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By Sann
Supa! wrote: PS. Whatever happened to the FAQ that was supose to happen? Wich would help new ppl trying out this game.
Whenever i find i game that seems intresting i read the forums and FAQ's first, in this point of view it doesnt look to bright for EG or Subspace.....
Didn't really want to link this since it's still being made, most links won't work (only In-Game Commands + Terms links work at the moment), and it's taking very long to do since I'm pretty much the only one working on it, and there's ALOT of reading + re-editing to do. D: I'm still working on it during my spare time. >_<
By Supa!
nice sann!
didnt know some 1 was working on it.
Pretty sure if you spread the word there are som ppl willing to help.
I might be able to, but my english is pretty bad for a faq 8)
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By Zeker
I love your site sann!

Want to get good? Sign up for a MENTOR! (rofl love that shit)
By Toretto
It looks sanntastic!
By Akemi
Games like WoW, are built with Behavioral and Psychological constraints in mind.. Subspace isn't.. It's from a time where it was for habitual gamers, it wasn't designed for long term systemic play..

Yes, winning a flagging game or event does give you a rush, it's not a sustainable or repeatable rush, as when a game is won it ends and everyone goes off doing other things within their own clique of friends / squadies.
There is no longevity in the play if you're new or simply alone anymore.. Back when there were lots of zones with good players numbers if you got bored or angry you would switch zone.

It's not by fault of the players or the game.. Just that as time goes on we are getting more and more limited by what we can do with the decreasing numbers.

I had basically finished making a Boxing event when I played last for dsb, but dsb didn't want it so it got .zip'd and put on my backup HDD.

Just so long as those that can, do... We should be around for some time yet.
rip EG

One card reading please.

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