Been playing with Ice-olate lately (if anyone remembers him also), but he's in the middle of moving to the US.
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By Lee
is this as boring or even more boring than eve online
By Pantha
LESS boring!

I play with Ice-olate all the time :P

Although I'm now spending a lot of time in Dirt Rally, and already pre-loaded Project Cars.
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By dreownsu
lol let me know if you get any shooters. dont know if you were active when i was on trespass, but my alias is Taunt.

played a bit with lawsuit, dbz, owens and anderson.
The Future of EG

EG all the way! I really hope it works out well.

TWDT Season 18

I'll sign up if you cap


Why not just host a ete/duel league!

Ways to attract Vets back???

Need them more then ever now!!

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