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By Dralic
Greeting everyone!

Now this is probably my first time on the forum, I'm ashamed to admit it but I don't like to read that much so I don't usually go on forums. So first off, I'll apology ahead if my spelling isn't very good or if my words don't make sense because English isn't my first language (I'm a fucking French Canadian, or a frog if you prefer).

As the title says, I'm going to give advises to those who are willing to listen. For those who don't know, "eating" a bomb refers as someone who's not hit in his own screen but is hit in his opponent's screen due to the delay between computers (Lag). Since my style emphasis on dodging, I'm often sticking so close to the bomb(s) and/or move only at the last second to avoid it that it looks like I'm eating the bomb(s). So that's why I chose this title and that's going to be one of the main topics of the guide.

Now don't be offended if I say sometime you think that is not true, I'm only trying to help out those who asked me to teach them and also keep in mind that there's many ways to play with game so mine might not always be the right one. I'm just trying to give "tools" to those who seek help, nothing more, nothing less. Feel free to comment and/or criticize what I'm about to write down but try to keep the discussion civilized.

Please also note that there is no wrong way to play this game and my way to play it might not be suited for everyone but there might be some pieces of information that might help you improve.

1. Settings

This section is about how to be comfortable with your game interface and how to adjust it in order to be optimal when playing.

1.1 Options

One of the basic things to do is to manage your game interface. To do so you need to go in your Options and adjust it to your needs.

I would suggest to turn off the following things to help you to clear your field of view (it might be ugly without all the extra graphics but you'll know the exact location of every little things).

from your continuum window go in to View > Options... (Ctrl-O)

In the "Display" section, I usually disable the Enter Messages and the Leave Messages and move the Kill Messages to the Chat because these messages overlay everything in the game and so you can't see very well what's going on.

In the "Chat" section, I use a medium font size and uses 8 Message lines (less if better if you can manage it but it becomes hard to read everything with fewer lines as it scrolls fast). I also disable everything that is useless like help messages.

I got no recommendation for the "Sounds" section.

In the "Radar" section, I like to use the large mode (it takes a good part of the screen but it's a good trade off since you'll most likely be more accurate in long range battles and it'll help you spot the incoming ships/bombs or whatever.) I also recommend setting the Target Bounty at 1 because everyone has at least 1 bounty to start with and so they'll be brighter on the radar. I also don't use the Transparency for the radar or map since it can be harder to see the little details.

In the "Graphics" section, now this part makes a big difference between life and death. Turn off everything except the Stars. You don't need to see trails, explosions, thrust, etc. they are visual effects that doesn't help you to see what's really going on. Also if you feel your screen is a little too dark, add some brightness and vibrance if you can to make sure to see every little details.

I got no recommendation for the "Menu" section.

In the "Other" section, turning on or off your "Multi-Fire Starts On" might be a good thing depending of the ship you'll use.


1.2 Macros

Now that your options as well set, let's take a look at the Macros. I'll go fast on this one because there's many way to customize them and they are all well explained in the help section of the game (F1)

If you go in the View > Macros... (Ctrl-M) section of the continuum window, you'll notice that you can enter messages which will remain there until you overwrite them and by pressing the indicated keys (Shift + a F key) you can quickly display your message in game without to write it over and over again. It's quite useful with some commands such as ?buy or if you want to convey a message to your team with // (these are a few examples).

If you want to learn more, please refer to the in-game help guide (F1)


1.3 Keyboard and Hand's Location

Setting proper keys on your Keyboard and making sure that your hands are in the right place changes everything. Try to use every finger you can. You can access it by going in to View > Keyboard/Controller Definitions (Ctrl-K) of the continuum window.

I'm personally using the default keyboard setup because I played for years with it and I'm so use to it that if I'd make a change, I'd probably be totally lost. I used it so much that you can see the position of my fingers on the keyboard, the painting is gone and the surfaces are smooth. So here's how I'm playing, feel free to test out different setups. (note: The only key I would probably remap would be the F7 in order to attach faster, I'd probably keep it close of my hands)

Left Hand

Thumb - Left Ctrl
Index Finger - Left Shift
Middle Finger - Tab
The Ring Finger and Pinky are too lazy so they are sleeping on the side of the keyboard.

Note: I repel with Left Shift + Left Ctrl and lay mines with Left Shift + Tab.


Right Hand

Thumb sleeps under the Right Ctrl, it can be useful to shoot bullets (Right Ctrl) when I'm playing with a single hand, other than that I don't really use it.
Index Finger - Left Arrow
Middle Finger - Up and Down Arrows (I sometime use it to turn on my radar (End), burst (Left Shift + Del) or for the tools/macros - see the sections above.)
Ring Finger - Right Arrow (I also use it to page up/page down)
Pinky - Between the Right Arrow and the Ins, it is important to notice that to set portals or to warp, your default key is Ins and if you look closely on your keyboard, there's 2 Ins keys, the first one is next to Home, I don't use this one, instead I use the one on the number pad by turning off the number lock. It enable you to quickly setup a portal or warp if necessary since your pinky is touching it, you can do the same with the burst (Left Shift + number pad Del) or your radar (number pad End).


So being efficient in the way you locate your keys can make the whole difference on the battlefield.


1.4 Resolution

The last part is about the Resolution. The higher you'll go, the more you'll be able to see and anticipate but at some point some might find it hard to aim or dodge properly because everything gets smaller. I can go up to 2560 x 1600 x 32 but I got use to 1920 x 1200 x 32 which is more standard for any computer you'll encounter. If I'd get use to the 2560 x 1600 x 32 I'd probably get an insane advantage over anyone else but in exchange it'd be harder to see if I can get close to the bombs or bullets without to hit them.


Now this concludes the Setting section of the guide. It takes some time to configure your options the right way you want to have them but it'll help you a lot and you'll generally go over it a single time so it's important to take some time to test out what's the best for you and with what you feel the most comfortable to work with. To compare the difference, it could be like driving a Lamborghini vs riding a kid's bike that's too small for you.


2. Ships

2.1 Warbird

Energy Levels: 1300 (46%) / 1700 (60%) / 2100 (75%) / 2500 (89%) / 2800 (100%)
Recharge Rate: 75% / 85% / 95% / 100%
Gun Levels: L2 / L3
Bomb Levels: L3
Maximum Shrapnel: 16
Thruster: 96% / 100%
Speed: 85% / 92% / 100%
Rotation: 97% /100%
Always start with a radar module

2.2 Javelin

Energy Levels: 1000 (50%) / 1300 (65%) / 1600 (80%) / 1900 (95%) / 2000 (100%)
Recharge Rate: 71% / 91% / 100%
Gun Levels: L3
Bomb Levels: L3
Maximum Shrapnel: 31
Thruster: 77% / 100%
Speed: 86% / 98% / 100%
Rotation: 93% /100%

2.3 Spider

Energy Levels: 1350 (%) / 1750 (64%) / 2150 (79%) / 2550 (94%) / 2700 (100%)
Recharge Rate: 68% / 80% / 92% / 100%
Gun Levels: L2 / L3
Bomb Levels: L2 / L3
Maximum Shrapnel: 16
Thruster: 77% / 100%
Speed: 85% / 92% / 100%
Rotation: 90% /100%
Can have a cloaking device

2.4 Leviathan

2.5 Terrier

2.6 Weasel

2.7 Lancaster

2.8 Shark


2. Theory and application

In this section we're going to talk about the more interesting stuff (Aye finally!). I'll try my best to give explanations so bare with me.

2.1 Misdirection (Magic)

Well first off what is "misdirection"?
"Misdirection is a form of deception in which the attention of an audience is focused on one thing in order to distract its attention from another." - Wikipedia - Misdirection (Magic)

Misdirection can be used for many things, sport, magic, video games, more and more... In our case we'll use this concept to make people believe we're going in a direction but in reality we're going a different way.

There is a simple trick which works well and is easy enough to use. If you move back and forth quickly, you opponent will think for a brief moment that you're heading a different way. Using the shift key will increase the effect because it creates a small lag and so it increase the effects. Your opponent will try to follow your fake trajectory and so his aim will most likely be off. It's very effective in close range until you reach the "black point" (it is where no matter which angle your opponent shoot, it'll hit for sure).

A more difficult way to do it is to stand very close to the trajectory of the bombs, normally people will not shoot twice at different very small angles so the incoming bombs will either be on the same trajectory of the previous one or at a higher angle so in both case you'll be safe. Of course it doesn't works well in close range combat but with this you're forcing your opponent's subconscious to chose a fire angle that is safe for you.


Edit: Man it's just now that I've notice the EG forum Section... I'm totally not in the right place :neutral:
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By nunnnez
i can't wait for this to be finished.
hey dralic what the fuck man
I read how your left hand position on the keyboard and I asked myself.... how the fk do I play??

So apparently when im playing:
My ring finger sits on left shift for thrust
Middle finger on Tab
and for CTRL I use the underside of the knuckle of my index finger (part of my palm)

....yeah apparently im weird.
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By Rek
I'm sure you'll continue soon, but I would also bring up the fact that you're a conservationist -- conserving energy at all costs. This both works for and against you as you choose not to engage more often than you do engage other players. It's harder to dodge to ward off kami's when you're trying to conserve energy and solely dodge.

Another recommendation is to keep your ship's nose pointed at your enemy. If you turn it away to make a dodge movement, quickly return it. Don't stay sideways to your opponent in order to continue dodging as it leaves you very vulnerable and limits your options.

It's a solid attempt at a guide and will be anxious to see the finished version. I would recommend asking other players opinion and feedback on the guide and modifying it as you see fit. I'd also note that your playing style is not a typical style for most folks in pub -- i'm sort of surprised you haven't transitioned to the duel arena's as they seem to fit your playing much better. Though I don't want to discourage you from playing pub at all.
still waiting.
This is interesting but why you post in lounge instead of Eg Forums. Alot more people would see it in Eg forums.
rip EG

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