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Apply for moderator positions or Zone Development positions (bot,maps, gfx, etc...)
By labeeb
SS Name: fale
First Played: 1999
Age: 19
Location: McMaster University, Hamilton
Staff/Ref Experience: 3 Years in Desert Storm, 1 Year in T3 Gauntlet, 1 Year in RPG World (old old zone).
Additional Comments (ie programming knowledge or graphical skills, anything that will make your application stand out):

I know a few languages of coding, i love working and experimenting with bots. Filled with ideas to upgrade the zone, find ways to increase population. Great with dealing with people, irl work as a nutritionist and personal trainer while studying medicine, i deal with people on an individual/daily basis.

Ive been playing for over 11-12 years now, aka combatx, XxGunnerxX, i know the people and game/gameplay inside out. I would be active, (literally online 24/7) and supportive to the team.

Give me a chance..

Thumps up!
rip EG

One card reading please.

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