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By Nitros!
So I think either the motherboard I bought was faulty or I had a bent pin in the CPU socket but I tried everything and I couldn't seem to get the computer to work. I had an Error 55 code keep coming up on my MOBO which means "No Ram" even though I had DDR4 3400 Skill Tridentz put in. So, anyways I had to RMA my MOBO and it's going to take 2 days to process then they will send it out so I will be MIA for a week or less til I get my replacement and hopefully that fixes the issue. Until then I will be watching cartoons with my kids and scratching my eyes out while my wife takes over the TV for desperate housewives. Please let one of my members know so they can pass on the word why I am MIA.

See you soon,

By Lacoste
hope the teletubies are keeping you entertained!
just got back and those weirdos spreading that rumor you realiased..nyway that what the 7-8 RiseNations who joined my new crew said..

oh well Bombullet is waiting for you! see you in a bit

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