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Final fantasy xiv a realm reborn

Anyone playing the beta on ps3 or pc?

I'll be on leviathan server at launch open beta starts next month. This game is amazing btw.
By Cust
You didn't happen to snag any beta keys for PC through giveaways yesterday did you? Was out of town and missed them
By Andy
Playing Beta. Not sure what server I am going to play on. I don't think I'll play my legacy character. Going to start fresh.
Andy, a lot of us are going to be on Leviathan. My name will be Hattori Hanzo add me. and crust I had 4 keys, gave all away :<
By Link
I've been on Leviathan server the past couple days... not seein ya MCI. You sure your name is still Hittori Hanzo??
By Cust
creepin on mci's thread, but he said hAttori, not hI(EYE)torri. Mass boredom at midnight.

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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

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