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Hey guys.

The client available to play EG and other Zones is broken. The client installs an Out-dated zone.dat file. This means that there are incorrect IP addresses associated with the vast majority of the zones.

The problem is Two Fold. The owners of the directory server list that is meant to keep up with keeping the zones IP addresses up to date for the client have not done so. That directory server points to "" , This is the only valid server online currently. The other ones you may see in the directory server address lists "Under Zones" are not valid after you install the continuum client.

Possible solutions:

I contacted the owners of the server that holds the directory server list last week but as of yet there has been no response.

I have an updated "Zone.dat" file that I can give to anyone who wants it. Ideally this updated file should be packaged with the windows installer of the game. If it is, then all available zones will show up.

Third possible solution assuming the owners of the directory list server never respond and update it would be to spin up a new directory server. This is probably the best solution as it would mean that if a zone had to change it's IP-Address then when the change happens the directory server could push down the correct zone IP to the client. I am looking at that.

As it is right now. When someone installs the Continuum Client on a new PC or even old PC that never had the game, right out the gate they are hosed
due to the outdated zone.dat file. FYI this file is just a simple text file renamed as .dat.

Here it is:
Battlestar Galactica,,1579,,0
#Battlestar Galactica (Cylon Occupied Caprica) ss://
FSAU Devastation Down Under,,5000,,0
#Devastation Down Under is back! Running on AWS in Australia.
SSCE Hockey/Football Zone,,7501,,0
#Subspace Hockey/Football Zone. Home of the coolest game in Subspace. (DNS) ss://
SSCE Hyperspace,,5005,,0
#The one and only. (DNS) ss://
SSCJ Desert Storm,,12030,,0
#SSCJ Desert Storm, Intense flagging style infantry where two teams struggle to control the flags and win the jackpot. "Infantry the way it should be: Bloody as hell!"
SSCJ Devastation,,7022,,0
#Devastation, reborn! - The Ultimate Base Fighting Experience. You will never want to leave. ( (Devastation forums) ss://
SSCJ Distension,,12010,,0
#SSCJ Distension, the Trench Wars RPG.
SSCJ DragonBall Z,,12020,,0
#SSCJ DragonBall Z, fast paced action with intense battles in a multitude of carefully constructed bases. Fight with your team to capture the all the dragonballs and defend your base to the death with your friends.
SSCJ Galaxy Sports,,7240,,0
#Under Contruction. Grab some friends, start a match with a fully automated system for playing and storing stats.
SSCJ Hub,,12000,,0
#SSCJ Hub is the overlord for a number of smaller or old zones.
SSCJ MetalGear CTF,,14000,,0
#An Infantry style Capture The Flag game with a breathtaking LVZ, and settings that will challenge even the most skillfull players.
SSCU Death Star Battle,,3600,,0
# - Embrace your destiny as the brave Rebel Alliance, or the mighty Imperial Forces as you try to hold and defend the Death Star! ss://
SSCU Extreme Games,,7900,,0
#[Extreme Games]The fastest and boldest warzone flagging available. For more information visit Owners: cycad, Fc ss://
SSCU Trench Wars,,5400,,0
#SSCU Trench Wars - The most popular zone in Subspace/Continuum! Battle within the Trenches! Original Sysops: DoCk> and PriitK - Current Sysops: Beasty, Qan and M_M God - ss://
SSCW Apocalypse Hell,,24651,,0
#Apocalypse Hell Just plain Hell.
SSCW Armageddon,,24852,,0
#Armageddon A fast paced flaging warzone game.
SSCW Galactic Warfare,,24351,,0
#One of the badest high scoring fast paced flaging games.
SSCW Quadrents Of War,,25024,,0
#20 flags hold them all 4 minutes to win.
SSCX Omega Fire,,23001,,0
#Omega Fire. The Last Burning Flame in Subspace. ( ss://
SSCXX Chaos/League Zone SVS,,13500,,0
#Chaos is the longest running zone. 4v4 Pro League is the longest running league and home to the best players in the game. ss://
The file is contained in your Continuum folder - AKA the folder where you installed the game. To fix it. Right click on zone.dat and open it with notepad or any suitable text editor. Replace it's contents with the above info. Save the file as zone.dat, not zone ,txt. If you are prompted to overwrite the file choose yes.

Start continuum - you should see all available zones show up.

Who ever is responsible for steam should take the lead here and offer a new zone.dat file with instructions. Who ever is responsible for making the windows installer for the game should include the new zone.dat file as part of the installer, Or update the directory list server. The dir server is the preferred method. In the case of having an updated zone list server then there is no need to package zone.dat with the installer because the first time
you launch the game zone.dat will be created for you.

I did some checking. This problem has existed for many many years. "Over 4" possibly longer. I believe it is the primary reason EG has declined in the way it has. This makes sense because if you install the game on your PC and you don't see that EG is available to play why would anyone still think that EG exists ? or other older zones.

Simple answer "They wouldn't"

Regards. X711
So, I think this is client side issue, and I believe those cannot be fixed as the only people with access to the client have been out of the scene for many many years. Also, sadly, if you offer a different zone.dat file through steam I am not sure it would help as most of the new players off of steam will have no interest in self-patching a game they just installed. Does the update zone list button work? It seems like that would be the best bet to try and fix the issues, is making sure that the zone list refreshes properly.
well i guess for preservation of the zones that wil be lost this way, ownership should be transferred to TW for example. a bit late now probaly. however we dont rly need permission for it. I know tw has our bd arena and settings in a map.

Me and some of the Vipers are gonna trry to get on on sunday and just have some fun. we got comm but for those who want to join us, it will be probaly be around 2pm est to 4/5pm est. So far aow ronana bluespace and me will probaly show
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