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Extreme Games Autumn League 2011

Moderator: Lee

League has been postponed until Lee gets back(who knows when that will be)

I've had too many complaints that it wasn't supposed to start and it's not all set up when I see nothing that's set up, debating if points will be kept or not but original 2 months or so will be reset.

Afk until Lee gets back I guess.

Edit: If anyone has questions/concerns post them here and they will be answered ASAP by the correct EGAL refs. Thanks for baring with us.....
By Unlimited
ite good shit
better to wait and have a 100% league than keep going and all these stats not to be counted
when lee gets back we'll see what he wants to do
By MiTeY
lee would be back by now if he didn't use horse and buggy for transportation for his vacation to the border of estonia.

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