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Apply for moderator positions or Zone Development positions (bot,maps, gfx, etc...)
By elixir
SS Name: elixir
First Played: 05 I think
Age: 19
Location: UK
Staff/Ref Experience: Ref & DSB Mod/Dev
Additional Comments (ie programming knowledge or graphical skills, anything that will make your application stand out): Studying computer science...I'm active! Last reset got top points/most kills. Summer holidays so i have spare time zz

Main reason im applying is cos when I play no one is doing pub events such as rabbit/balling/trivia during mornings. We have a few nice games, usually gets to peak around 8v8 which is nice. Think rabbit and stuff would help encourage people getting outta spec, since bigger JP games attract more players. Also to help with reset stats as me and my pub squad need our EGC! i didnt win reset for nothing lol.

Find someone to do these morning events (7-3pm GMT) or hire me. K Thanks.
rip EG

One card reading please.

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