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By moero
Was dicking around on Youtube and saw a vid talking about classic games and this was one of the games mentioned. The vid mentioned how it was available on steam and when I saw one of the images they had in the vid I recognized like 10 of the names. From there I just fell down the rabbit hole and found and was suprised that it was still even up!

Sad to see that the zone is all but dead - literally spent over 10k hours on this game and caused many many skipped uni classes.
what does a zone needs to be alive? Fc whos online right now fixing some bots with Chewbot assisting? Lacoste Heath ww Laptop Hero chewbot and many more basedueling every night? World,swagger,unlimited,rabbit! and many more? 100+ members on discord chatting daily?

Yes EG doesnt have 8 areas of 40 players each like its 2002, but we still get some playing done on a daily base

to be in touch while being online in SS type ?chat=spotofbd

to help announce to rest of SS that EG is active you can join ?squadjoin=EGisActive:eg

That's because everyone is on Discord. Come parti[…]

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