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By Lacoste
HELLO ALL im back in Canada lets play some

STAFF - can we get a new map? well use an old one is fine, just MAKE SURE there are 2 small bases near safe center so 1 v 1 can base fight - 2v2 3-3 creates

also can we get back to old flags way? god damn i dunno how to win that game when its 3v3 lol how im gonna drop and defend and get next flags...i rather see a guy with 4 flags who wins..then no games being won

who still alive? REPLY to this POST show that you are INTERESTED in playing, its still cold out there, Sun aint out yet, lets try to get some 6v6 flagging action going daily, it aint that hard, people just need to know that people will be there to play i will be active until may 1st..then work..but still gonna log on daily for 30 mins..but till may 1st i can be on alot-anytime kinda thing :)...any teacher here? just spam your students with A+ notes if they log on EG for 10 hours a week, change their homeworks..not like this school system worth shit anyway
By Lacoste
haha :)

so anyway wich staff is active to change map? been like 1 year its same boring map, obvious with the actual pop we need 2 small bases from safe center...that would be the best:

safe center - small range circle for people to fray - 1 tunnel for each base (2 big bases and 2 small bases) so people can base fight 1v1 2v2 3v3 then switch to bigger base once more people come...flags thing..make it 2 flags max per carrier and 4 flags in total

DO IT...not like u got anything to lose..u getting advices for Free from a world up your ears..use some q tips if that oily rice clogged them up (fc)

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