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With a heavy heart I say this, several of us had this thing going since the Virgin deal and several more from the Multiple Pubs and overloaded server crashes.
Now when I log on throughout the week what i see is that beautiful creation that has hence withered, blame can be passed around like a hot potato, we all are guilty, guilty for not listening, understanding, laziness and perhaps even carelessness and these sins among others is what we have been feeding our creation, for not only for a few years, but over a decade. I hope Steam fixes these problems, I truly do, and EG is reborn. But please consider, like Frankenstein's Monster maybe just maybe the kinder thing to do is to finally kill and bury our beloved creation, and end on a high note of kindness and reflection.

But I'm a Fuck up so what do I know!

POACH OR DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KILL TW!!!!!!!!!!!
By Lacoste
no need to bury it...some occasionals BDs will happen

who ever leading this zone sucks as fuck..they should make 3-4 small bases Like super small bases near safe SSCC The Abyss has to go with population.."leaders" of this zone have been awful for years..anyhow no need to delete it..i didnt log in 2 months..ill try to log a bit..if there some action..was in vietnam..but in 2 days i fly back home Canada so ill be in right GMT
rip EG

RIP- thanks for the memories, I had a blast. Any[…]

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