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By Renowned
SS Name: Renowned
First Played: 2000
Age: 20
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Staff/Ref Experience: EGDL, EGBDL, EGFL, Forget the rest.
Additional Comments: Nothing, im active and you need mod/refs
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By fate*
There's no way that he can be any worse of a mod than ass clown, alphawing, or docket. I vote give the man a chance.
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By mattyoung
you started when u were what, 7 or 8? LOL

This guy is cool and I hope you ban some annoying newbies.
By MiTeY
Renowned is FAB. No, I didn't say FAP, I mean fabulous. We'll he's FAPulous too, but that kind of man room conversation stays in the man room.

He's so cool, that if I could give him a permanent nickname, it'd be Joben.
By Unlimited
vote yes on reno, would be a great mod
rewowned's pretty bad at bowling but other than , I think he'd make a pretty good mod.
By Toretto
I agree with all. Reno is awesome. Laid back and fun to bug out with. He could honestly be the next pointman
By s_fcdb

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