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By Chris Tomlin
Well I logged in with one name, fine.
Talked about brain, fine.
talked about meta games, fine.

tried to log in with username SSCE Hyperspace, got kicked (no explanation).
tried to log in with username SSCE Hyperspace, got kicked (no explanation).
tried to log in with username SSCE Hyperpsace, got kicked and banned (thing said if I didn't know why I was banned to go to link).

I checked out link. It said I had to register for forums to dispute ban, ok.
I checked out the rules for forums, said eg could change rules at any time and I was legally bound, not ok. (discontinued registering)

Logged back in on River Tam (other netbook).
Complained about this system of having to become legally bound to eg forum, (called it being eg's forum btch, excuse my french) in order to dispute a ban contest.

I was asked if I was then evading a ban, I said yes. My other computer, River Tam, was banned as well.

Upon trying to come to dispute a ban and register for forums I was then asked the owner of the zone.....
Good thing I can read news files offline.... OH CRAP ITS A LINK BACK TO EG FORUMS!!!! (face-palms)

well saving grace, your instructions on finding a zone owner are just outdated.... there was a staff tab on your forums which told me an owner without being registered, haha, your system is so clever. Anyways, after finding a pointman I headed down to the forums..... I read the last entry.....

WHAT????? unfun is clearly violating forum rules by making a sexual post..... in fact, boobs are sexual, his signature is boobs, he should be forum banned....

What's that you say? He doesn't care if he's forum banned cause he only registered to dispute a ban???

My current bans: by Brain (lifetime)
hyperspace (numerous bans, but latest is 676 1 year ban)
SSC ban 2799 which I'm not sure why???? I tried to dispute it but there was no answer...... they just deleted my posts........
ummmm.... what else........
yeah, eg ban 3799.......

I'm pretty sure I have a dsb 5000 day ban too......

I haven't even used vpn's yet!!!! (serious there's this dutch one that's $20/bucks a month) Are you guys gonna make me???
By Chris Tomlin
noldec added a week to my 1 year ban by banning me for a week after I logged in, gave him a link to this post, said chris tomlin funny dude....
then asked him for rebecca black videos.... now!.....
Instantly he transmuted by 1 year HS 676 ban to HS 677 1 week ban.... I was given a website but nowhere to dispute it......... I used the link on the HS website to dispute it with rareitanium, who was the super mo who hired me as a mod at one time (and who said I was the best mod he'd ever hired)........
so anyhow..... back to the insanity.... I realized....
unfun is an admin, not the person requesting ban dispute, my bad.

Edit: oops I transposed some digits in a previous post 3799 is not correct....
also.... that part about the 5000 day ban.... may have been a little white lie :) soz!

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