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I recently complained about a player(Loco) not being able to die after being hit 3 times by myself and other chasing team mates. Docket answered my message and said that the guy had flag protection. I stated that he was in a jav and they die with 1 hit(didnt matter anyway, he was pummeled multiple times). Docket then set me up by putting super in every green I collected because I told him to STFU. He told me not to tell him to stfu so i didnt say anything to him anymore. He then proceeds to ban me for an energy hack that surely he caused so he would have a reason to simply ban me. How can he get away with this type of behavior as a Mod? I have never cheated, never will. Reinstate my playing status please. Docket surely cant get away with acting like that. He knows I didnt do anything and I know it. When I started seeing supers popping up on my jav for the 3rd time, I knew he was up to something.


Petrucci's Axe-ban ID 9282
You were banned for energy hacking. I did not put super in the greens. I told you many times, if you teamkill again, you were going to be banned for a long time. This has been an ongoing problem with you. You even told me you were going to teamkill when you got off your ban. And you sure did. I saw it all. This ban will stand. Your lucky i dont press for a netban for 120 days as well.
LOL, WTH??!!

Docket still sticking to that story huh? He is the one that created whatever it was that made my ship do what it did and he knows it. I play this game like it's supposed to be played. I may get a bit mad at "eaters" sometimes but I DO NOT and WOULD NOT cheat. Blatant hacking to my account and defamation of my character by a mod because his feelings were so hurt is 100% malicious and infantile.. Telling him to STFU 1 TIME isnt even punishable by a ban, the rules state a warning needs to come first. Only thing Docket said was "dont tell me to STFU". Next thing I know he bans me for "Energy Hack" (that I never caused, he did). To top it off, as my game "logged me off" he wrote to me and said " Have a nice day :)".. Proof that he was being malicious and low down. You tell me who is "hacking" ? It was Docket., not me. Docket can't even remember who or what happened on that day. Now he proves he was lying about it.

What a total joke... So gay that Docket feels like he has to lie, cheat and ban me because of his insecurities... I did already apologize to him as well in a PM...

Azela is 100% correct, it doesn't sound right because it ain't....
This is sort of Ironic that I got Banned for Energy Hacking in 2009 when I was just Scoring Goals and things suddenly went weird.

I have played with Petrucci many times and I don't ever recall him being a Problem with TKing and if the Records still exist, maybe compare who was Online when the Game got Bugged Framing Me in 2009 and who was Online when Petrucci's Axe was Online.

The reason I got Reinstated was because it was found in the Game Manuscripts that I was making Statements to the effect that the Game was Malfunctioning and for some reason, the Ball was constantly Bouncing In and Out of the Goal causing me to get Dozens of Goals at a Time.

So I think that there should be a more thurough Investigation into this Incident as there might be more to it than meets the eye.

petrucci has been specced/warned, and now banned for multiple incidents. His priors include Team killing, using vulgar racism towards others (disrespecting staff at same time), as well as energy hacking. petrucci has been given so many chances.. he's no newb knows wut he can and cannot do
another case of Docket giving bullshit excuses... then everyone notices his lies.. then he changes the story.. just like EVERYTIME he bans someone!
Well, it has been more than 6 Months since this Thread Started so the Six Month Ban is over.

So has anyone seen Petrucci Playing recently, or has Petrucci gone off in a Huff?


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