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Extreme Games Flagging League 2010
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By Lee
EGFL9 squad preview
Another year has passed and its time to see what squads are fighting for the title this year.

1) Blood

The defending champions are also the biggest favourites to win this year. Their roster has not
changed much from last years tournament and majority of the key players are still on roster.
Due to roster restrictions, the number of players in Blood squadron has diminished a bit and
Sann has taken resevoir dogs position as one of the captains. The 2 big-name changes for Blood
are losing bacon and moggy to Exalt, yet they have now number of newer active pilots on roster,
as well as players like anni, baia, bombed, suicide knight, mci and zig. Blood has had pretty
active year and they have also been dominant in their squadmatches, they are not entering the
tournament undefeated though, as Exalt has been able to beat them during off-season.
If Blood can actually win this year, it will be a record breaking season for them in many ways.
No squad since risinblood in first 2 leagues has been able to defend their title, many have been
close, like mutiny and exalt, but noone has been able to do it so far. Secondly if Blood wins
again, they will become the most successful squad in EG history with 3 titles. So history sort
of speaks against Blood, but they definitely have the roster and leadership to prove otherwise.

2) Exalt
Last year finalists are also still looking strong and eager to correct the mistakes they had
last season. Also Exalt roster has not changed that much over the year and the core is still
there are looking strong. Apart from Hawkeye and Dazz, all the key players are still in squad.
In addition, Exalt has recruited Bacon and Sponger who will definitely make a difference as
well as number of newer pilots like Willis, Taunt, Azela and others. Even tho they have been
outplayed in most of games by Blood, Exalt has always had the ability of showing their best
performance when it matters. Even last year, they were not all that convincing, but put up
a great fight against Blood in finals.
Exalt has a lot to fight for as well, if they manage to win, they will become the 3rd ever squad
in EG to have 2 titles and write their names down in history as one of the best squads in the
zone. Also i am sure the loss in finals is something they eager revenge for and the drama between
the 2 squads has been ongoing entire year, including swapping players and having tense squadmatches

3) Impurity
No surprise as Impurity has also emerged again from ashes to take part yet in another EGFL.
Lead this time by denk, qs and bold, unlike other 2 top squads, Impurity has a different roster
this time around. While last year Impurity was like an all-star team compiled from various players
from various backrounds, this time, majority of the players come from Imp/Fame backround and do
know each other well. The squad has been compiled just within last week, so it will take a bit
time for them to get their show on the run, but in a long run, Impurity could be the dark horse
of the tournament as noone expects them to have any real success in league after failing in so
many competitions in the past. Alot depends on if the players can remain active for entire league
and if the teamwork will be established by the time important games arrive. The roster is twice
as small as last season and even then they had problems with showups, hopefully it will be not
the case this season.
Impurity should have a lot of motivation as well, for all their time in EG, they have never even
played in EGFL finals and this should be one of their major goals this season, they have also
been always beaten by Mutiny in various leagues, with Mutiny looking weaker then ever before, this
gives them great opportunity to finally take revenge on their arch-enemies.


4) Trespass
Trespass celebrating its 5th year as the longest living flagging squad in EG, has had a very
difficult year. Inactiveness of leaders and departure of the Fame-backround roster has changed
the face of the squad quite a bit. The old council is still intact and addition of last season
ES players like Kace, Monty, key and a few upcoming pilots has kept the squad alive and recently
TP has been also much more active then usually.
TP and its players have alot to prove, but its obvious that it will be a difficult season for them
and reaching semifinals like they always have in previous leagues will be bigger challenge then
in previous years. One of 3 squads in this league to have won the tournament before, they have
alot of experience in leadership department and active and motivated players. I am pretty sure
tp can surprise alot during the league and who knows where they might end up.

5) Ace
Strongest completely new squad in EGFL, Ace has improved its performances alot in recent games.
Holding over 2 hours vs Exalt and beating Trespass, they are looking like a strong opponent to
everyone in the league.
Even tho they have been around since the beginning of summer already, just recently the size of
the squad has reached the level where they can compete already as a unit. Lead by rk, Ace has
a number of quality pilots like lawsuit, clutch, b0w, sunstreak, viti and others, who are all
active and also with top-squad experience.
I am confident ace will pull at least 1 big surprise during league and will have no problems going
strong until the end of the league.

6) Mutiny

It has been a long time since Mutiny was last time around, but now it is back again, lead by
Romeo, USS and Dogtown. Obviously not as strong opponent as during its glory days, they still
have a number of old vets on roster as well as old mutiny members like Demokillerz, majin,
argon, domio and others. Even the living legend "i invented everything in eg" Airduster is
still on the roster.
Much depends on how Mutiny can get their teamwork going as they havent been the most active
squad in eg since their recreation, preseason game vs Blood will probably bring out the bitter
truth that this Mutiny is not the squad it used to be, but they are still a tough match and not
to be taken easily.

7) Despair
Another Mini/famous production squad follows the footsteps of vicious from last season. Despair
has quite a nice roster and they have had a few pretty good off-season games, like beating Mutiny.
There is a number of stone-age players like ace joker, ez-wider, extort, baptism, deadpool and
others mixed with upcoming pilots like mracy, prodigy, andreo, shc and others. Despair will
probably be too weak to give much resistance for top squads, but can pull a surprise vs other
mid-tier squads and is pretty active lately.

8) BirdsofWar
This EGFL has surprisingly big number of low-tier squads taking part, BirdofWar, first ever Lacoste
created squad to actually take part in egfl looks to be one of the best from those. Lead by
Johnson, BirdsofWar have several players on roster like shatan, kidv, euph, adrenalin, muwik etc
who have been around in the zone for some time. Majority of the roster is still pretty unknown
and hence i placed it to low-tier section for this league. THe main goal for BirdsofWar is to
qualify to playoffs, which is possible, considering that the 8th spot is to be decided between
low-tier squads

9) Warhable
Warhable is another low-tier squad created and lead by F16. Having pretty nice roster, but
unexperienced leader, Warhable is capable of surprises for sure. Best players on Warhable include
APD, glyde, heaven_boy, kujak101, pixy girl, synthesist, voids, wingleader and a few others.
It almost looks like to be an all-star egdl low-vp squad, there are number of players on this
roster who have struck out in EGDL as best low-vp players. The main competition for last playoffspot
is with BirdsofWar, so game between those squads will be very tense. Lets see how f16 can manage
leading his first squad in egfl.

10) Octavius
Octavius is pretty big pub-squad in eg and i am glad they have decided to take part of EGFL this
season. Lead by j e s t e r, it has number of pilots, who i am sure everyone has noticed in
pubs like mother terressa, gmann, iamlegend, methane man, joshnash, mlb, briareos and of course
jream. Jester is rather new player in EG and it will be interesting to see if he can manage to
keep the squad alive until the end of the season. It will be hard to dream of Octavius putting
up much against top or mid-tier squads, but they have their chances fighting Warhable and BirdsofWar.
I see Octavius having an advantage over Unionville and Aristos mainly because they have much
larger roster.

11) Unionville
Unionville is a tw-player based squad trying their luck in EGFL. With the smallest roster in the
league (20), it will be tough job for them to show 10 to all matches, but lets hope all their
players are really active in tw, because they surely are not in EG. First couple of rounds will
be very tough for them, i hope they will find motivation and fight until the end.

12) Aristos
Aristos is Melbourne lead low-tier squad. Compiled from at least to me completely unknown pilots,
its really hard to say how or how long they will play in egfl. With roster of only 22 pilots,
it is going to be very tough for them to have good shows for each game.
By Ioth
Awesome, BoW isn't first laco squad in EGFL ever though :P (anyone remember performing?)
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By Lee
Ioth wrote:Awesome, BoW isn't first laco squad in EGFL ever though :P (anyone remember performing?)
didnt they drop out before egfl or then someone else made lacos squad again? u might be correct as well
By Ioth
I believe they had a bunch of forfeits and got DQ'd
By Johnson
Ioth wrote:I believe they had a bunch of forfeits and got DQ'd
Well laco isn't even on the roster for us, it's a completely different squad from when he was still here. There were 93 members, I got it now to 60, but only 34 in EGFL squad. Got some good little pilots in there, who I hope to see in mid tier squads in the near future.
By Heath
Lee wrote: 5) Ace
Strongest completely new squad in EGFL

By TheCript
Heath wrote:
Lee wrote: 5) Ace
Strongest completely new squad in EGFL

Good real Lee per usual.
B.o.W has really surprising talent amonst them..i was helping them along when laco first started, and helping them right now also. Will be fun to spec help them..look out for gobbero!! And many other rare "newbie" talents!!
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By Omega Red
rofl methane man
By Johnson
Omega Red wrote:rofl methane man
rofl? serious? i take it back if it is lmao.
rofl is it?
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By Omega Red
what? no. hes my brother in rl and he always gets props on lees write ups. what a faggot, always getting the glory
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By Lee
Omega Red wrote:what? no. hes my brother in rl and he always gets props on lees write ups. what a faggot, always getting the glory
rofl i just know who he, unlike 90% of rest of roster lol
By Airduster
You're the best flagging analyst
By Lacoste
b.o.w ftw ...johnson gl :) 93...rofl rly? i though like 60ish

ya performing entered under...i believe it was history x leading his first alias silent hill killer or something like that...too bad Bombullet didnt enter...we wouldnt have wiped some ass!!

good read Lee
By Ioth
Naaa laco it was numb :P history x was leading wanted at the time.

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