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Extreme Games Flagging League 2011

Moderator: Azela

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By Lee
Both squads have definiately grown during the league. Grid has became really a tight squad with many experienced players, they cannot be even compared to pre-egfl time, their domination vs Next showed that they cannot be underestimated and considering our previous record with them, i would actually consider them favourites.
We once again depend much more on a good showup, but seems that finally squad is active and hopefully egfl finals will be motivating enough for some to show their faces.
I wouldnt be surprised if the finals will be decided by chokes, our opponents squadname though hints on which squad will be the choky one :P Hi Golfer!

As for key players, i would remove luige from the list. He hasnt so far shown to any games and he is of no use to us being absent, with rest i agree, but i would add boogyman/sin as great anchors to that list aswell as agro, who is only aussie and true lagger on our roster and still shows up for games in the middle of night.
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By Ioth
Eel has always had a tendancy of losing to me when it matters the most (EF FTW).
Taught is a swing. Nugget is attack.

Taught has shown to one match and it was the 20-30 min Next match.

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By Lee
PAT wrote:Taught is a swing. Nugget is attack.

Taught has shown to one match and it was the 20-30 min Next match.

yes taught is a swing, but ive seen nugget as a swing for many Grid games, so although originally more of a rusher, he has been used alot as aggressive swing by Grid.
By wewe
i cant wait for this match! see you all there and let the best squad win. win or lose eel has done a great job with grid happy to be a part of it!
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