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Extreme Games Flagging League 2010
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By Lee
5 rounds of exciting EGFL is behind us and time to see how teams have done and what are the best games yet to come:

1) Impurity
Impurity has been the best squad in the league so far, which is a small surprise, especially as they were more or less considered to end up 3rd after main season. They have been quick and smooth with killing weaker squads and last week 16 minute win vs Exalt has raised their chances of getting to top 2 after main season considerably. In fact, its now totally up to Impurity itself.
Next 2 weeks are crucial for imp as last 2 weeks they have to face Unionville and Despair and they are expected to win those games easily.
First Impurity faces Trespass, another squad that has done relatively well in this league and then there is crucial match vs Blood, which will most probably determine the winner of main season, if Imp beats Trespass and ties Blood, they have also very good chance in topping the league as their av.time is much better. If imp loses to Trespass, Exalt can still catch both of those teams for very interesting last rounds.

Prediction: 2nd after main season

2) Blood
Blood has also had a good season, as expected, they have already beaten all their main rivals, except for match vs Impurity in 2 weeks. This is also the last real match for them as they have a bye week and then have to face Warhable and Unionville. The final success or failure of the main season really comes down to Imp game, if they win it, they are just as good as everyone expected, if they lose or tie, some questions may arise. Blood has also lost a number of top pilots in recent weeks, lets see if this egfl can actually get interesting after all.

Prediction: 1st after main season

3) Trespass

Trespass has had a good season as well, but the real games are yet to come for the squad. There have not been many problems beating the mid-tier squads and they did put up a good fight vs Blood, but the main rivals are still all waiting to fight tp. Trespass is still to fight Impurity, Exalt and Ace (also Despair), so the end of the main season is all but boring for them. Tp does have a big advantage, they have been relatively quick in their wins and currently they have the best av.time in the entire league, this might come handy in final standings.

Prediction: 4th after main season

4) Exalt
Exalt season has been a dissapointment for both themselves as well as rest of the zone. They failed to put much fight against Blood and to even bigger surprise managed to lose quickly to Impurity, not very typical to a squad that has been among best 2 squads in eg for years. But a small history lesson will most probably give them confidence. Also last season they were struggling quite a bit and only guaranteed their 3rd spot in main season in last couple of rounds. Yet in playoffs they were reborn squad, defeated Imp and also put hell of a fight vs Blood in finals. Time will tell if same thing happens. They have given Impurity a chance to take top seed though and semifinals vs Blood was definitely not in mind for sentenal and his crew.
Their remaining schedule is not very difficult, but it will be interesting to see how they will do vs Trespass and Mutiny with their current form, they have acquired a number of top pilots though in ursa, trance and zig and will become more and more dangerous.

Prediciton: 3rd after main season

5) Ace
Ace has had a very difficult fixture list, they have already faced all top 3 squads and lost to all of them, but the last part of the season is more easy for them. Ace has not really surprised anyone, but they did put up a good fight vs Impurity and can be considered a dangerous squad. The 2 crucial games left for Ace are facing Mutiny in week 7 and Trespass in last week of main season. Those 2 games will determine the final positions of the squads after main season.

Prediction: 5th after main season

6) Mutiny
After very difficult start for the season, Mutiny has also started playing better with lots of help from Log, who has become their new leader. They have recruited pretty good players and when before the main season there was a definite possibility, that Mutiny might even drop out from top 6 after their miserable loss to Despair, they have shown with solid performances vs Blood and Trespass, that they can surprise any team.
They need to beat Warhable next week, to avoid danger of dropping from playoffs, then they face Ace, another direct competition for playoff spots and on week 8 can test themselves vs Exalt, so very crucial games coming up for Mut.

Prediction: 6th after main season

7) Warhable
The sensation of early season has been dropping in table and now they have dropped from playoffs. Nethertheless, Warhable was considered to be a lower tier squad with no chance at all and even the fact that they still can make it to playoffs and its all in their hands shows that f16 has done a better job then many expected him to. While the last 2 weeks they have to face Blood and Exalt and most probably cannot expect much from those games, in next 2 weeks they have to face Mutiny and Unionville and if they do manage to beat Mutiny, they have taken a huge leap towards getting to playoffs.

Prediction: 7th after main season

8) Despair
Despair has been a dissapointment for this league, they were predicted to be one of the weaker mid-tier squads, capable of surprises, but in reality they have also lost to Warhable and apart from holding against Blood with weird 2-base tactics, it has been a miserable season for them. There is not really much to do as well, they get 1 win from bye week, but then have to face current top 3 in table, so no more wins are really expected for them. Ending 8th was never really in their plans, but unless Warhable chokes vs Unionville, its unlikely for Despair to climb a spot.

Prediction: 8th after main season

9) Unionville

Unionville has been a positive surprise, not that they would have performed particulary well, but they have survived to this point and its extremely rare for a low-tier squad to survive for later phases of the group stage in EGFL. I really hope they can continue with this and they do have an interesting game vs Warhable coming up, their only real chance of getting more wins.

Prediction: 9th after main season

Best matches to see:
Week 6:
Mutiny vs Warhable - tense fight for last playoff spot
Impurity vs Trespass - last chance for Imp to lose 1-2 seed for main season
Week 7:
Unionville vs Warhable - the fight for spots 7-9
Blood vs Impurity - most probably fight for first seed of main season
Ace vs Mutiny - neither team can fail in this game, playoff spot deciding game
Exalt vs Trespass - whoever wins will get higher seed after main season, battle for spots 3 - 4 most likely.
Week 8:
Exalt vs Mutiny - rather weak weekend, no crucial games, but this stands out, can Mutiny held vs Exalt as well as they did vs Blood?
Week 9:
Ace vs Trespass - this game could very well determine the 4th-5th spot for playoffs.

So week 7 seems to be the most important one with each game having great importance.
By Toretto
Good read
By wewe
enjoyed every sec of it Lee 8)
rip EG

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