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next league again EGPL

Post by doomsy » July 30th, 2017, 12:07 pm

yes there might be a next league but nobody did step up for it yet. i will be clear on that tho i wont let any league coordinator step up to host another league which is the same as the 4 previous league.

since the game is dieing at an alarming rate we should focus more on week activity and special event on weekends.

the league should be in a format which cover through a reset time in pub.

would be quite simple, create a pub squad, make it with whoever u want. we would take the tier system jaxen set up and u fight through the week to rack up points for ur squad to get a chance to participate in playoff.

step 1: create a squad and recruit , maximum 15 per squads and u gotta have at least 2-3 low tier in it and u cant start more than 4 top tier.

step 2: post up ur squad roster and let the competition begin.

Description: the league would be held from 1 reset to the other , we could set this to be going between 2weeks to a month to offer more chances to any squads.

2- the format of the league consist of having squads fight in pub and rack up points to get a chance to participate in the playoff at the final weekend of the reset.
2.1- every fight have to be a full squad freq and the game must be win and posted to forum by the squadleader/captains
2.2- the BDs could be counted as a win and we could setup a fixed amount of points for a bd win but obviously pub wins r more benefic.

3- in the weekend PUs or events could be hosted for any1 to participate and rack up points bonus

4- the final hosted at the final weekend of the reset would be between the top 2 squads.

5- at the reset, a new season/round for next egpl would start 1 week later to give squads a chance to either remain as they r or execute trade/changes.
5.1- since the league would be short we wouldnt hold FAs, once the team roster is posted its final for the time of the reset.
5.2- once the league ends u can add up any1 u want(as long as it doesnt go over 15 per squad) or some1 can create another squad and join the already existing squads in the fight.
5.3- if by any chance we grow the squads to 8 we could consider making semis on the saturday and final on sunday for the top 4 squads.

the map would be the new map i announced so if many squads want to fight at same time we could open up multiple pub arena for them since it would be only 2 base+ BDS.

i would need to modify it to support the old system we have since we dont have any1 to work into the new project i spoke about: ... 14#p529914

note: i do think the checkpoint system would workout quite well to help in the league but that is not going to happen for now since we got no bot coder.

1- i would drop the flag count to 4 and make flag carrier be able to carry only 1 flag at a time, would adjust flag timer accordingly.
2- no port,thors like previous leagues, anti would have to be adjusted.
3- the base will keep their door and be set before the game start depending on the show and decision of both leader/captains.
5- the mod/host can interfere in the game as he wish; if he think that a squad is volontarily affecting the lineup to gain an advantage.

for now thats all i got.
i still gotta write down rules, and the weekend hosting. need to decide of the set time and the number of time the league will last.

feel free to add anything u think that would help in the league or if u wanna step up for it as league coord or host.

will wait for rae to read this and see if she approuve and is willing to help any1 to it.
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Re: next league again EGPL

Post by Optimal » July 30th, 2017, 1:00 pm

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Re: next league again EGPL

Post by RaeRae » July 30th, 2017, 1:16 pm

I just woke up and tried to understand this, I'll try again later when I'm less dazed.

I'm fine with new ideas, but the main hurdle I immediately see if that you're looking for a coordinator. I really don't think a coordinator is going to step up using other people's ideas (unless it's already a legacy league like EGBDL or EGDL). They will step up to promote their own league idea.

If you can find a dedicated coordinator, we can talk about league mechanics.

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Re: next league again EGPL

Post by doomsy » July 30th, 2017, 1:35 pm

i dont see why a coordinator wouldnt take an idea thats already 80% done and adapt to it , and it is not really hard to handle either.

at 1 point we could have an automated bot handling it all the way too if we get the bot coder.

i might even maybe step up to start it if this gets approuved and get good feedback by players and then let some1 else coordinate it later on.

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Re: next league again EGPL

Post by doomsy » September 3rd, 2017, 10:51 am

ive been away for 3 weeks now, i clearly stated i wouldnt let any player host yet another repetitive boring league and the egbdl format is back.

i was pretty clear on not taking part to any of this repetitive shit and the only message i get after 3 weeks is make us an egbdl map.

well no and i guess ill step back from any league from now and from map making too.

nothing changes and for that the zone is only dieing faster and faster.

this league format was perfect to keep this dead beat boat floating but some ppl keep on piercing holes in the boat.

when u guys decide to be original wave at me ill bring the rescue ship.... maybe.

until then u can contact me either on fb group or discord im not logging in game anymore anyway.

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Re: next league again EGPL

Post by PAT » September 3rd, 2017, 10:55 am

doomsy wrote:
September 3rd, 2017, 10:51 am
well no and i guess ill step back from any league from now and from map making too.
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Re: next league again EGPL

Post by doomsy » September 3rd, 2017, 12:56 pm

yes cuz u r so good at making this zone great right stacking scum?

u r the toxicity of this zone and has been for many years and u r too dumb to even figure it out.

enjoy ur last half assed trash league.

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Re: next league again EGPL

Post by Disturbulance » September 4th, 2017, 7:07 am

Do this, but make it draft

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