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By Lacoste
hi rek, glad to see some staff is alive

can we get a new map? its been like 8 months we got the same boring 2 bases

if the present staff doesnt have time for the zone, then perhaps we could hire people with time for the game? i can tell fc has/will have a shitty life..its all about energy, its all connected, even if its online behind an alias, that people dont know what you do behind know know you hold the power and did nothing with it and let down so many might just be a 2d space ship game...but is energy..we are so many veterans who like this game..and now we stuck in TW wich is not the game we like..but we are just stuck to go there since our zone is so boring and so dead

simple fix that would be done under 5 hours time:

fix bases, they are 2 far from safe center, map is too big for our pop

remember those 1-2 small bases near safe center with a goal in there? that Easily started 1v1 in base wich became 2v2 3v3 many might say "its too late" for this etc..but thats bullshit..its never too late..and were not talking 1000 hours work on the zone we talking few upload a map that is more benefiecial to game play

also some comments towards Baseduel...that bases were too small.if you compare to devastation it would be nice to have a fair shared amount (33%) of small bases, 33% of medium bases and 33% of big bases...for example small bases for 2v2 and 3v3 from #1 to #5 then #6 to #10 are medium bases for 4v4-5v5,..and then #11 to #15 are larger bases if the 4v4 or 5v5 decided theydlike to fight in a bigger base

the flag thing isnt eg..just make it 10 flags with the 2002 setting

now i know chances this post be taken in consideration or even read is quiet small..but i know there a bunch of people thinking the same way as I who just wont take the few mins to log on forum and post their thoughts..but we still can do something with this zone..instead of giving our peeps to boredom TW
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By Rek
Split this topic off the redirect issue since it's addressing a different request. Will look into a map change and see what we can do.
By 1l
Hey Fellow EGers.

I have taken the initiative to make a more compact map like people have requested. I am lazy, so I started with the current map. I have made the map about 1/3 the size. There are still two bases, but they are significantly smaller and much closer to the center, and there is also a minibase goal. I have also added a bunch more baseduel bases, including a variety of sizes and some that would allow other ships like jav and lev to be used. There is still a space in the center for some fraying.

Let me know what to do to get you the map so we can switch this thing.
By 1l
Can we also change the safe time? just make it like an hour or more or even infinite as long as you are on a baseduel freq. If you are on a pub freq, make it 20-30 min. It is hard to start a baseduel if you cant even enter the game and wait longer then 15 min for it to start before it boots you. Games are just never going to start like that.
By TheCript
1l wrote:
May 12th, 2018, 9:29 pm
Pic of the map:

looks cool, the only problem is FC is officially quit eg... ntm he lost his username, so we are lost

lets talk to ratio(he logs on more often than fc OR rek OR raerae) and get things in motion to merge with tw and become a tw subarena(so we can use their active dev team)
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