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By TheDruid-3X3
Awens to All:

Finally Made It To 1000 Posts!

When I got Temporarily Banned for Bumping Up too many Old Threads, I was close to 1000 Posts.

But when I got Reinstated, all my Posts had been Erased. So I had to Restart from Scratch.

Now here I am at 1000 Posts.

Will I make it to 2000 Posts? We will see.

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By TheDruid-3X3
It has been a Month since I started this Thread and I have now made my 1002nd Post.

By Airduster
Congratulations! and now it is time to try to make it to a $1000 dollars...

it's worth a shot, there's a trickle of tw players[…]

today 3v3

3v3 no bot ( so today we […]

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