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By Shatan
Hey all,

I've been looking for a hearthstone beta key. i'm willing to trade an iptorrents invite for a beta key. message me if you're interested.
By Shatan

Game is really fun. very simple to learn and is a f2p (provided you grind alot to get the card packs) arena is free for the first time but you have to pay gold/real money to play the second time. I'm currently using a Hunter Deck (fun class, lots of low cost but high performance cards.) Hit me up if you guys wanna duel!
The Future of EG

EG all the way! I really hope it works out well.

TWDT Season 18

I'll sign up if you cap


Why not just host a ete/duel league!

Ways to attract Vets back???

Need them more then ever now!!

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