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By Resi
Alias - Resistant
BanID #9381

So i spammed a macro 8 times in a chat with like 5 people in it and no one had spoken for at least 5 minutes, then someone offered me a duel once i stopped, but unlimited silenced me so i couldnt accept, so i went onto my ref name to tell him to .?go eliteduel with the full intention of logging back onto my normal name, but unlimited flips out in a rage and says hes gonna ban me if i do anything stupid again, so i went back to my own name, had a small arguement with him about the silence.. didnt stick around, went to another zone, came back a while later to find myself banned untill the 3rd of february?
..doesnt this guy understand that im trying to run a squad in a league where matches have to be played nearly every day.. and he also removed my ref powers for next to nothing... yeahhh like i care? if anything it just means we are one ref short for the league now... good job, sorry i hurt your feeling unlimited lol

cya on the 3rd x
By Unlimited
nice story, here's what really happened..
you were spamming nonstop in an egbdl match spec chat, silenced you temporarily.. then you come on your ref name to avoid the silence. Silenced u for 3 hours after that. Soren came on afterwards and upped it to a ban for 5 days (which is what I really should have done to begin with but was being nice and just silenced instead.) All while you're trolling me.
Your ref powers have been removed
By Resi
You and soren are absolutely pathetic, power tripping on a dead game cause of something so dumb... get your priorities straight you couple of mugs :P
By s_fcdb
Abusing ref powers to avoid a silence will not be tolerate, so ban stands.

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