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By doomsy
YES FC revert eg a little cuz atm this is going nowhere and the fun part of everything is going amiss.

first step should be removing teamgreen to counter this stupid rep abuse.

second since u always boasted about eg setts gotta be the same as league and vice versa well egdl setts should be put in place of current pub setts totally. add xradar to terr and add up thor port for pub.

bd part : remove 1 of these , cloak or stealth, so we can always see our nme in an already small base fight where ppl claim to be fighting with ''skills''.

in reverting to egdl setts it would also reduce the awful rc which happens quite often and for quite a long time. losing 20 second in safe is an auto lose for ur team.

if i find any other points that need to be reverted to get back to when it used to be fun and competitive and not just ''holding-noob-by-the-hand'' style ill edit this post.

any1 can comment or add points to this too.

note: no bashful comment or hate comment will be tolerated be warned. use intellect and constructive comment to be of help.
By TheCript
horrible thing to do, doomsy

eg is a better place with more items...

more repels, more bursts, more rockets WITH less delay between items

this will make eg more diverse in its gameplay... on top of that, i fully support romeo in his conquest to adjust certain ships to perhaps making it more suitable for flagging
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By doomsy
not saying to remove the items tc im saying to reduce the % rate to get them like it used to be. reps r now so common its like bullets and bomb on ships... i dont want eg to become like devastation ....

im in favor too to get ships modified to make them adapt to base fight more and have more pupose to more ships rather than have spider and terr only.

pub can get all items they want but bd wasnt designed to be an OP full special items gamestyle. its to pitch players against each others in a jumpstart manner to see which team got more skills, not who get more reps. lol
By rabbit!
maybe start by switching the actual map in public arena

Christmas is over afterall...

P.S Maybe if team green was removed nobody would be fighting about % green rate for reps and other items cause we wouldnt encounter rep fests where 4 enemies pop reps in less than 2 seconds.
By jaXen
It's only two weeks after Christmas...cut fc some slack
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