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nice read druid. thank you.
i turn off the lights and all the electrical gadgets except for my record player. light some candles, put on a nice calming record and lie down on the bed on top of my sheets when i want to contemplate and relax.
it is vital that i drink a big glass of water before doing so.
By MiTeY
I had a great 3 games today. Made a lot of assists, quite a few shots, and played good defense.

Later this evening, I went running (3 miles) which was fairly challenging since I was working on forefoot striking most of the run, which really focuses on the achilles tendon/calves.
By nunnnez
Awens to All:

Here is the Restored Link to my TDN Ebook: ... 0(3x3).pdf

Due to Technical Problems with EG Forums, the Link was Accidentally Deleted, so I have had to Restore It.

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King wrote:

This must be in regards to the Man Figure that is shown holding a Circle Amulet between his legs.

The Illustrations was put together by a High Arch Druid known in our Circles as "johnbarleycorn" who also did the Editting.

Now that you have pointed out this, I have to say that I had never noticed that Picture in the E-Book before and I have no idea about the History of that Picture at all.

I have Emailled johnbarleycorn about it and hope to get a Responce shortly as to what this Picture is about and its History so that I can pass it on.

Awens to All:

Someone I know has referenced it to a Website called I had not ever heard of a Shock Website called before, but I dont think that particular Symbol from Page #23 refers to the

Here is the Symbol that King is interested in finding out about:


It appears right at the end of the section on Welsh Triads, so it might be some sort of Ancient Welsh Symbol.

I am doing Research into this Symbol so that I can posts its History and Meaning here for King as well as others.

Awens to All:

My Paganistic Friend Chris Mitchell of identified the image as a Sheela Na Gig Carving and posted the following informative Link:

And the Picture Posted in my TDN E-Book appears to be taken from a Church in Kilpeck near Heresford, UK:

So the mystery of where John Barleycorn got that Image from has been Solved.

Awens to All:

Here is the First 3X3 Triad of Wisdom I ever wrote in April 2006 and it gives Homage to my Three Favorite Forms of the Universal Deity.

It goes:

My Three Patron Deities:

My Three Patron Deities are:
- The Solar God The Sun,
- The Hiroshima Survivor Eucalyptus Tree,
- and Basteth the Egyptian Goddess of Feline Familiars.

What I Must Do for my Patron Deities:
- Be Grateful for Receiving their Gifts,
- Promote their Messages of Peace,
- and Pay Homage by Taking Care of their Living Physical Incarnations.

Three Ways to Appreciate ones Patron Deities:
- Do as you Freely Will,
- Make Harm for None,
- and Share their Power and Gifts with Others.


What The Solar God Gives the Earth:
- Gravitational Power,
- The Warmth we Need to Grow,
- And Light for Photosynthesis

My Eucalyptus Tree Messiah has:
- Bark for Skin,
- Leaves for Breathing,
- And Sap for Blood.

What my Feline Familiar Goddess Grants Me:
- Magical Release of my Negative Emotional Energies,
- A Look of Love and Trust,
- and Good Quality Companionship.


The Three Best Things about my Three Patron Deities:
- They are not Vane,
- They have no Greed,
- and they are not Egotistical.

What everything needs from my Three Patron Deities:
- Continued Supply of Solar Power for Continued Life on Earth,
- a message of needing more Wisdom for Mankind,
- to be able to Share her Good Feline Karma with my Neighbors.

What I wish to my Three Patron Deities:
- To continue to Shine its Life Giving Power,
- To show its Power by continuing to be Healthy and Strong,
- and to enjoy a Long Happy Healthy Life Prowling in my Garden.

This is my Second 3x3 Triad of Wisdom Compositions that was Composed in April of 2006. It was composed to show what sort of Emotions are the Most Harmful that causes Humanity to Behave Badly.

Here it is:

3x3 Triads on Egotism, Vanity, and Greed:

The Emotions that come from the Belief that Mankind is Created in a Godlike Image:
- Egotism
- Vanity
- and Greed

Why Mankind Declared itself a Godlike Image:
- When Mankind Harnessed the Power of Plants.
- When Mankind Domesticated Farming Animals.
- When Mankind Developed Writing.

Technologies Developed in order to Proove Mankind as Created in a Godlike Image:
- Metal Smithing and the Forging of Steel.
- Guns and Firearms.
- Harnessing of Electricity and the developement of Electronics.


When one is Egotistical:
- One then becomes a Danger to yourself and others.
- One becomes a Poor Sport when One Loses.
- And One then tends to ignore Good Advice.

When one has Vanity:
- You start thinking your Personal Appearance becomes Most Important.
- You start Concidering yourself the Center of the Universe.
- You start taking Personal Criticisms too Negatively.

When one has Greed:
- You take from Nature more than you Need.
- You then become Ruthless and Unfeeling in your Business Practices.
- And you become part of Humanity's Problems instead of a Solution.


Damage caused by a Lifeforms who Believe themselves Created in a Godlike Image:
- Mass Extinction of other Animals and Plants.
- The Destruction of Natural Ecosystems of the Earth.
- The Weakening of the Atmosphere and the Ozon Layer.

In order to Mankind to become back to being One with Nature:
- We must Teach our Children to Respect Nature.
- Endeavour to gain Environmental Wisdom
- Grow and Plant New Trees and Forests.

To once again become Harmonious with Nature, one must:
- Live by the Wiccan Rede of being of Free Will, but Harming None.
- Celebrating and having Respect for the Eight Harvest Festivals.
- Having Reverance for the Four Quarters of East, South, West and North.

Awens to All:

Actually, I have been writing such 3X3 Triads since April of 2006, writing at least 4 per year on Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane, and Lughnasad with the occasional Special Topic Ones that I compose every once in a while.

So that is 4 * 5 = 20 to 22 3X3 Triad of Wisdom Compositions.

One day, I will put them all in a Single Document File and send them in to the Druid Network to be Published in E-Book Form for all to enjoy.

So keep your eyes open for when that day comes, as I am looking forward to compiling all my 3X3 Triads into a Single E-Book Publication.

Here is my third 3x3 Triad of Wisdom Composition:

It was basically created because of the way I have observed others Treating, or Mis-Treating their Children. It is also based on some of my own Experiences from when I was a Child.

"What Children Need":

What are the Things Children need the most:
- A Loving Home
- Nutrious Meals
- and a Good Education

What things Children need the least:
- Substitute Parents
- Fast Food
- False Stories

What do Children need a Good Mixture of:
- Equal Amount of Attention from Both Parents
- A Good Mixture of the Major Food Groups
- Picture and Word Children's Books.


In the Loving Home:
- There should be Plenty of Positive Reinforcement for Good Behavior.
- There should be Penalties for Bad Behavior which corrects the Child.
- There should be an Environment of Trust from the Child for the Parents.

The Nutricious Meals should be:
- Served 3 times a Day
- Include Meats, Vegetables, Dairy Products and Cereals.
- Be made from Fresh Ingredients without any Instant Foods.

The Good Education should include:
- Equal exposure of Books, TV, and Computer
- Good Exposure to the Outdoors, Parks, and Recreation.
- Preparation and Saving for College, Trade School, or University.


Things that Loving Homes need:
- Pet Cats and Dogs for the Child to Love.
- Plenty of Toys for the Child to Enjoy.
- Plants in the House for the Child to learn to Appreciate.

If the Child does not get what it needs:
- It will grow up seeking Love and Attention from other sources, such as Youth Gangs.
- It will suffer Health Problems caused by Unhealthy or Fast Foods.
- It will not have good Job Security, and will end up Poor, both Spiritually as well as Financially.

If the Child gets all that it needs:
- It will grow up with a Loving Attitude.
- It will develop into a Good Strong Adult.
- It will be able to get a Job in whatever field it enjoys.

Awens to All:

Here is my 2011 Samhain 3X3 Triad of Wisdom Composition:

I call it "The Three Demons" and it goes:

Names of Three Demons:
- Dogma,
- Desire,
- And Discord.

The Demons Come:
- From Within,
- From Intoxicating Substances,
- And From Peer Pressure.

The Demons:
- Possesses The Soul,
- Creates Harm,
- And Disrupts Harmony.


- Inhibits Creativity,
- Causes Un-necessary Problems,
- And Brings Difficulties.

Desires Are Harmful When:
- They Are Addictive,
- Unhealthy,
- And Unfulfilled.

- Confuses,
- Causes Anarchy,
- And Misunderstandings.


The Demons Destroy:
- Ourselves,
- Our Families,
- And Our Communities.

Demonic Substances Are:
- Harmful Herbs,
- Narcotics,
- And Alcohol.

The Demons Are Controlled By:
- Good Wisdom,
- Having Peace Of Mind,
- And Knowing The Truth.

Here is a copy of a 3X3 Triad of Wisdom that I wrote in July of 2006. It is called "For Our Own Betterment":

For The Betterment Of Our Lives:
- We Shall Poison The Rivers,
- Fill The Air With Smoke,
- And Consume Toxic Waste.

To Improve The Lot Of Humanity:
- We Shall Kill Other Species,
- Pave Over Our Ancestors,
- And Tear Up The Sky.

In Order To Create Civilizations:
- We Cut Down Our Forests,
- Pollute The Air,
- And Dig Up The Earth.


To Prove We Have Dominion Over The Earth:
- We Draw Borders Between Us,
- Destroy What Is Natural,
- And Reshape It For Our Own Uses.

We Feel That It Is Important:
- To Be Wealthy and Greedy
- To be Pompous,
- And Vane.

The Waters Of Our Lakes And Oceans:
- Are Fished Out,
- Used For Atomic Waste Dumps,
- And Damned For Our Uses.


For The Sake Of Our Children:
- We Shall Fill The Land With Garbage,
- Clean Our Homes With Death,
- And Breathe Radiation.

Many Years From Now Our Grandchildren:
- Will Have No Food To Eat,
- No Water To drink,
- And No Air To Breathe.

They'll Look At Their,
- Chemical Houses,
- Plastic Shopping Malls,
- And Artificial Forests.


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Here is my Poetic Prose that I wrote while on the Plane coming back from my 2006 Summer Solstice Pilgrimage to The Stonehenge, which also included touring Isle of Mann, Liverpool, Bristol, Salisbury, London, 4 Castles, and 4 Ancient Celtic Holy Sites.

It is my 4th 3x3 Triad of Wisdom that I call:

On a Summer Sosltice Pilgramage :

When on a Summer Solstice Pilgramage -
- One should Pay Respects to the Spirits of Ones Ancestors
- One should Retrace the Footsteps of One's Past Incarnations.
- And to Free Oneself of Ones Negative Emotional Energies.

Where to Celebrate the Summer Solstice -
- At Three Different Places of Tranquility.
- Where One can Cleanse and Purify Oneself.
- And at a Peaceful Place that can be Enjoyed with Others.

What to Wish for at a Summer Solstice Gathering -
- Peace between your Fellow Gatherors.
- To be able to Share Good Spiritual Energies with Others.
- And to have Gratitude for Help Received from Others.


By Paying Respects to the Spirits of your Ancestors -
- You then give Gratitude for the Mortal Shell of your Present Incarnation which they Provided you with.
- You Acknowledge the Traditions they have Passed Down to You.
- You Learn Wisdom from their Records and Histories.

When Retracing your Past Incarnation's Spiritual Path -
- You Learn Wisdom from their Records and Histories.
- You gain Insight on where your Cabilities are Based On.
- You come to Accept what your Limitations are.

By Cleansing Oneself of Ones Negative Emotional Energies -
- One is then Spiritually Free.
- You gain Peace within Yourself.
- And Ones Past Live's Evils can then be Overcome.


When Practising your Ancestor's Traditions -
- You become Spiritually Attuned to the Cycles of Life.
- You then gain Respect for the Good Karmanic Energies of Others.
- You Gain Good Bondings with Friends and Family.

Where are Three Great Places of Tranquility -
- The Glastonbury Tor Tower.
- The Avebury Circle of Stones.
- And at Old Sarum Castle.

How to Overcome the Evils of Ones Past Life --
- Acknowledge the Problem of One's Past Evils.
- Gather into a Circle of People who are Fighting the Past Evil Together.
- Then Gain the Strength to Cast Off the Yoke of that Devil's Power.

Awens to All:

As part of my Winter Solstice Celebrations, I am Posting my 2006 Samhain 3X3 Triad of Wisdom:

Respects For The Dearly Departed:

How one Respects to the Dearly Departed:
- With Sorrow and Respect
- Admire their Good Deeds and Achievements
- Be Happy and Rejoice at having Known Them

Even if you did not Know them:
- They had a Impact on Nature and the Earth
- They were Agents of Change
- Their Souls are also Creations of the Wheel of Life

If the Dearly Departed Created Negative Emotional Energies:
- Those Energies are Recycled for Better Purposes for the Future
- You can Clear and Release with Consecrated Holy Water
- The Spaces which Spawned those Emotional Energies can be Cleansed


One Feels Sorrow for the Loss because:
- You Miss their Influences in your Life
- The Circle that they were Part of is Broken
- You can not Benefit from their Help in Life

By Acknowledging their Achievements:
- You set an Example for the Future
- You are making a Promise to Preserve their Work
- And that you will carry on their Endeavours

When Rejoicing in having Know them:
- You are having Gratitude to the Goddess for having Created them
- You are Creating Good Karma for the Departed Soul
- You are Showing the Happiness they Gave to you


When Paying Respects to this Turn of the Wheel of Life:
- One should ask for Peace from the Sacred Quarters
- The Power of Deity is Sanctified
- That Reverance for Mother Nature is Acknowledged

By Setting an Example for the Future:
- You acknowledge the Lessons of the Past
- Using the Present Rememberance to Set the Example
- And with Good Example, the Future Preserved

During such Rememberance, the Soul is Refreshed by:
- The Refreshing Vibrations of Music
- The Quenching Affect of Drink
- And be Nurished with Good Food

In December of 2006, I was Studying First Aid in order to help Beef Up my Resume for my Job Search that I had to get started on the time as I was Out Of Work at that time.

So I in order to help Memorize the First Aid Procedures that I have to know in order to pass my First Aid Course, I Composed a 3X3 Triads of Wisdom made of Important First Aid Procedures.

So here it is -

The First Aid 3X3 Triad of Wisdom Composition:

As well as Providing Care, a First Aid Attendant should:
- Positively Affect the Outcome of Work Related Injuries
of Illnesses
- Record and Report Reported Signs and Symptoms of Injuries.
- Make Decision to send Worker back to Work or refer to
Further Medical Aid.

When approaching a site of an Accident, one must make a
Scene Assessment for:
- Further Hazards to you and the Patient.
- What is the Mechanism of the Injury.
- And determine Number of People Injured.

After Scene Assessment, what is the rest of the Priority
Action Approach when giving Medical Aid:
- Do the Primary Survey
- Detect and preform Critical Interventions and make
Transport Decision.
- Commense Secondary Survey.


What do you detect for in the Primary Survey:
- A = Airway Assessment with C-Spine Control.
- B = Breathing Assessement
- C = Circulation Assessment

When Assessing Breathing, one checks for:
- Rate of Breaths per minute.
- Determine Quality of the Breaths Adequacy and Effectiveness.
- Assess Needs for Critical Respritory Interventions.

As well as checking for Heart Beats, one should check for:
- Signs of Circulatory Shock.
- Check for Massive Bleeding or Major Broken Bones.
- Assess Needs for Critical Circulatory Interventions.


What is the Common Causes of Airway Obstruction:
- Tongue Falling Back in the Throat.
- Foriegn Bodies.
- Throat Tissues Swelling.

What are the Three "P"s of Hermorrhage Control:
- Apply 'Pressure' to the Bleeding with Bandages.
- 'Position Patient' Supine putting Patient at Rest to
Relax Patient, slowing down Bleeding.
- 'Position Part" that is Bleeding to a Elevated Position.

What to check for when doing Secondary Survey:
- Assess Vital Signs.
- Take down History of the Injury.
- Complete Head to Toe Examination.

Awens to All:

This is to announce that there is now One Hard Copy of my E-Book in existance in the World!

The Padre of my Legion, Rev. Gord Fergus, is stepping down for Health Reasons and he is a Free Mason. When my Treasury Of Druidic Triads was Published, since he is a Free Mason I ran and told him about it, but he has No Computer and No Email Address, so I was not able to send him a copy of my E-Book.

But since he is stepping down as my Legion's Padre, I got a lot of paper and have Printed Off a Hard Copy of my E-Book and put it into a Three Ring Binder. I am going to give it to him as a Going Away Gift on the occasion of his stepping down.

He will be stepping down tomorrow at my Monthly Legion Meeting when he steps down and his successor is appointed I will be giving him the Hard Copy of my E-Book.

I hope he really appreciates it!

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