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By Romeo
i doubt anything will be done about this ban because for it to be lifted would mean s_fcdb would have to admit to abusing, but the eg population should know what is happening when the sysop of the zone is abusing. s_fcdb doesnt realize there are still dozens of players that come from a time when we had excellent staff, so when an immature sysop is abusing it stands out like a sore thumb.

--------> ... 39&t=29139

this thread has been up for 2 hours and already a number of vets have replied to substantiate s_fcdb's abusive nature.. nevermind the conversations that have been happening in-game about this topic by vets and staff members alike.

from the above topic..

"soren banned brandon on saturday 'for tking' yet brandon did not tk and this can be proven by the tk logs for the 5 minutes leading up to the ban. when soren hopped in to interrogate brandon/watch him more closely for TALKING about tking, brandon said to him 'you cant event run the zone, nevermind play it" and was then instantly banned... no tking involved. numerous bystanders deemed it as abuse, including two staff members.. but i wont mention their names for fear of them being abused as well.

so, soren why don't you post for us the TK logs for the 5 minutes leading up to the ban and we will see just how much brandon was tking to deserve a month long ban.. according to him he was fr anchor on a 120 kill spree so if he was tking in an abusive manner it should be very obvious in the logs. OR, you just banned him because he said something that hurt your feelings... if thats the case i want every person who talks shit to me banned instantly. if you cant be consistent or control your emotions do the zone a favor and step the fuck down or stick to programming bots."
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By Romeo
note: brandon cannot contest the ban himself because soren PERMANENTLY banned seph from the forum immediately after banning him in game due to not wanting him to contest it. please explain to everyone soren how a shady tk ban within game warrants you to permanently ban someone on the forums?
By TaughT
romeo, I understand the hate and shit toward cancer dick, I feel the same way but there will be nothing done about matter how badly this fake cancer nerd abuses, ratio/croaker will always be sucking his infected cancer dick..the best thing to do is to just stop playing this retarded game and let it die because im pretty sure soren has no life being on this game every damn day rofl and that's really the only way to defeat this loser is to let this game die and then he wont be able to abuse anyone but him self..its not worth it romeo ><
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By mattyoung
is soren's sperm cancerous as well ?

just wondering..

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