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By Lacoste
Hey guys, you know how much I love to travel, I'm 29 now..i Been travelling (backpacking since I was 18) I was in Bolivia paying 5$ a night, in Philippines paying 3$ a night..because that's what I could a young traveller working as a server in hotels

but lately I came through WorldVentures, maybe you heard of it if you are from the US as it is really big there 250k members, it is in 29 countries and came to Canada last june

it is similar to Costco , it has a memberships wich is good for lifetime and then its cheapest prices, if you find cheaper elsewhere you get reimbursed 150% so basicly you go on the trip for free

if you are interested to know more you can Pm me in Game or on forum

here is a link you can check video 2 there, you can do research about WorldVentures and Rovia , it won many World Travel Awards

video #2

so if you want to get paid to travel, there is a lot of work involved, it aint just magic..

200$ membership good for life. 50$ per month after that, if you get 4 people in the 50$ is waived. the 200$ and the 50$ are redeemas points 200$=200 for example if a cruise is 875$ and you can redeem 600 pts , you only pay for 275$ for a 8 days cruise. 600 pts takes 12 months to get , but that's just by the montly fee..wich can be removed if you get 4 in..then you don't need to pay anymore but you still get the 50 pts every month. some people get rich wich I really just want my free 600 pts per year so I can go on One trip for really cheap everywhere and its all 4-5 stars things, it is really a great opportunity, I put it out here so in few years when I'm succesfull with it no one can say <laco why you didn't share it with us?>

best of luck to yall, I don't know where you from and whats your situation, but Ive been to 45 countries..and I know so many people stuck in this system with low wages incomes, high rents, insurances and school debts..and travel is a luxury to their eyes..well this could change it all

Peace brothers from another mother
It's a pyramid scheme. Spend 5 minutes on Google doing some research. If anything, look to the person promoting the business to know you shouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole. Laco is going to come back and try to convince you that it's not a scam. Don't trust him.
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By dreownsu
lol anytime you have to get people to join to get something, its a pyramid scheme.
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By Rek
For sure its a pyramid scheme. HOWEVER... I do have multiple friends that do this and actually really like it and they've been doing it for years. If you see pictures with folks holding banners that say "You should be here"... that's usually World Ventures.

Anyway. Use your own discretion. Not for me... but some people do seem to like it.
By Airduster
Baptism wrote:Reminds me when 0PTIX tried to get me to signup for this pyramid scheme.
rofl, the funniest part was that historically he was the most SELFISH ss player ever. First guy to sell his team out but he titled his video "together as a team" haha.
By TheCript
laco such a weirdo... one day he wants us to donate to him so he can start a sweatshop to make Bangladeshi kids play ss all day
By establishment
Rek wrote:For sure its a pyramid scheme. HOWEVER... I do have multiple friends that do this and actually really like it and they've been doing it for years. If you see pictures with folks holding banners that say "You should be here"... that's usually World Ventures.

Anyway. Use your own discretion. Not for me... but some people do seem to like it.
Yeah, assholes who leech off friends who are naive and not as assholey.
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By mattyoung
0PTIX the one who turrets like a bitch and recs to build his own fame wants to work as a team.. wtf.. who understands that? - Really cheap and good hostels! - This is basically like homestay; people offer you their houses/rooms to stay in for free. I did it while staying in Japan and it was great. I also got people to stay at my place too and had a ball. You don't need to pay, you just need to get references so people trust you.
By Lacoste
heh no problem guys, talk to you in 2 years about started in 2005 with 15 trips..i would never have joined back then..this year they got 5000 dreamtrips (guaranteed cheapest prices or money back and sent free on the trip - you got 7 days to find cheaper after you booked) they won tons of world travels

just google Ersnt and young , Voyager for world ventures and Rovia

its like Costco membership then cheapest prices..i don't get money for getting you in..but if I get 4 in..i don't have to pay my 50$ per month anymore..and still get those 50 pts to travel

for example membership is 200$ wich becomes 200 pts

so one of the welcometrips I want to do is to Las Vegas, 4 days at the venetian with tickets for cirque du soleil and helicopter tour, that is based on double occupancy and is 359$ per person but you can use 150pts (you got 200pts from joining with the membership of 200$ and that's a one lifetime joining cost..not like Costco everyyear 80$) you getting that trip for 209$ per 418$ for not included but if you live in Cali you just drive there..and Rovia has cheapest price of flights Guaranteed or 150% back if you find..also we got rateshrinker so if you book 6 months in advance..and price go down..your price will automatically take the lowest price

I get it people saying its pyramid etc..but to be a pyramid id have to make money off you, I don't..i might just remove that 50$ I pay per month and still get that 50 pts..without paying the fee of the end of the year that's 600 pts I can take a cruise wich is 875$ but 600 pts usable and go on the cruise for 275$

the reason why its so cheap is because worldventures buys and sells wholesale travels go to the venetian on a welcome trip there will be 300 blue signs You Should Be Here..and the price you paid for all your trip will be 2 to 3 times less then Joe Bloe who went on

but I get it..its a scam..heh...God over money

peace, feel free to do researches etc..and please don't stop to someones blog who doesn't rly know the search World Travels Rovia and Ernst and Young Worldventures theses are more trustable then some broken loser who never been out of his country..i been to 45 countries I don't consider myself the smartest man, that would be noah Chomsky..but I don't consider myself a sore loser either. seriously who on this game can say he went and live and travel in 45 countries by the age of 29..when I was 24 I was <retired> for 15 months in s.e asia swimming in crystal waters

anyway just my 2 cents..airduster and I were in spec other night talking about WV (worldventures) and he found the venetian night for 305$...that's more then the 4 days...based on dbl occupancy..doesn't inclused the Ferrari club vip entrance, the welcome cocktail party at the hotel for the worldventures members..anyway ill let you guys know how it goes..but I'm rly positive about this

oh and plz Lafoundandlost...can you link what you found out? thx
By Lacoste
ya ill be honest I was really motivated at the beginning..but god I'm just so lazy to try to get people to join this..i need to do a trip first to see how it is..but I can see the las vegas one being a great 409$ for 4 nights with helicopter tour rly looks much cheaper then usual deals..but not sell driven..i rather do music and travel..but hopefully after my first trip with WV (worldventures) ill be like wow it is rly amazing and cheap and then be driven to have energy to invite people to know about this thing..because it rly makes sense that it is cheaper, it has no expedia or flightcentre is wholesale groups you can see videos on youtube where 300 people are at the same hotel with the blue sign You Should Be Here..and this year we got 5000 year we got 11 its really booming...for people with money this is great and even for people with little money who wants to travel..but I'm all ears to read about what you guys think is wrong with this company

ty guys, keep travelling! :)
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