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By mr shoe
Squad Match Bot Guide

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!squadmatch/!sm  <Squad1>:<Squad2>  Create a squadmatch
!cancel                             Cancel a squadmatch you are creating
!confirm                            Confirm squad match rules
!matchinfo/!mi                      View match info
This bot will allow 2 teams to squad match any time they want. It is player-run and very customizable. Players have the ability to choose team sizes, whether to play with ports/thors, and whether the match is timed or not. Teams can be of 6-12, so you do not always need a full roster to match. One squad member sets the rules, both teams confirm the settings, and then the match is started!

To create a match use !squadmatch <Squad1>:<Squad2>. The bot will then ask you to enter the match rules. Private message your replies back to the bot (eg. ::10, ::30, ::no)
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   mr shoe> !sm A:B
Bot-Shoe-1> Creating new squadmatch.. A vs B. Please enter rules.
Bot-Shoe-1> Teams? 8-12
   mr shoe> 10
Bot-Shoe-1> Flags? 20 or 30
   mr shoe> 30
Bot-Shoe-1> Ports? yes or no
   mr shoe> yes
Bot-Shoe-1> Thors? yes or no
   mr shoe> no
Bot-Shoe-1> Timed? yes or no
   mr shoe> yes
Bot-Shoe-1> Ok. Setting up match.
At this point the match is created and the bot will ask both squads to confirm these rules. 80% (rounded up) of the team size must confirm per squad before the bot will start the match. In this case 8 players on each team will need to !confirm before the match starts.
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[Squad Match] Attempting to create A vs B!
[Rules] 10 per team | 30 flags | Thors out Ports in | 120 minutes!
[Rules] 8 players on each team must !confirm. You have ?time
Player1> !confirm
Player2> !confirm
A has confirmed
Player16> !confirm
B has confirmed
Now that both teams have confirmed the rules, the bot will create the match. Both teams will get a squad message.
Code: Select all
Match Starting in 2 minutes. Arena unlocked.
Squad A will receive: [Freq Info] Starters: 100 | Fix bad drops: 101 (2 players max) | Spec: Unrestricted
Squad B will receive: [Freq Info] Starters: 200 | Fix bad drops: 201 (2 players max) | Spec: Unrestricted
The bot will allow up to as many people are specified in the rules to enter ship (10 in this example). To fix flags you must use either freq 101 or 201 depending on which squad you are on. A max of 2 players can be on this team at once. The bot will not allow you to be on any team besides those specified for your team.

1. The bot is as flexible as you make it. Squads can challenge themselves to inner-squad battles by having half of their lineup join on a different squad name and then match each other (eg. Fame vs Emaf).
2. Have some fun with the bot, try some variations on the standard EGFL, EGDL rules. Vary it up and post the results.
3. Moderators can not set teams of 8 due to a bug in the client.
4. If you put ports in, it will use that arena's default port timer (eg. 30 sec in egdl arena)
5. If you choose to set a timed match the time limit will always be 2 hours.
6. If you make a mistake while entering the rules, type !cancel (only the player setting up the rules can do this) and then restart: !sm Squad1:Squad2.
7. When creating squadmatches with !sm Squad1:Squad2 please type the squadnames in with correct capitalizations, it will make the bot look nicer in arena messages... Not the end of the world if you don't though.
8. Spectators/players can use !matchinfo/!mi to view the current squadmatch duration and rules.

If you have comments, concerns, suggestions, or find a bug please find me in game. Have fun
By Zeker
We just tested this in Devestate vs Exalt and the bot was awesome.

The only thing I can think of for improving it would be being able to set ur own timer, having a lagbot in it and it being able to post match results. (becvause now you need 2 diff bots for that)

Other than that, great bot.
By mr shoe
The bot is not on the main master yet. Once it is moved it will have lag, timer, stats and everything else on it. One thing that would possibly be nice are some alternate flagging maps with smaller bases/flag timers so teams can match with 6-7 on.
By mr shoe
arue wrote:8 people on each team have to !confirm this?

I see a problem with that already.
Can you elaborate please? 80% of the team size (rounded up always) have to confirm. My example had teams of 10, so 8 have to confirm. Here is a table of confirmations needed for different team sizes:
Code: Select all
Team Size | Confirmations Needed Per Team (80% rounded up)
6           5
7           6
8           7
9           8
10          8
11          9
12          10
By Zeker
arue wrote:8 people on each team have to !confirm this?

I see a problem with that already.
I would have to disagree.

This bot isn't made to fool around on. And I doubt you'll have 2 afkers on your freq 2 minutes before a match starts, so everyone will be able to !confirm.
By Toretto
moss wrote:holy shit someone on staff actually did something constructive for the zone :shock:

sounds like a winner, gj
By Heath
Zeker wrote:
arue wrote:8 people on each team have to !confirm this?

I see a problem with that already.
I would have to disagree.

This bot isn't made to fool around on. And I doubt you'll have 2 afkers on your freq 2 minutes before a match starts, so everyone will be able to !confirm.

yeah wtf eura

who did you pay to dress up as professors in those graduation photos?
By Bacon
wow jericho, can u stfu already?
By nunnnez
Bacon wrote:wow jericho, can u stfu already?
bacon is hearing mod-voices inside his head now.
By Optimal
cool bot, if only redstar had such devoted and caring staffers it could be a good zone, but no we have to have the most stupid staff in ss.
User avatar
By Omega Red
nice work shoe
By Lacoste
and then people say mr shoe is a dickhead. gj mr shoe , looking good..if i ever log in... GodsOflags vs wutever low tier squad out there (is there any?!) and we win without 60 mins. HA HA HA Go GoF (hey if any1 wanna lead GoF lemme know..i cant play this game anymore ) the library atm HA HA no internet access and other projects in mind...looking for a job too if any1 has anything ..anywhere in the world..that pays stupid replies like selling my sexy body to strangers please Zz
By Heath
Lacoste wrote:and people say mr shoe is a dickhead.
i haven't heard anyone pay out on v3 for ages. he's well and truly a respected member of staff.
By tip
[quote="Monke"]great bot, further greatness to come![/quote]

this bot was an excellent idea
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By GhostBusters
Dont unferstand why this didnt go any further. This would of been awesome and would of made it way more fun and would of made squadin perminate.

True legends never die...


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