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By roxxkatt
I normally do not play EG.
I created an account here because I saw a few people mentioning it and demonstrating interest in a new client.
Even though I normally do not play EG I do know a few things about the game, as I have the 5th highest usage in ss history and have been staff is most of the major zones over the last 15 years.
I am also the person that got the SSCJ server cluster started, and run a few dead zones. (one of which recently came back alive, mg)

Yes, I am making a new client.
Yes, it is open source and is a public project.
If you are reading this and you have previously written a module for ASSS, your help is needed!

As we all know, the Continuum client was made by priit, who probably wrote some C++ code to stitch together disassembled code probably stolen from the VIE subspace client.
It has also been speculated that he reused some of the encryption code for Continuum in Skype, which would open him up to legal liability, which is why he can not or will not invest more time in this game.
This is problematic as he owns the TW, EG, and SSC servers, which TW, EG, and SSC sysops have no control over and no access to, which you may have noticed when the zones go down and then take a very long time to come back.

As you might have heard, a few people from Trench Wars and I got Continuum listed on Steam Greenlight and was listed on Steam.
As part of the initiative to get this spaceship game listed on Steam, I created a directory and a biller, even though I had a new client in progress, simply because they were less work. Easier = less parts = even more easy = faster.
Additionally, since the project is modular and they are in the same code style, parts can be harvested from a working completed project and reused to make something else.

In my free time, long, long ago, I began work on a new client, which obviously was never finished due to the amount of work required of 1 person. Yes, there are already 9999x unfinished new clients already, probably some of which I will be stealing code from.
Historically, new clients have all failed because it is always 1 person working alone by being too much work, or because the people making it have effectively changed things so much they have created a completely different game in the process, such as discretion or aphelion or phoenix.
This project was made in the exact same style as ASSS, meaning that anyone who could make a module could make a module for any part of the game. Why the same as ASSS? It was written in C, meaning it compiles into machine code, meaning it can be run on all operating systems without requiring anything to be installed first, and because C++ gets messy quickly and anyone who even remembers MERVbot is long gone.
This new client will also be an exact duplicate of the current client until everyone is using it, and then new features can be added.

Now that there is actually a demand for new things, I have been asked to lead a push to actually finish the new client, which I can still not do alone due to the sheer amount of work required and the leisurely pace I choose to work at. I have already created a directory server and a billing server, similarly in the exact same style as ASSS.
I will caution you that currently this new client is very far from being anywhere near complete.

If you have ever written an ASSS module, you can positively contribute to the future of the game. Additionally, if you know contact info to someone who has, you can inform them as well.

The advantages of this are many, including that we can free ourselves from any dependence on priit or anyone else, will be free from any legal liability that priit may have caused as we have the original graphics artists' permission, and we will be free to add new features to the game.

Everyone is free to contribute!

Development progress tracker:

Code Repository: ... /wiki/Home

If you want to contact me ingame, pm Cheese!
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