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Im afraid there will be no pub flagging left if BD keeps going, In theory BD was a good idea but what happens is when the base players get tired of bd they come to pub and when the flag game progresses to base play they're already burnt out and give up quickly in a average game now you'll have a completely new team within 30 min of play, they come and go, jump on other freqs this stuff was not a huge problem before BD, I heard one say BD is the new face of EG and the thought of that makes me sick. :cry: Just think EG is made up of several different parts that make the game as a whole work, if you like to hunt only you go to dueling like to base flags you go to BD most prefer base play over dueling (hunting) We all like dessert but can not live on it alone only when we are forced to eat the meal as a whole---does it make us healthy, for the sake of EG close down BD to events only... :?:
rip EG

One card reading please.

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