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By Baptism
Trying to be objective here:

How are you helping your case by calling people "cancer trash?"

Even if it wasn't true, that's pretty low, especially for people that have some form of cancer.
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By Lee
rofl also stop spamming the forum
By s_fcdb
Now you can add a warning for spamming forums. Next time u do it u will find urself banned on forum for longer period. I will delete other posts this one will remain.

Also you're on a final warning in game. If you spread lies again about me stealing passwords you will be silenced for quite a few months.

And your ban was justified you broke Rule 9. Check it out on F1.
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By mattyoung
sad story for eg indeed.
By TheCript
i dont like azela nor soren, i think they are both wrong
By TheCript
unban him... as much as i dont like him, this is kinda bull crap
By TheDruid-3X3
I have Played EG extensively alongside Azela and against Azela and I have never found him to do anything Wrong, Treacherous or Against The Rules. I consider him a Friend in EG.

So I can not see why someone like him should be Banned.


I have no idea who Soren is. I have never seen this Soren Playing EG. I have never Played alongside this Soren or Against Soren.

So how does this Soren Guy get to be a Moderator or Admin of EG when I have yet to see him even Playing EG?


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