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Who will win?

By Optimal
kace wrote:most likely because of your vp.

dont matter what vp or how much i trash this zone, ill always start, facts dont lie. gg
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By Lawbuh
LostAndNotFound wrote:
Lawbuh wrote:you're bitch made in faggot sauce.
What's "faggot sauce?" Is it the liquid that drips off of TheCript after Optimal gets done nailing him?
roflll, indeed.
By TheCript
your expectation was obviously wrong thinking next could even have the slightest chance of winning
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By GhostBusters
CalL it again been right every game gg guys :)
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By GhostBusters
heard ill sent nao on a one man attack to burn villages and pilage citys and took nme all by his self =)
By Toretto
Actually, Next was doing well. The only reason it ended early, was a mix of luck and a choke.

Dogtown was pm'ing Karth and he replied at the same time that Nao heroed.

Nao could have pulled it off regardless, but that is what happened.

Overall, good game!
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By GhostBusters
It's had to be silence scan that lost against grid like 4 times now rofl
rip EG

RIP- thanks for the memories, I had a blast. Any[…]

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