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Apply for moderator positions or Zone Development positions (bot,maps, gfx, etc...)
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By doomsy
im applying for no less then smod or higher , since i cant even upload myself a damn map and i need to wait for whoever got enuff power to upload and yet it is useless since most part of staff cant do it or dont know how . i wanna be able to deal with my own projects and set them up as fast as possible so the player can enjoy it.

in-game name: Doomsy
staff experience : everything that goes with devellopment ( been zone owner of halo for 2 years and head dev of many zones )

for example of my demand ive been harassing soren or any uppers to upload a damn bd bases without having to recode bot for new coords and guess what ? its been 2 weeks now and nothing have been done .

let me handle Bd map uploads and dev stuff if u uppers cant even bother to respond and do the job.
By s_fcdb

You have been fired before and we not going to rehire you.

Croaker, Ratio and me are online pretty much everyday. So shouldnt be so hard to find any of us.

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