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By stewie
Lol the only thing I can think of that would cause any sort of ban was i was playing pub last night when I accidentally tked someone. And then something between Ste/Succeed playing on each others accounts which i had nothing to do with. So uh.. unban please? Ban's till 2/18/2014
By stewie
What did i do that deserves a year ban? I didn't know Ste was playing for Succeed or vice versa.
By s_fcdb
1. Abusing ur ref powers
2. Pretending to be a ref
3. Harrasing multiple staff members
4. Sabotaging league
5. Involved in letting succeed play under ste's name (there are also suspisions succeed played under your name)

I listed above list up to Croaker and he decided to ban u.
By Autofire
I vote to unban him. How many votes do we need?
By TaughT
one year? are you kidding me? how dumb can you get.. this zone cant afford to have a active player banned for a damn year..that's like the remaining time that eg has before its completely dead.. please drop me from this league if this stands..this is completely ridiculous...

if anything it should be 1-2 week ban and he loses his gm powers...not this crap...dumbass uppers...
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By Autofire
Same, I'm quitting league if that ban isn't reduced at the very least.
By Unlimited
First 4 on that list were already dealt with by cyp removing his ref powers, as far as ste/succeed playing on each other's name I'm pretty sure stewie along with everyone had absolutely no clue. 1 year? if anything ste/succeed should be dropped from the league, and stewie dropped from GM but a year ban? that is completely harsh.
I'll admit stewie is a bit of a troll but he was doing a pretty gj GMing, definately doesn't deserve a year ban
By stewie
1. Yes I abused because I didn't cover my eyes when opening arena and saw a private arena that cyp and resi hang out in.
2. Yes I pretended to be a ref for about 10 seconds to eel because he did the same thing to me. I didn't even pm any squads during this ten second period I was on stewie+
3. I didn't harass any staff member worse than any other GM. This a joke, if I remember correctly I wasn't the one who made personal attacks on you and Cyp like acid did spamming the league chat. The most I've ever said to you or unfun is "you a joke"? or, "you good yet"?
4. I never tried to sabotage league. If I somehow indirectly implied it and you misinterpreted it, I was trolling.
5. I had no idea about ste/succeed and yes succeed did log on my account for a very brief period of time not to play a match (how is this against the rules anyways)

I noticed a couple minutes after I posted this in the morning you were browsing these forums. It took you 4 hours to respond. My guess? You were scrambling for things to justify this unfair and useless ban.
By TaughT
Seriously though if stewie ban stays I'm done with this league... tired of this retarded so called staff member who fakes shit and abuses a dead fucking zone...miss when this loser was inactive. This kid needs to get outside and get a life, stupid disabled fuck.

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