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By Extra Ball
Just curious to know why Fc banned me for 1 year.

Was trying to check if a qw with the 1 flag new implementation really deserved a 1 yr ban as announced by the owner (thought it was less ages ago).
Since I've seeen like 5 games finished with qws under 5 min tonite, was trying to get the flag to verify Fc's remark if it really deserved that penalty.

So I moved from freq to freq to try to get the flaggie, without success :(

Here are the last lines of my log :

T Extra Ball> ATTACK J5 Skim Bomber(229:1) --> Extra Ball
King of the Hill restarted
Extra Ball> ?buy energy
Extra Ball> ?buy energy
Extra Ball> ?buy energy
Extra Ball> ?buy energy
Extra Ball> ?buy recharge
Extra Ball> ?buy recharge
Fc> hurry up already EB
[EVENT] Prized Task List is currently in progress! Type !tl.r for rules and !tl.l to see your Task List.
Fc> or should i just place that 1 year ban
T Extra Ball> ATTACK I6 Skim Bomber(239:1) --> Extra Ball
Fc> save us both some time
T Extra Ball> xc
Reward: 6000 points
Skim Bombe> !buy.i bounty 5
T Sayanara> ggà
Extra Ball> ban me already :)
WARNING: Disconnected from server

So questions are :
- Is the EG zone owner acting like a kid with his limited powers to try to impress regular players ?
- Is the EG zone owner aware a ban can be bypassed easily (with another nick, I admit) ?
- Is there a ban policy to completelly fuck up the zone by eradicating active EG players ?

On a side note, what is the motive of the ban ? At a time in EG, a mod would have been fired in no time for banning some1 under no real reason.

Best regards my dear Fc :)
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By Extra Ball
Someone of power here told me the best place to post a complain was at

I've been there and posted...

It's a place where your ban could/or not be taken into consideration.
No1 will ever see you ever placed a ban contest (but the ones in charge, if any :)).
You won't receive any copy of your request.
You will never know who could take it into review, its status, its evolution.

In one word, avoid this link and still post here to voice your defense. Some EGers, at least, will see the total lack of interest of the 10 poor noobs who rule our beloved game.

Then, maybe, they will understand and resign. For ever.

And for your benefit, EG players.
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By Rek
We received your request (meaning the Rae, Myself and above). Not sure why you need a copy of the form you submitted, but i'm happy to forward if you feel the need to have it.

Also, this entire forum has now been disabled because of the new form process -- thank you for using it per my request.

Also, the link has been updated on the forum home page. Thanks

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