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Apply for moderator positions or Zone Development positions (bot,maps, gfx, etc...)
SS Name: Acid Rain, Finite, Rhino
First Played: late 05? early 06?
Age: 20
Location: Georgia, EST timezone
Staff/Ref Experience: EGL7 ref, EGFL10 ref, EGEDL1/EGBDL5 ref for a bit, EGDL10 ref, hosted a BD tourny, EGEDL2/EGBDL6 ref
Additional Comments (ie programming knowledge or graphical skills, anything that will make your application stand out):
-Tiled bases in EGDL9.
-Retiled my EGBDL bases for the BD tourny.
-Ran many squads and GM'd for league to help out staff
-Gonna start getting pretty active again in a couple weeks.
-I know tons of commands already so very little training is needed and I'm a super fast learner.
By TaughT
Just give it up, as along as soren is here, people like ASSCLOWN! will be added instead of people who will actually do something to help the zone.
By Wagon
i will go with a yes, i was surprise how "professional" he was when reffing this egl/egbdl , he just need to calm down on emotion sometimes and he would be a perfect active mod. Should give him a try.
By stewie
yes! i see mods do unbelievable shit all the time and they still keep their job/get rehired.

This guy screws up like once 4 years ago and he gets so much negative sht from staff. he won egbdl ffs.

however, i have to be realistic - as long as s_fcdb is in charge of hiring mods you will simply NOT get the position.
By Wagon
Forget what i said about Acid , guy still act like hes 14 years old
User avatar
By Karth
Wagon wrote:Forget what i said about Acid , guy still act like hes 14 years old
Lol... sometimes you gotta stay out of things. You went from "Guys a real professional" to "guy acts like he's 14 years old"

Kinda makes your opinion worthless, cause you just talk out of your ass, making snap judgements based on small time intervals.
By Wagon
Wagon wrote:i was surprise how "professional" he was when reffing this egl/egbdl
By s_fcdb
Stop bothering, you have been told 100 times already.
rip EG

One card reading please.

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