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Opencore Development Discussions
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.17pr1 (11/11/07)
added SendFile()
Known Issue: Send File consumes all available acks immediately. It works fine, but the SS stack needs adjustment for this.

.16 (10/20/07)
addded !exec
added Go, GetFile
added EVENT_TRANSFER, EVENT_ARENA_CHANGE, CORE_DATA.transfer_{success,direction,filename}
fixed various small bugs

.15 (9/30/07)
added TeamMessage, ChatMessage, ChatName, CORE_DATA.msg_{chatname,chatnum}
fixed bug in bot manager that caused an inconsistent state after a type load
fixed authentication issue in command handling
fixed reliable packet transmission bug causing opencore to break under high load

.14 (9/12/07)
added bot management subsystem (big change)
adding logging subsystem (big change)
added machineid and permission id support
added cache to FindPlayer functions
fixed bot lagging out when in ship (thanks sneaux)
fixed uninitialized pinfo in event_firstseen (thanks sneaux)
fixed player list corruption in event_deadslot
changed event_command internals

linux compatibility added
added other crap i forget
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