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By Combo
whos in charge of the forum? we can get some game going again atleast on sundays.

Someone in does art graphics?
get all the mails in the data base
set a specificity date prob sunday since everyone is free.
And send a nice email where for examples sunday july 30 EG veterans day and try to get them to get online on that specificity date.
i know some have forgotten eg even exist like me. i came back cuz i was deleting some emails and saw one from my fellow blood player
and decided to check it out. now im here and sing up for egdl.
By Combo
Its called marketing Gaz, idk what you do for your life. but you may wanna read on it. im pretty sure most of those dont even remember SS exist anymore. a remind would fix that pluss, making 1 day a month especially for those vets can bring more activity plus some of them may have kids that could have a interest in the game.
By Unlimited
COMPLETELY 100% agree with combo. UPPERS WAKE THE FUCK UP, and realize sundays are not the only days to be active. I hate to diss staff, cause I know most of them have careers/jobs or family people? at least do what combo is saying and email everyone. Make it so if you follow EG on twitter? you get 10 egc? anything is better than nothing.
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By GhostBusters
Fuck looks like I'm going to have to get a computer again!
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