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Extreme Games Flagging League 2010
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By Johnson
Azela wrote:Jobs we need.

1: Refs & backup refs, post if you can/will do it.
2: Bot coordinator, MR SHOE, you there? :)
3: New bases, but we'll keep top right/bottom left base! Attach your base designs to this thread! WHS? help?
4: 8v8 or 10v10 debate needs to be resolved!
5: Squad size debate needs to be resolved! 20 minimum - 35 maximum is the offer, squad leaders must answer!
1: hardest to get support for.
2: already a usable bot, no need for change.
3: blue/public people create bases/map.
4: 10v10
5: 35.

Jobs you missed -
Scheduler - making a fair schedule
Main Coordinator - someone to make the key decisions about calling off games and rule revisions ect.
Head ref - in charge of all refs training and ref scheduling (should be a ref training guide on forums I made last time)

and these are the main ones.

Admittedly, working with lee and others for the past 2 egfl's I could manage all of these things alone without and major problems, however, no matter who the candidate is, the key decisions (final on settings, squad sizes ect) have to be left to a staff decision or a referendum!
By Toretto
glad to see out of all my forum rage today. Someone wants to do something.

GG Azela!
By Toretto
Azela wrote:According to all information I sourced this is what egfl 2010 will look like:

League Format: Single league, top 4 qualify for play offs, 1st vs 4th, 2nd vs 3rd, winners play in final, best of 3. May change depending on how many squads sign up.

Team size: 10v10

Roster size: After listening to squad leaders and the roster poll, I think the best compromise will be 20 minimum, 35 maximum.

Map: .?go egfl2011 only 4 of these bases will be selected for use and tiled.

Full confirmation post will be released a long with squad sign ups once all refs positions have been filled.
as I said in pm's. Thanks for attempting this. I hope you get all the support you need! Lots of luck to you.
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By Ioth
ioth can ref, 3 leagues of experience.
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By prozaker
Azela wrote:
Proz wrote:are u gonna ?dissolveleague if no one shows up? :)

The only hurdle is really the refs, everything else is in place, no refs no league, so all I can do is ask around and hope people start offering to help.
get froot, he wouldnt let a zone die under a league he refs in.
By Baptism

Going to let people know that I'm interested in being a ref.

However, if you want me to be a ref, private message me on the forum.
I had Ratio ban me (voluntary) for 100 days so I could concentrate more on school. (College is a biatch.)

The forums aren't as addictive as the game so I still can post on here. I'm sure I can get someone to unban me if needed as a ref. (I'm assuming the games would be on Sunday's.)
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By Omega Red
why are recycling bases for egfl? this isnt pub map and that isnt how its been done. part of the fun in egfl is learning the new bases and finding the bomblines. the top right and bottom left bases are good but it will be boring. weve been playing these bases for over a year. also why is there edl bases on there? those bases were designed for 8v8 flagging and are tighter and shorter than egfl bases.

bases have never been a problem, and i am willing to contribute as long as we dont have to play the same boring bases this year.
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By Lee
from what i can say, hardest thing is:
being head ref and training all the other refs, showing to each game each weekend becuase u cannot really rely on ur refs and hosting bunch of games urself as well. If u find someone for this job, u are 50% there. And it has to be 1 person, because u need someone in charge when problems occur during games and decisions need to be made.
Rules are there, no problem changing a few, i would suggest u to go over some verbal shitfests that went on during last egfl, loopholes and other similar things that could be avoided this time around.
Blue has always made the map and i bet if u talk to him he can make one again, also u cna have ppl submitting bases as before.
So this is the order of to-do i can suggest to you:
1) Find head-ref
2) Start squad signups and ref-signups and training with head-ref
3) Start map development and set deadlines
4) Hire everyone else u need to hire and set everything up rules wise, also standings, forums etc
5) Have couple of preseason games to see everything works and refs are ready

PS!I can help with generating schedule, updating standings and other issues that can be solved via forums.
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By Ioth
Seriously, johnson has been an awesome head ref for 2 leagues.
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By Omega Red
i wana help as ref, i have a lot of time on sundays but not much experience
By MracY
I can ref. I've seen the shortage of refs on forehand when I glimpsed at Zeker's screen when I had to play a few games in egdl on his rundown backup computer in his attic.

I'll gladly help, and I think Zeker will be somewhat glad to train me.
By Toretto
Things are starting to look up for this egfl! Thanks everyone who is offering to help azela!
By sloaner
I don't care to help where help is needed. We(despair) have signed up for egfl already in other topic. I will be there all of Sundays besides maybe on towards end of November. I help with whatever is needed ref/forums/standings ect. Just let me know.
By Baptism

I am currently banned. I am not banned for any reason other than I want to concentrate on school. (It was a voluntary ban.) This just keeps me from getting on the game.

However, once EGFL starts, (and if it's before December 28th) I can probably have a staff member just lift that ban.

This is just a safety net for me so I can do good in school. :)
By TheCript
imo if azela is gonne lead this egfl it will fail miserably
By Combo
TheCript wrote:imo if azela is gonne lead this egfl it will fail miserably
if you want to host it and organize it. i think u should step up. :)

i seen azela is doing a great job in this. and its a team effort. i have times for sunday to host. but i will need some training. you can add me up in the reff list. CRY AND WHINE IF I DO SPELLING MISTAKES.
By video
TheCript wrote:imo if azela is gonne lead this egfl it will fail miserably
I think he will do fine. The staff looks good already. And I'm sure Eura, Lee, or anyone else with experience running a league would offer him advice if he wants it.
By Kuppaaja
It's awesome that we have people like Azela that will step up and host egfl. With help of others I'm sure this egfl will work as well as it should. Teamwork is the key to succes. Hopefully Azela gets all the help that he needs.
By Toretto
Kuppaaja wrote:It's awesome that we have people like Azela that will step up and host egfl. With help of others I'm sure this egfl will work as well as it should. Teamwork is the key to succes. Hopefully Azela gets all the help that he needs.
rip EG

RIP- thanks for the memories, I had a blast. Any[…]

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