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By Toretto
The following are reviews written by players about other players. Reviewed players are listed alphabetically, and the reviews added by date (in other words, the latest review will be at the bottom of each reviewed player).

To submit a review, simply respond to this thread with your review. Once added, your review reply will be deleted so that all new reviews can be easily organized.

This is you, the player's, opportunity to voice reviews of fellow players and have an enduring voice in the community. So without further adue, here are your reviews!


moggy wrote:if I had to have a best friend from ss i would pick this guy

Jammu wrote:funny guy sometimes, mostly only know him for trolling forums (due to timezone diff and him being inactive)

EuRa wrote:I thought he was a funny dude about 5-6 years ago, which was why I recruited him to Symbolik. As it turns out, he had skills too. But he never practiced enough, and never got recognized as a good player like I think he could have been

proz wrote:i've known this guy and seem him flag since he started in eg, he has really progressed, hope his squad gives him more playtime

EuRa wrote:Mark my words: Adammo will be 2010 new top player of the year if he continues to play. He was a noob in 2008, very very good in 2009, and pressing on the verge of elite as we enter 2010. Not to mention, he's just a cool guy

Iammute wrote:Well rounded player, did a good job as S1 for smooth op in egfl

Ioth wrote:Discovered in dominant this year's EGFL, this guy was a shiner among the low-tier-ranks. Still getting better every day who knows what he'll be next egfl

Jammu wrote:i seem to remember him as the good low/semi low vp from egdl, am i wrong? anyway if it is him he did good against ppl better then him, was still able to get kills

Jammu wrote:omg so annoying keeps priving and refreqing and refreqing and refreqing in bd to try and get the best ppl on his team. never found out what his other alias is

heath wrote:i think agro is more personality than player. he's smart enough, a tad sly and enjoys causing disdain. his 56k gets him by. surprised he can anchor so well

moggy wrote:the one person i would most like to meet in real life + what heath said

Jammu wrote:makes up such stories on forums sometimes (like that he played all of 18 hour game), but with his lag he was really an asset to blood in egfl finals

EuRa wrote:Misunderstood by many, including myself. Personality aside, very good player, and his intelligence during flagging sets him apart from most players, myself included. Dude is one of the smartest guys in the game, as he has out-smarted me almost more than anybody

AnnoyingAssassin wrote:great defense and offensive anchor. Great person to have on your team

Pointwhore wrote:One of eg's best strategists. In my eyes not the world’s best player skill-wise, but makes up for it mentally

Bacon wrote:smart ass player

Delete wrote:Restrained on attack but exceptionally skilled and experienced

King wrote:alca is one of my favorite players to see play (when not anchoring), because he's always one step ahead of his opponents. this guy has hands down the best micro-management in-game that i have seen to date. although he isn't as good skill-wise as he once was, with his cleverness he is still one of the biggest threats in-game

Monke wrote:Smart guy who can always take a base for you unexpectedly. Easily top10 in zone when active I think, this year for exalt he seems rusty. Never really heard him speak

Ioth wrote:Never really played with him until he joined exalt this year. And I'm hella suprised. He's always looking to win, always looking for the best thing to do, and on top of that, he's always doing it right. Smart player who can adept to any situation

fletch wrote:Unbeliavable leader, can play any position perfectly, and is even humble enough to take orders from sent. When he is in, anything can happen

Lee wrote:Great leader for sure, used to be pretty dangerous in game, but inactivity has left mark and i dont see him in top shape this year

aYr wrote:Alca has the most awesome attitude to this game, i just love it when he on my freq

Pacino wrote:I never really knew alcas personality nor the way he plays that well until recently. When i saw his poll up on exalt forums recruit section i actually wasn't sure about him(rofl) Probably the dumbest misjudgement ive ever made, alca suprised me after 2/3 times flagging with him after he got on chat. My poll answer obviously went from "Not sure" to HELL YES. Alca knows how to play any position, but his strong points still lie on attack in my opinion. Excellent passive rusher whoms style of playing reminds me of kryp's, and ofcourse a very stable nme anchor who also puts pressure on any defences flex swings making it alot easier to push as an attacker. Also alca has been a perfect add to exalt, his leadership qualities came in very handy and him and sentenal combined give exalt the edge on tactical area

Jammu wrote:alca is ownage if he's active, always need to watch out for him if ur anchoring. can play more or less any position and is perhaps the best and most organized leader i have played under

moss wrote:good guy, good leader, but will always be defined by this quote, after mut's loss to TP in egfl final: Dbz> lol alca sounds like Mclovin from superbad (on ts) lol

EuRa wrote:There are only a handful of players I'm cautious of when I flag them, and alca is one of em. Super great leader, not as ego-driven as he used to be, but still one of the best freq leaders when he shows up to play

TheCript wrote:fatkiddo likes to eat but always kind... Good flagger too only he begins to be a duel newb now but great guy

Brandon wrote:can see this guy takin over mvp swing if he gets active <=== most underrated imo

Mitey wrote:Could easily win nicest player in EG award this year. Anne's play seems to be a bit underrated imo since she seems to go inactive then has to work the rust off. When she is active she's a pretty good passive player who, due to some good lag, at least from my perspective, eats a lot. Always lots of fun to talk to, she's fun to have on the same squad. FYI, nunnnez is her Edward

Jammu wrote:hardly ever see anne play, just sit in spec and talk. still, can sometimes do ok in bd and such

KEY wrote:ur hot lets have fun

EuRa wrote:I love anne, and I wish more people gave her a chance. She's a damn good anchor if people are confident in her abilities, and also a very cool person

heath wrote:you're genuinely sweet and friendly. A+

Pointwhore wrote:Used to be better (or maybe his opponents used to suck more), but still in my eyes eg's best defender. Difficult to lure and even more difficult to kill if he doesn't want to die, which also makes him a very good anchor. However has a tendency to slow down attacks even when they don't need to be as the only person la'ing less than him is that säkki neitsyt_82 aka dazz

Bacon wrote:You can put this guy anywhere and he will rape it. An unbelievable anchor when he needs to. He cant be lured and will get most kills every game

Delete wrote:Brilliant swing and anchor, passive and smart. One of the best

King wrote:what can i say, ap is one of the most solid players in EG right now. this is a guy you can put anywhere, any position, and he would still outkill everyone else in the game. has the most solid aim out of anyone in EG with spider and terrier. simply in a league of his own

Monke wrote:Don't need to say much about AP, he's clearly one of, if not the best in the zone. Depending on your opinion he has to be 1-3 best swings. Also smart player. Nice guy to have on squad, fun on chat but probably the worst jokes around

Ioth wrote:The guy who gets most kills any game he plays in, even on attack

fletch wrote:Trying to attack against defence that has auto, is just fucking frustrating. You get nothing done and everyone on attack gets angry and starts bashing eachother for sucking

Lee wrote:by far best passive player in eg, can anchor or a1-s1 like noone else

Kuppaaja wrote:This guy will make you ragequit when trying to attack against him. You will most likely die all the time without even getting a good chance of killing him. Is also well-known for his burns in squad chat. He is the best when it comes to saving energy while shooting, he doesn't shoot too much and his aim is one of the best in EG if you ask me

Azela wrote:Ap is a lovely guy, I'm not sure whether he likes me but we do share a common interest in football. He's a brilliant swing but I've never seen him rush. He will often claim that Kryp is the better 1v1, but having played both of them, I think ap has the edge. If you want to be a successful swing in this game, learn from this guy

Johnson wrote:In my eyes the best swing in EG. I hate his little shifty comments he makes about Liverpool. Fuck you Chelsea scum!

BOMBED wrote:the william hung of swinging

come! wrote:one of the best swing in eg and really really nice and go to hack natt computer and send his gf pic to me ~

Jammu wrote:its not really hard to play against him if ur anchoring as he's so passive (apart from the terr snipes time to time), but can sure be gay to attack against. probably one of the people that can best control his ship in eg

EuRa wrote:I never thought ap was "that good" until I flagged with him when he was in risin. Dude single-handedly took out a stacked enemy flag room, got the last flags, warped out, fended off 3-4 people chasing him, then went home and defended with the flags when we were 99%. Just a beast.

joomis wrote:is pretty decent at swinging, also pretty ok as a passive attacker. possibly the only player in eg who can make me look somewhat good. has the worst jokes ever and he supports a shitty football club

Mitey wrote:Never knew what all the fuss was about until I started staying up late to check auto's skills out. Every time I've seen him play, I can't help but think one word: "Pro"

aYr wrote:This is the first year i played solid, before was only during school breaks, and i realized i didnt even know what aiming and dodging are

Pointwhore wrote:Improved loads this year, from being a newby nobody to a solid addition to any attack or defence

Bacon wrote:wow, this guy has become a complete stud for exalt. I think he can start on all squads with the way he has played. He's just gotten that good

Delete wrote:Respectable pusher and knows how to take kills on aggressive rush

King wrote:i've had a boner for this guy for quite some time. while i was having talks to monke about remaking blood during EGDL, this was one of the people we wanted to have on our roster. this guy is an impressive killer, and is very hard to kill, extremely annoying to play against. from what i've seen, most of the players in exalt don't see the awesomeness that is ayr. he practices hard, and with time he will be known as one of the best swings in the zone, i have no doubt about that

Monke wrote:IMO one of the best 'newer' players around. Has that awesome cheat-lag which means he can't be easily finished, always seeming to get that 1 bullet away, while showing nothing on !lag. One of the reasons behind exalt's success. Like King said I wanted to steal him but didn't want to cripple the competition zz

Ioth wrote:Back in wanted I became a big fan of him allready, one of the newer players who was better then other newer players. Whenever my squad would try I'd try to take him along, and he did (from wanted to despair and from despair to exalt). And I never regret doing so

Lee wrote:very impressed with ayr, he is excellent combination of lag and ability to kill

Kuppaaja wrote:The best newer player on top. He plays wise and his 1v1 skills are pretty good - also a nice guy to talk to

Pacino wrote:I missed ayr's entire evolution from average pub player to top squad starter it seems. I do remember him as a laggy newbie back when he was playing on Air. Ayr is probably the most motivated player in the entire zone. This guy never seems to give up, he kept on progressing, improving his game until he could finally play among the top players of this zone. I think ayr is far from peaking just yet, and will probably be one of the most wanted swings in the upcoming year. Excellent swing either at home or on flank, great in 1v1 situations as he keeps constant pressure on his enemies and also very alert and basically a killing machine at enemy. Truely a beast

Jammu wrote:improved alot this year, nearing starter material for any top squad. euro lag makes his la's annoying

omega red wrote:i hate playing against this guy. every time we are in baseduel fighting him is a chore. he stops your rushes and seems to have perma x. really improved and is only going to get better

moss wrote:poor man's version of yawn. A valuable asset to any team and hell for opposing swings

KEY wrote:Really good swing and a nice guy

bear wrote:Love this guy. One of the best new players around even though he owned last year too. Always play with him when I get the chance

EuRa wrote:I was wondering how long it would take for people to recognize this guys talents. I kept saying over and over on Exalt forums, air is one of our best players, if not THE best at the moment. Guy is a freak of nature. If I never know who to attach to, I always try attaching to air. He's usually alive, and deep

netban wrote:One of Exalt's best players at the moment. Even back when he first joined Exalt (AiR.) he was playing really well, but now his skills have become even better. He's quickly turning into one of those players that you can count on game in and game out.. whether he is playing swing or attacking, you know he will be a driving force in helping your team win

b0w wrote:I think he's been an underrated player in every zone i've played with him, but he is pretty good at every position and certainly a fast learner. Best of luck to his squad

Iammute wrote:I've seen him improve quite a bit over the time I've played with him. A good player and pretty underrated atm I'd say

Kuppaaja wrote:Although this guy is hated by many people I still see some potential in this pilot. He is a decent anchor in baseduel and not too bad rusher either. Is also known to beat anyone in baseduel with his backup strategy. He also likes to talk a lot, but he is not stupid - it's not always just random shit about how someone sucks. Sometimes he goes too far with his talking still, if you ask me

proz wrote:prob the most hated guy on BD, i still remember when we used to trashtalk each other, he's a good player in most freqs in BD

Jammu wrote:can never seem to let it go, can keep on talking shit half an hour after the other person quit. has actually moved out of bd in the later parts of year and has been one of the most active pub players for the last few resets. maybe some day he will quit talking shit and be a pro

Darren wrote:A loyal squaddie, great guy, solid basedueller and underrated flagger. Would be 10x as better as he is now if he cared a little more, though

rk wrote:played good once in his lifetime. twas the time when he unplugged into arboreal fr and gave royal a win ^^ although i don't think it was really an unplug, which leads me to believe that he is a massive failure. nice haircut

Mitey wrote:An underrated player who doesn't get the recognition yet, he's a good swing and attacker. Also a passionate player and sometimes yells a lot, but has also has typical finnish humor so he's fun to play with

H0ST wrote:Another underrated player, b0w is a very versatile player from swings, anchors to aggressive la.. this guy can do it all - A player who pretty much shown to all Trespasser's match, dedicated and skillfull player

Jammu wrote:joins a pub freq, gets anti and afk's in fr in hope of free points. can be an ok attacker if he cares

Bacon wrote:I think im one of the better anchors in eg, not the best. I also think im an all round player that can play any position

Pointwhore wrote:Has started anchoring outside BD this year, and had been quite successful at it. He have periods when he's pretty homo to kill, probably when he really tries. Can be rushed/repped when as soon as he is not playing at 100 %

King wrote:hm, what can i say about bacon? either you love him or you hate him, there is no middle ground with this guy. i remember when i made a poll about him on blood forum, half the votes were no simply because 'he is an asshole'. after having him on chat for a while, the next vote was all yes. when you get to know him, he's a great guy, but unfortunately he holds grudges like a motherfucker, and if you get on his badside you will find him to be just another annoying asshole. skill-wise, i think bacon is vastly underrated. bacon can anchor well, is a great swing and a great attacker, just an all-around skilled guy in every aspect. hopefully after EGFL he will get credit for the solid player he is

Monke wrote:Used to hate him but now only mildly dislike. Can't deny he's a great player tho, very impressive anchoring and could really do any position to a top level

Ioth wrote:Definatly a guy who turned into a good anchor, and with great aim he's a pretty good basekiller aswell

Lee wrote:annoying at times, but good anchor, when he tries

Kuppaaja wrote:I remember my first thought of Bacon was he is just a shittalker when I hadn't played with him much. But I've found out that's not even close to truth. Bacon has proved he is a stable anchor, but I like his attacking as well - good cloaker. Also known for quitting quite easy when things are not working for him

StevoSupremo wrote:most annoying x that I have played against. very good at gunning. one of the best dodgers ive seen. seems weak against unorthodox bomblines

Dizease wrote:One of the beasts of eg, loves to tank and eat bombs. Bacon is honestly one of the best players in my mind, not only can he dodge and aim amazing well but he one tough opponent to be vsing. He can fill in any position and is wanted by all the top squads. Bacon has become a great friend and is funny to laugh and share a joke with

aYr wrote:I don't like people who trashtalk but with bacon with bacon he got the skills to back it up so i begrudgingly accept him for the way he is

moggy wrote:one of the best all around players in any zone

Pacino wrote:Another evolved player wich i totally did not see coming! Along with bombed this guy came from being a non flagger to dominating the flagging scene in a very short amount of time it seems(maybe my innactiveness caused me to miss it all hoho!) Specialized in FR-ing for one of the most stacked squad this zone has ever seen, but as been said before..he can do alot more than just that. Very skilled on both defence and attack, wich gives him the possiblity to play on basically any position within a top squads lineup! Great add to any top squad in the zone

brandon wrote:hasnt lost a name duel

heath wrote:skill-wise, the best all rounder in the game. not a strategist but he'll kill you

Jammu wrote:really surprised me in blood by being such a reliable home anchor, his biggest problem seemed to be to get to matches on time. not as much of a dick when ur on the same squad as him

TIT MAN wrote:sick on rush, sick on anc, sick at duel, sick at ete - fantastic all around player

omega red wrote:bacon has proved this year he is one of the best if not the best fr anchor in the game. fun to talk to and always trying to talk shit

KEY wrote:i like ur style Fuck everyone i own :) thats ur motto i guess haha and its right u do own

EuRa wrote:This is one of the most under-rated players in EG. He kind of gets the shit end of the stick sometimes, but that's only because he dishes out so much shit to people, and they can't take it. Needless to say, that's my kind of player

joomis wrote:great guy, owns everyone and then trashes them. a very versatile player and really fun to play with. has the rare ability to carry me in teamelim

netban wrote:Can do any position in game and do it well. Not only does he do his part but he can also carry less skilled players (cough netban cough) on attacks. Hated me for a long time but I made peace and now I think we are cool, fun guy to play with

Pointwhore wrote:baia can be really good and solid in most positions, but has bigger suck & own swings than most others. Overall solid player

Bacon wrote:Great player, even better leader. really got a hold of es and had a great run. Bad for him, egfl changed but I think he proved to us that he is a great leader. gj with es baia.

Delete wrote:Good all rounder and leader, pretty faultless game

King wrote:i'm one of those people who is not all that impressed by baia., skill-wise he is good, no doubt, but he plays stupid. leadership-wise, i don't really know, but he did an impressive show with elitestar this year

Monke wrote:No first hand experience of it but he seems to be a good leader (people always want to join his squads). Playing wise he's decent attacker, lots of lag. SUPER DUPER NICE GUY WHO HELPED US WIN EGFL

Ioth wrote:Don't really know him except from trashtalking on and coming up with the tie-breaking gameplan vs blood, which is a plus

Lee wrote:good leader and motivator, nice cloaking skills and someone who instantly made es freq better, when in game

heath wrote:really good cloaker. really good aggressive swing. a bit inconsistent as an anchor. i don't idolize his leadership, he's a bit impatient and imo can let his temper get the better of his decision making. but overall, skill-wise, definitely a fantastic pilot. *if you read king's reviews, baia is imo the kind of leader who would mash well co-leading under a wiser/passive leader such as Lee

moggy wrote:underrated because he doesn't always play with people that make him look good but i have lots of respect for what he can do

Mitey wrote:A motivational guy with a very short fuse, baia. is known for a certain type of aggressive leadership. He's a fantastic cloaker, definitely right up there with Yawn & Spike at cloaking effectively. He has a never say die attitude which a lot of ppl really love.

poem ZX wrote:I love this guy, great leader, great skills, great personality, and knows how to push his players to get maximum results

Taunt wrote:love this guy. Knows when to be serious and when its ok to joke around.Was on elitestar 2.0 and 3.0 with him, and fame i think? fun to play with and has helped me improve my game. fun to talk with, and pretty nice to newbies. can learn a lot from him, and it shows through es

Akbar wrote:I think baia. is a pretty good leader, though admittedly not as great as I thought coming into ES after Fame pulled out. He usually makes good tactical decisions but also occasionally comes up with some boneheaded ideas. To his credit, he takes suggestions and comments very well and is not so stubborn to think he's right 100% of the time when he obviously isn't. Baia. more than makes up for these shortcomings by being incredibly compassionate with his squaddies - he has a short fuse and will kick people but more often than not will let them back on if they apologize

anne wrote:Even though we've had our arguements, I think you are a great player. Just sometimes you should really think about what you say, but I know that you always wish the best for everyon

Johnson wrote:Absolute genius. A very skilled player and leader, his tactics are.... experimental to say the least, takes shit from nobody, massive Hitler wannabe but I love him :) He speaks the truth, if you suck, he will tell you

Kace wrote:From my first run in ES until my last Baia is one of the people who can bring the best out of complete trash (me). I remember back in ES1.0 I would complain to baia ,when he wasnt around ES sucked, as soon as he logged in, it was like another squad was on my freq. He would yell, spam and kick people who didnt pay attention or flag correctly. Baia is a great freq leader, squad motivator and performer. Baia is a well rounded player in all aspects: positions, leading and he is a very nice person. He will be there to listen if you need to vent about anything. He will ask you the next time you log, baia> everything ok? baia> did you work it out? All these years I have known baia, I have been a loyal friend/promoter of his abilities. He is a great asset to any squad he is on, either leading or playing, thanks for all your help and friendship over the years bud

Jammu wrote:seems to be a really dedicated leader, can make his squad try the hardest and actually do ok even though they might not be as skilled as the nme. also cooked up some pretty gay tactics to last long enough to tie in egfl

TIT MAN wrote:#1 squad leader in my heart, always yelling but always motivating you to play your best - no exceptions. if your sucking baias gonna yell in your face and then make u spec. very fair squadleader. i learned a lot from him

omega red wrote:good friend. its always fun being on elitestar. not the best when it comes to tactics but makes up for it in raw skill. a leader that when online, pushes his squad

moss wrote:does a lot with a little (talent wise). Got lots of respect for him

KEY wrote:Best leader ever helps u with everything if u ask and if u choke badly he just kick u Wonderfull haha ur my * <3

EuRa wrote:This guy deserves his own spot in EG History, just for making elitestar. So many great players came out of that squad. Baia has a nose for talent, and he makes a good leader to boot. If he tried, he would be a top 5 player in EG.

joomis wrote:sort of a sentenal/king type strict leader, but has a fun personality and is also a great player. likes to watch a lot of porn

Monty Python wrote:baia. is a nice and very well rounded player. he is a pusher, an excellent swing, great in wb and becoming a better and better cloaker since the last year, not to forget about his great leader ability that he proved more then once with elitestar

Pointwhore wrote:Used to be 'one of the l33t ones' in my eyes, when I sucked even more than I do now, but is now far from his glory days

King wrote:i love this guy. back in the day, he was one of the crazy warbird lagattachers that dominated the zone at the time. unfortunately, he's been inactive now for many years while travelling the globe, which has taken its toll on his skills

Monke wrote:Really great guy. Used to own rushing, would again if he was active and would get out of spec I'm sure

Jammu wrote:mostly only saw him on blood chat and speccing in matches, as he wasnt that active and in top form. nice guy tho

Mitey wrote:Not really known for his flying skill, but while in trespasser improved leaps and bounds in ship control, attaching smarter, and game understanding. His lag is the most formiddable in the zone, and when he's attacking aggressively, can singlehandedly lag past an unsuspecting anchor. He can also be weird at times, and also does things sporadically in-games. Not the most reliable of players, but definitely a game-changer.

Ioth wrote:Very laggy player, but despite his time in EG he was always that typical 'all-lag-no-skill' player. Then this year in trespasser he evolved from that to a player who can use his lag to become a very dangerous attack. His playing definatly kept tper alive during their playoff game versus trespass.

Jammu wrote:always goes afk or specs if u bd with him. gay when he rushes in a lanc and shoots bombs, he will eat everything.

EuRa wrote:He could be a great player if he tried harder. Stop lagging through people, and kill them damnit.

Mitey wrote:A good anchor when he's focused, he's also a decent cloaker but tends to overdue it without getting results. Over the past few years he's become more well known, and his improvement hasn't stopped. Also a really nice person who enjoys kidding in very lighthearted ways.

heath wrote:very warm and patient person. a bit overrated but still quite good. went through a brief period of awesome then seemed to lose some interest. not ur first pick as anchor but can step up and get the job done. still, not the most articulate aggressor (could do with some lag perhaps) but definitely someone fun to play with.

anne wrote:Mice, I think you are really one of the cutesy players too! You are as cute as a mouse. Also, you are very good player too

Ioth wrote:Kind person, and a pretty good anchor.

Jammu wrote:somehow got bumped up to vet status as imp recruited and even started him, seemed to be ownage for a bit but later in egfl saw him choke pretty often. maybe the pressure was too much. might be an ownage anchor in the future though.

anne wrote:You were also awesome. Haven't talked to you in like yeeears, cause you suddenly dissapeared. I still do not know where you are at.

netban wrote:Inactive pos... but whenever he plays he seems to smash everyone. Awesome guy and awesome to play with. Wish he would play more because he would probably start for us

Black Boy:
b0w wrote:Has been very inactive lately, was in fame before he joined trespasser. and i'm pretty sure he' d be in trespass but havn't been online since our last game. great rusher who can play any anchor position too

Mitey wrote:Here's a guy who has a lot of talent, but seems to just play for fun most of the time and gets bored fast. His strength is definitely attacking and super late la's. A hyperactive player, his idea of fun seems to be constantly talking trash and commeting on everything he does. Spends most of his time in bd, and is known for trying to revive his old squad all time, then never following through

TIT MAN wrote:most of the funniest people in the zone always spamming and abusing but he is unbannable! pretty funny to see him play around with mods rofl

EuRa wrote:rofl dude I love blahhy!! He's so talented and funny, and a great leader too! He is never afraid to play on the underdog freqs, another reason why I love this guy!

joomis wrote:awesome to flag with. funny as hell

heath wrote:he spects me. i spects him

Akbar wrote:Blue (aka danztr) is a very cool player. I have this problem attacking against him where I just fly into all of his bombs and never hit him. Blue is also a swing who can flip the switch and rush if necessary, unlike a lot of others

anne wrote:Oh blue, it sucks that your timezone is so different otherwise we'd be able to talk more often. I really enjoy talking to you because you have such a great personality, unlike most players in SS. Hopefully I can talk to you more often in the future when I get less busy with school

Jammu wrote:reliable swing, havent really played with him much (maybe some egdl?)

EuRa wrote:blue is one of the coolest, smartest, nicest people in EG. He's also hella-talented. He doesn't get enough credit for what he has done for EG. He's not only a great player, I think he's one of the most important people EG has ever come across.

anne wrote:Oh Bold oh bold, what shall I write about you. Well, I always enjoyed talking to you. On your chat where everyone could tell how they felt about things. And everyone would send e-kisses and e-hugs to the person feeling sad, but in most cases just make fun of him/her. :3

BOMBED wrote:my favorite person to ever swing with or play in a base with. hes a mixed of a passive and agressive swing, knows just how to play during any situation. my favorite swing and my favorite player in subspace. was another player who could rape every arena and prove hes dominant in anything he decides to try at

Ioth wrote:Always been sorta overrated in my mind. Gets alot of kills on his swing 1 position, but other then that he makes alot of mistakes. Not getting ground when he can, missing x, things that are crucial for perfect gamaplay. This guy just relies on his aim/dodging

Jammu wrote:definately an ownage swing, who keeps saying he's quitting but then showing to games anyway and then getting active again, just to "quit" again later

moss wrote:great guy, great swing. Oddly enough, will go from 4000+ kills per reset, to not logging on for 2-3 months

EuRa wrote:All I can remember, is that this is the quiet guy on my squad who abruptly left to join Imp. Damn you bold!

joomis wrote:a mix of ap and bacon, in the sense that he can make me look good flagging wise and also carry me in ete. i dunno if he's inactive now or just playing aliased. owns the best chat in eg

Mitey wrote:Here's a cool guy, who can anchor really well. Also a good attacker who is very versatile and will step into any role that is needed

EuRa wrote:If he keeps at it, he will be a FORCE to reckon with in 2010. Seriously Boogy, show these mofo's what you're made of. Make 2010 your bitch
By Toretto
Bacon wrote:becoming a hell of a flagger this year. Even tho he hates swinging and never wants to again (I know how u feel when thats all i did for royal) He did an extremely good job at it this year. Imp's had its ups and downs but bombed played well when he showed.

Delete wrote:High impact rusher, plenty of good LA's - also a skillful+killer swing. Inactive though.

King wrote:bombed is a flagger with great potential. having been the undisputed #1 in the EG dueling scene for a long time, it was nice to finally see him start flagging. he has quickly made himself known as a good swing, and is a really tough opponent in small numbers. his weakness at the moment is lack of experience, but if he does continue to play he has the potential to become known as one of eg's best flaggers.

Monke wrote:Undisputed best dueler around. After moving into flagging he's a good swing, imo not one of the best but probably could be with experience. Seems like a slightly mental person.

Ioth wrote:Good basekiller, but other then that he never impressed me that much.

Lee wrote:great dueller and swing, its a shame he got confused over many things and seems to be not active anymore.

Kuppaaja wrote:Super good 1v1 player and learned flagging quickly. Good swing as well.

Mitey wrote:A somewhat egotistical player with awesome ship control, he has a tough time reigning in his emtions once he gets upset which can be detrimental to a freq/squad. His aim and timing are among the best in the zone, and when he's swing or passive attacking and most importantly focused, he's among the top 10 in the zone at those positions.

aYr wrote:I think has some of the best aim in the game, 2nd only to ap, people seem to think he only has the skills and nothing else, but maybe this is my inexperience talking seems pretty great flagger to me.

Dizease wrote:biggest foreskin of all time in eg history, this * is one annoying bitch to play against. Not only does he have great dodge but amazing aim too he also knows how to flag. One of the hardest people to kill in duel or in any arena. Great guy to talk to and really friendly.

moggy wrote:i wouldn't know what dueling was if it weren't for bombed and that cracker gtc. the best aggressive defender on impurity and 1/2 of the cutest couple in eg

Pacino wrote:I was suprised by bombed's uprise in the flagging scene, and im probably not the only one. Great allround player, one of the hardest swings to take down along with ap, bold. Great luring capability, holds corners like no other and basically can be like a fucking rock wall stopping any attack trying to breach it!

brandon wrote:good dueler, took dueling to flagging and showed the scum of eg what we're made of

Jammu wrote:really got recognised as a good flagger this year, was a great asset to imp defence.

TIT MAN wrote:all around player now that he can flag. dueling/league beast

EuRa wrote:Another player I love, simply because of all the trash talk he dishes out, and he can back it up too.

joomis wrote:dont think i've ever killed him in te. started flagging a couple of years ago and is a good swing / attacker. a cool dude.

BOMBED wrote:a really weird personality player. a really good dueler and team elim player and imo is very entertaining to listen to and very entertaining to piss off. aka hes a cool guy

Jammu wrote:funny to kami him in ete cos he gets so upset. props for actually trying to lead a flagging squad, even though it did die mid-egfl.

TIT MAN wrote:all around player that can duel and league. i always appreciate what he does for the zone by helping newbies out. even though a lot of people hated on Mobb, a good number of solid players came out of it (mracy and a couple others)

Pointwhore wrote:Contender for most improved player this year. Very solid lanc anchor and a not too shabby swing.

Bacon wrote:Really becoming 1 of the top fr's in this game. Also a really good swing as he kills a lot and plays smart.

Delete wrote:Plays with a great deal of maturity for a relatively new player. Confident+able FR and solid swing

King wrote:i don't really know this guy, he came out of nowhere and quickly became known as one of the best lanc FRs in the zone. i personally feel ioth is a couple of steps above bugs.

Ioth wrote:Hell yeah, my Team Front buddy, came out of nowhere and ripped everyone apart. Also great as terrier mfr.

Lee wrote:really amazed me, became a great anchor this year

anne wrote:You are also a very nice player. I like your personality and like talking to you. You are also a great player!

Jammu wrote:good lanc anchor, maybe the next ioth?

moss wrote:great lanc fr, fellow north carolinian :) Awesome guy all around

KEY wrote:a cool kid dont know him that good but he`s nice and one of the best mfr`s keep doing ya thing

bear wrote:I trained him as mfr and now he's one of the best. Owns at everything though.

netban wrote:Writing about Kuppaaja reminded me... when I put up a thread about "bugsville2" on Exalt forums literally EVERYONE rofl'd at me. But I told them bugs would become a great anchor and had a lot of potential. Again, like Kuppaaja, we didn't act on him and hey look, now he's a top anchor in EG whether it's home or nme.

heath wrote:because of a lot of inactivity sprees on my part i never saw cab climb to recognition. i remember on one of my early come backs, maybe in 03 for a bit, this newb, who in my eyes, was still one of the worst available fobs had made Mut and was training his way to play alongside Mutiny who were at this time a very respectable bunch. in and out, in and out... he was never really awesome until one day i don't know when but he was just a lot better with good chaining and attack skills. i think by now we had played together on at least one hk/aussie squad. he has a big personality and i like playing with him when he's around

EuRa wrote:cab is a nice guy and a damn good player, if he played seriously. He has the talent to be on any squad he wants, he just doesn't care as much as others do

Chewbot wrote:The magestic Chewbot can be found in the slums of EG pub arenas, bombing. This psychiatric fugitive is absolutely fearless and regularly instills the fear of God in newbs like Riddler for fun when he has the chance. An EGFL and EGDL champion, Chewbot believes he has both magic and psychic powers. Utilizing his advanced knowledge of space psionics, Chewbot is a force not to be reckoned with. He's been voted as EG's all time best bomber and javelin, for reasons that are clouded in hopeless mystery from an era or even a lifetime, long ago.

heath wrote:starting out as rival squad leaders, chicken became one of my first friends in subspace. chicken is the cutest player to have graced our maps and speaks in unforgettable (and for a time, very influential) character chirps. very fob, pretty shy, laggy and missed. and yes, duh, he owns.

come! wrote:stupid and good on attack with stupid lag!

H0ST wrote:I'm going to comment them [same as for video] altogether because they are without a doubt, the most selfless people I've ever seen, their ability to always carry a pub freq to a win and make random newbs to play like a team always astonishes me. While they may not talk much, when they do people will always listen and brings the selflessness out of every player in freq.

Mitey wrote:I know him for a guy who plays to have fun. Sometimes you see him in a wb refusing to sc in bd, and other times he is doing his best to help a pub win. Remo has been around for a long time, and will usually find a way to let you know fairly quickly.

EuRa wrote:I don't think people realize how long this guy has played EG. Since 1999 at least.

Phildog wrote:Great guy to chat around with. He's fun to play with and is an underrated player.

Bacon wrote:It's fun as hell to play with combo b/c he always mistypes words (Like Jim Carrier) which provide laughs to me and Nunnnez. He is also a really good player. A good attacker that can kill when he needs too. Also a solid anchor.

Delete wrote:Exploits lag well, very good rusher.

King wrote:combo is one of the funniest guys to play with. broken english has been a sign of cuteness in EG ever since dunge'gunz, and this guy is no exception (puerto rican, not japanese though). i remember before EGFL started, everyone was like "why is combo in blood? that guy sucks". no one says that anymore. he has proven himself to be one of the best flaggers in the zone, and i think a lot of people still underrate him. great player that can rush, kill, anchor and cloak. he will only keep on improving his already amazing gameplay, and you'd be a fool not to consider him a great threat.

Ioth wrote:A player who improved alot this year, good as aggresive attacker but also great pushing out home s3-style.

b0w wrote:juan polanco, has always been a beast on attack and still is. makes his attackers better. his gay lag is also annoying.

Lee wrote:among top 3 players in blood this season, extremely hard to play against, laggy, yet effective.

Monke wrote:Lots of raw skill, has just enough lag and knows have to use it on attack or defense. Very good attacker, unsettles defenders, tough to play against. Seems like an asshole if you're not on squad with him, also seems like an asshole if you are on squad with him.

Kuppaaja wrote:You want to hear this guy giggle. It sounds ridiculous, but it's so fun. Known for being unable to write english properly - but he is still what so ever a great attacker.

aYr wrote:Eats a hellavalot, but he'll put it down to his awesome dodging and i wanna play just like him.

Mitey wrote:Hate to admit it, but imho, COMBO is one of eg's best all-around players right now. He can step into any position and play flawlessly for the most part, consistently. Also one of the funnest people to be around, he always has a good joke for someone. Top 3 player, easily.

Azela wrote:I love Combo and he's one of the best rushers (along with Luige). Like King, he is one of my go-to guys for advice and his devastating rush is a challenge for any defense.

come! wrote:i miss when we are in provoke and attack together >< double 'com" own!!!

Brandon wrote:no matter how much u hate this faggot, hes mastered his lag, and is retardly hard to stop when attacking

Jammu wrote:ownage player both on attack and defence, his cloaking can really make a difference. kept clearing home in egfl even though we werent supposed to clear it so nme wouldnt flank us at nme.

omega red wrote:good friend combo, fellow latino. combo can do pretty much do any position and do it well. will make you look silly when playing against him

KEY wrote:no words i think ur the best player in whole eg

joomis wrote:always had great lag, but he never was a really smart player until he joined blood. under king's superior tactical guidance he suddenly became el maestro and is one of the best players in eg at the moment, great to play with. a fun guy too!

netban wrote:I think that his lag combined with the great skill he has now makes him one of the most feared players in EG now.

Monty Python wrote:extremelyy good player, no anchor type but everyone has his personal taste, not to say he cant anchr...anyways: his gameplay has many different colours and im always having fun play against him since he brings a real competition.

Mitey wrote:A very likeable person by all, this guy can step into any position and flat out own. Recently, I saw him MFR, and he just nailed it. He's also known for communicating by making faces and characters =.=

Kace wrote:I have known him since splynter, he is an amazingly awesome person. With his cute faces `=.= and what nots. At one point he was one of eg's finest fronts. And now he will be a firefighter!!! GG come <3

EuRa wrote:I don't hate come, but I'm probably one of the few in EG that don't want him on my freq. Makes too many mental errors to cost us games. He has some talent, sure. He can blindly rush just fine. But if he has to make a quick decision to save a base or save an attack... forget it. He's choked more on my freq than any player I've flagged with in EG history. It might just be coincidence, but I've been playing a long time, so I dunno.

Crazy Imp:
Jammu wrote:never found out who this guy is/was, but he fucking balled like 200mill points that one reset. i mean like how the fuck would anyone consider that fun, its just like playing runescape cept ur score resets after 2 weeks.

Pointwhore wrote:solid swing that I've never seen do a bad performance, although never seen do a #1 either. When I said this in chat he pointed out that he hadn't swinged once this egfl, which makes me wonder where I got that impression from.

Bacon wrote:Solid player.. Always like to have him swinging for me as he kills a lot. He'll kill anywhere you put him so he's a solid option.

Delete wrote:Great rush and exceptional LA'r - have enjoyed playing egfl with crispy this year.

Monke wrote:Very dependable swing as s2 or s3 position, would consider him lower end of top10 swings.

Dizease wrote:This guy is one of the most solid swings i know in squad and in eg. He has an great eye for predicting bombs and has lots of skills as swing. Great guy to talk to as well.

Akbar wrote:Thinks he's better than he is. Is better than you think.

omega red wrote:was a good swing back in fame, seems like hes been shifting towards attacking. always good to see people diversify a bit. talks a lot of shit but all fun and games

blue wrote:This guy is possibly the most gifted in EG. Countless bots and fixes have been created by this guy. He's done more for EG than almost anyone I know of. A lot of his work has been behind closed doors, and he deserves credit for being one of the most valuable people to the zone.

EuRa wrote:I love cycad. One of three EGers I met in real life (Dryst, Cycad, Scelestus). Really cool guy, very smart and level-headed. He really loves EG as much as many people do, but without support and help, got frustrated. I understand his pain. If you ever see him in EG, talk to him. Super cool guy! I would love to get together and play another game of pool, I got better. :)

TIT MAN wrote:ES recruit who has come a long way, reliable anchor and he has improved since he participated in egdl

Brandon wrote:darkphoenixprodigy has really impressed me by his k/d ratio in baseduels usually out killing nearly anybody

Pointwhore wrote:I have always kind of thought of him as a newb, but when thinking about it, I've never actually seen him playing 'newby'. Pretty decent terrier that can anchor if needed, albeit needs someone protecting him from outrushing defenders.

aYr wrote:People just haven't seen him shine, he's prolly one of the most underrated players at the moment.

Pacino wrote:Darren's been a potential top squad starter since exalt v1. Definately a very dangerous and explosive player who has proven that he can play among the top. Along with ayr one of the most improved players exalt has to offer, and probably one of the most underrated players i know.

Ioth wrote:Darren is cool, and definatly fun to play with. He doesn't shine, but attacking with him is somehow very easy. Kind of like, he isn't that great himself, but turns his fellow attackers into champs.

Jammu wrote:for some reason hardly stands out when he plays, saw him on plenty of flanker freqs when i played pub for a reset.

EuRa wrote:darren has the ability to break into the top player status, but his attitude is keeping him away from it. I think he knows his abilities are there, all he needs is a big game to propel himself.

Dazz wrote:Extremely handsome, smart, kind, caring, nice and loveable player. He has the skill of 1000 players, capable of doing every single position flawlessly. As we (Extreme games audience) have recognized his skill multiple times. The very leader of Mutiny, Exalt, Space Pilots and the most respected squad out of all, Dazz Gang. What he plans to do next, nobody knows as he is one step ahead everyone else.

zig wrote:fucking blatte and gay.. all said

TIT MAN wrote:i really dont know this guy personally but hes always referring to himself in 3rd person, quite entertaining actually

omega red wrote:full of himself. for good reason at least. dont know what happened to him this year. guess his title run was cut short by his rape spree across europe. back in mutiny would rip attacks to shreds.

moss wrote:real name: remsu. currently shacked up with a man-friend in spain. I miss him

moggy wrote:most missed player 2010

Jammu wrote:funny guy, logged on during our prac before egfl finals or semi's, after like 5 mins "oh u guys have a game today?"

EuRa wrote:Hard guy to kill. I'm happy he hasn't played in many years. When he got flags, I pretty much never chased him until I had to.

Phildog wrote:My IRL cousin that also taught me how to play, cool guy to hang out with... too bad he sucks at snowboarding lolz.

Delete wrote:Lacks experience but brings energy and raw talent particularly to attack. Housemate related lag has also been an issue. Top player potential.

Pointwhore wrote:He's getting better and better, really solid in bd but not as prominent in normal flagging. If he keeps playing maybe he will be.

Bacon wrote:rofl. Ego filled newbie who shouldnt even be on tp. I don't think this guy could play on any of the top tier squads. Im biased as i don't like him, but i really dont see the potential in him.

King wrote:delete suddenly appeared in the zone, and i remember him getting into loads of fight because of his big mouth. he has raw potential, but the lack of experience is obvious. with time he can become a solid player.

Ioth wrote:Good not great.

Lee wrote:has some emotional issues and his egdl season was way better then egfl, mainly due to lag, still looking for best position in game, but he is great on a good day.

Monke wrote:Verbose, pompous douchbag on forums, nice guy in game. Playing skills average but learning.

Pacino wrote:Another player whos uprise ive totally missed. Great swing whos able to play against the top of the zone easily. Is yet to develop his skills further to be able to really dominate in top squadmatches, but i have a feeling his time is coming very soon.

Jammu wrote:talks a lot of trash but can play pretty well too.

Monty Python wrote:actually a nice person. great swing and overall old veteran and player.

Mitey wrote:Demo does 2 things quite well: passively swing, and talk shit.

anne wrote:Denk, you are a great player and very kind also.

Ioth wrote:God I have a grudge on this guy ever since Blueshield times haha. Often poses like a not-so-smart guy to me, but I have no particular things i dislike about him. Seemed rusty ingame though and was probably better of specleading for imp.

Jammu wrote:props for hosting egfl and leading a squad for it again, even though it did fail for some reason.

EuRa wrote:I'll always respect denk for leaving RB making Imp. That alone was the ballsiest move in EG history. Good leader, great player. He gets shit on more than he deserves.

Mitey wrote:A good swing, but probably at his best attacking aggressively, dgk is super fun to play with and consistently plays very well when active. Loves ducks and making QUACKING sounds

Jammu wrote:never found out who this guy was, came out of nowhere into logs squad.

Mitey wrote:Honestly, one of the most talented players in the zone. For some reason, he doesn't get the recognition he deserves, maybe because he can annoy some people with his continuous jokes. His strongest point is anchoring any position, but I've also seen him completely destroy top players swinging, so it's hard to say what he's best at. On a freq full of great anchors, attack would probably help whatever freq he was on the most due to his great ship control, and lag. Also, has such a huge foreskin he routinely uses it as an umbrella when raining...

StevoSupremo wrote:Very active, in my opinion he is the best terrier anchor in baseduel. dodge skills are impressive. sets up his bomblines quickly. needs to use mines more often

Nath wrote:I have played closely with Diz for years now and he can anchor and rush with the best of them. Not one of these 'solid' anchors that have no brains.

heath wrote:one of the most immature jerks hanging about. terribly annoying internet humour. skills, lots of them.

Bacon wrote:One of the best baseduelers in this zone. An amazing anch and a beast rusher. He might have lag, but he also has the dodging and aiming ability to own any position. Im scared every time i play him b/c his bombs come flying at u so fast with perfect aim, its so hard to dodge it. Downside - Buys new fleshlights every day.

Azela wrote:Diz is a very good terr anchor, up there with Jugulate, Iammute, Smiling and all the other top anchors. Diz is another strong all-rounder but he is incredibly over rated by many people. Most of his wins come when playing on stacked freqs, when he's playing a team of equal strength, he often comes unstuck. There's no doubt about it though, he's a very strong basedueler.

Kuppaaja wrote:Crazy terrier rusher. Makes awesome la's - is also a solid anchor when needed. One of the best baseduelers.

BOMBED wrote:best basedueler, great anchor, great rusher and can swing and has awesome lag attach. one of the players who can fill any position and do it better then 90% of the eg population. really cool guy and funny, plus turt also seems to really like him. he can also do magic tricks with his disgusting foreskin.

Jammu wrote:funny guy that is obsessed with foreskins, can be an ownage anchor atleast in baseduel, staying alive and killing lots. has annoying lag if he rushes.

EuRa wrote:Under-rated.

Phildog wrote:This is a guy that has good lag and good all around talent as well. He's among the best baseduelers IMO.

Mitey wrote:This guy is definitely one of those lesser known, but talented players. He's got a lot of talent, but can be very annoying to have on a freq and does not know when to keep quiet. Also, can get bored with a position fairly fast which makes him somewhat unreliable at times, but overall, a decent mfr when he's motivated, and a better passive attacker who has some very late la's.

Ioth wrote:Dollmaker is a weird guy. Sometimes he is the hero on a pubfreq, anchorring, rushing, anything to make a freq win, and doing it very fine. On other days, he is just complete garbage. He's a funny guy though, good to chat to.

EuRa wrote:Coming around. Needs more practice. Almost there.

Pointwhore wrote:A lot like luige, wherever he is, a lot of people die, although feels a little less dangerous imo.

Bacon wrote:Wow, killing machine. A little inactive as it seems, but when he plays, he is going to kill a lot.

King wrote:apparently a good killer. cried on vent after mutiny won egfl.

Monke wrote:IMO very under-rated swing, played with him for EGDL and he outperformed more highly rated defenders. Probably one of the reasons for mutiny's over-achieving. When he's on his game, top notch. Nice quiet guy too.

Jammu wrote:would be ownage if he played more, good basefighter. still remember mut days when he cried on vent after we won.

EuRa wrote:Good player, but his skills have declined since his shining moment on Mutiny when they won EGFL.

TheCript wrote:good kid from rs... alrdy owns most of eg

netban wrote:dtiss was always a pretty good player but recently it seems like he turned the corner and has become a really great player. Swinging or attacking he seems to always do his part and more.

come! wrote:i hope ppl still remember him >< he is the best front in eg forever !!!he is top fronter in blood~~ and make me try to front after i spec @ him~

[quote="EuRa]Best fronter in EG history. I'm happy he's gone so I don't have to face him.[/quote]
Phildog wrote:When he played, I wouldn't hesitate to call him one of the top 5 players in EG.

moggy wrote:brother of my idol, coolest member of the Wong family

Jammu wrote:the dick of blood squad, always plays against in events and such

King wrote:i love ele. once was known as a great enemy anchor, but i think he's probably one of the very best when it comes to rushing in great numbers. it's not unusual to see ele get both most kills and most deaths in games. he's a really nice guy as well, towards noobies and vets alike. the most fun part about element_sun is that he can get really angry, but he gets angry at himself.

aYr wrote:Snorlax is one of those beasts, he seems to always get his kill when he rushes no matter where i'm positioned.

moggy wrote:one of my 2 favorite people to play with

Pacino wrote:I expected more great reviews on this guy! Great on either pure attack or flex, definately a gamechanger on whatever position he plays. I really love how ele plays because it somewhat reminds me of how i tend to play. Excellent terrier rusher with great aim, awesome lagattaches and overall a very explosive style of playing. To my taste one of the best attackers in the zone this egfl season.

Jammu wrote:nice guy and an ownage attacker. gets frustrated sometimes.

EuRa wrote:Very few people can join a freq and completely change it's chances in a flagging game like element sun. Not only that, he's one of the coolest people in the zone.

joomis wrote:he's pretty inactive i think, but one of the best attackers in the zone. he's also rather funny sometimes. good at making promotional videos.

Karth wrote:So very retired right now; this christian dude is seen from time to time online. God Speed Ben!

TheCript wrote:Cool guy from rs, been in ss for ages now always whoops ass

omega red wrote:can play good some times. some games looked like he was out of it, probably due to low activity

Fat Mouse:
b0w wrote:Havn't played much with him, but he has certainly developed alot since his rs days. Not sure what his role is, but i was surprised he got invited to imp.

Mitey wrote:Very good attacker. Quiet player as well. Also a decent swing, but where he really shines is on attack where he seems to eat a lot more than the common player. He also seems to be a fairly nice guy, so he's a good addition to just about any freq.

Pointwhore wrote:When he was first invited to imp I was wondering wth denk was smoking, adding some random newbie. However, this guy is awesome on larger attacks. Maybe not the best in 1 on 1, but somehow often manage to keep the attack going forwards as a3/a4

aYr wrote:Has some really crazy lag that lets him eat more than most laggers after he la's, makes him a huge pest to finish.

Jammu wrote:didnt know he existed before i saw him on imp, played surprisingly well for them too.

bear wrote:My favorite player in eg <3. We always have fun playing together and jokin around. He is vastly underrated and has a lot of potential if he plays serious.

H0ST wrote:A killing machine, someone who always give me a peace of mind that home will be fine on every match while we're attacking.

Mitey wrote:Can hang with the best swings in the zone. I enjoy swinging with this guy as much as with anyone.

moggy wrote:a lot like thanatos

EuRa wrote:Not much said about fc? Wow, you're all douches. Fc was THE BEST all-around player ever to play the game. Yeah I said it. He was the best leader. He was the best motivator. He was one of the best pilots. He made training maps and articles, which even to this day are still top-notch. IMO, fc is the single most-important player ever to play EG.
Mitey wrote:Only time I've seen FC really try, he does well, but he doesn't take gameplay too seriously anymore. Unfortunately, he became known as a tyranical mod which I don't think is true at all. Has good intentions for the zone.
By Toretto
Minister wrote:The most dedicated and active Javelin in subspace, run into him and you'll have to fight for your life.

anne wrote:Guap, I miss you and miss talking to you cause you were an awesome player but very inactive now.

Pointwhore wrote:guns is a pretty gay player, but in a good way. If he played more he'd be even more gay to face.

Bacon wrote:Doesn't play as much but still a dangerous guy to play against.

Delete wrote:Has been disappointing as enemy anc but is nonetheless still one of the EG greatest, even when off form. Brilliant on attack/good ship diversity.

King wrote:gunslinger is one of those players that either makes a big impact or none at all. he plays old-school, but hasn't been active enough lately for us to really see his full potential.

Ioth wrote:I don't really like this guy, whenever I'm captain in a pickup, I add him, he afk's, I !afk him, he !na, but stays in safe doing nothing until after 3 !afk's. Other then that he was the guy who made me lose home in last year's semi's, so I guess he got something for him.

Lee wrote:born to be a leader, yet has no time for it, surprised me both negatively and positively during egfl. often refused to do what was told and was playing pretty egoistically, yet other times had his moments in games.

Monke wrote:Don't think he tries anymore. Decent organiser and squadleader when he's active and cares but these times are few and far between. Was awesome rusher years ago on blood.

Mitey wrote:A solid anchor who sometimes plays very risky, however, a lot of times it pays off in big ways. Talented aiming, and even better dodging make him very dangerous on a flank or pushing a small attack by anchoring. Can get upset and frustrated fairly easy sometimes though.

anne wrote:Gunslinger, I hope you get to make Fame even more alive again, so we can play squadmatches and all. I'm still very sorry that I had went inactive last year with egfl, but I am glad that I got to join Fame again. I think you make a great squadleader, and you are also a kind person.

heath wrote:egotistical mean little man. his skill is spoken for.

Jammu wrote:perhaps the most annoying person to anchor against in baseduel, he knows how to dodge and for some reason has lag that makes his dodges CONSTANTLY look like eats. often not very active during leagues and doesnt get to shine that much in them.

omega red wrote:one of the top talents in eg in his prime. was the first leader to give me some real play time and i will love him forever for that! when he cares, can lead a squad far into egfl. when he doesnt they just linger around aimlessly. can pretty much do it all when it comes to positions

EuRa wrote:His skills have faded, but he still flashes how awesome he is from time to time.

Mitey wrote:A lot of times I hear people asking "who's H0ST?" Well, this guy is from singapore and has insane lag. Along with that, he is a very smart player who can attack with the best of them easily. A relative unknown, his all-around skills are still evolving, but as an aggressive attacker, he can help any freq push quickly. Also, a very nice guy who at the same time is very competetive with the game and is passionate about winning!

Ioth wrote:Another laggy player. He spends alot of time in baseduel, but skillwise he isn't as bad as alot of laggers. Knows how to use his lag on attack, and is a pretty decent anchor aswell.

Jammu wrote:laggy guy that helped out tper lots in egfl. in pub he is always buying prox so he can milk till death.

TIT MAN wrote:was ES for a bit as a recruit then went to tp, he has really developed his anchoring game, a solid rusher with nice lag

Bacon wrote:Fun guy to play against. He's a really good attacker as he tanks everything and still manages to own :D. Chill guy to talk to and has a good sense of humor. Always brings competition.

Delete wrote:Sick+creative player, brings huge energy to attack.

King wrote:h4b, hands down one of the greatest attackers in the zone. this guy is extremely skilled and will decimate any defence, and is just an all-around fun guy. on the outside, at least, seems like a humble guy, which is a rare trait in eg. one of exalt's absolute best players.

Ioth wrote:Kivimetsän the plow-machine, lagging fuck who's also good at killing.

fletch wrote:Most fun guy to play with. You just can't suck with him. When you rush into enemy, and think "oh fuck why didn't anyone catch that la", H4B's wb appears.

Lee wrote:dangerous and laggy attacker

Monke wrote:Good cloaker and all-rounder with that cheat-lag you can't pin down. Very active, backbone of squad type.

Kuppaaja wrote:One of the best attackers in EG. And of the best players to attack with as well. He is good in 1v1 situations and in full attack. One of the best cloakers around as well. He will make super late la's and crush your defense.

aYr wrote:Bursting with so much skill, and the reason we won vs blood with his premo setup!

Pacino wrote:Well well well, the dirty scum fin himself. Nah all kidding aside..H4B is rightfully considered one of the best attackers in the zone. As everyone knows he has great lag, but seems to have evolved so much that he barely relies on his lag though still takes a 100% advantage of it. Very good rusher with unpredictable outbursts that always shock the defence opposing him.

Jammu wrote:one of my old finn buddies, a really good attacker. for some reason he decided he needed to force in egfl finals.

TIT MAN wrote:sick nasty rusher/cloaker, he can aim like no other

omega red wrote:one of the best attackers in the game. ever since his days on mutiny hes been playing at a top level and shows no signs of slowing down. this year i saw him cloaking more often, which was very deadly

Happy Cat:
Pointwhore wrote:Good spider anchor, especially with flags, as he tends to get hit quite often. Never really thought of him as a good defender or attacker though.

Ioth wrote:I always hate seeing him on other freqs, especially when he got some flags.

Jammu wrote:good nme anchor or double anchor, also spec helped alot for blood.

omega red wrote:lagger, good attacker. can run his mouth some times, probably in the competitiveness of it all but nevertheless a sick lag attacher. its fun cruising through bases with this guy

joomis wrote:very underrated in my opinion. a solid anchor and swing. a good guy to have in chat.

heath wrote:i used to play like luige but better. if you don't believe me you can fuck off. if you don't remember, youre in denial. or were too shit to play and be observant at the same time. but ok ill admit these days i can only play aggressively and i'm [as king puts it] binary.

Pointwhore wrote:Very laggy aussie that gives of vibes of smoking waay to much pot. Underrated attacker. I remember how surprised I was when me and him had no trouble pushing dazz and zeker in some EGDL game earlier this year.

Dizease wrote:First person to actually take me into a squad... apothy i think it was called. Probably wanted me because i lagged or something cause i sucked hardcore when i first started just frayed and died. Great guy to talk to sometimes but gets emo pretty fast, great person to attack with because of his amazing lag and insane lag attaches.

moggy wrote:not awesome but definitely underrated, he would undeniably be elite right now if he was not a crazie. the best looking player in subspace

Mitey wrote:Can be a very good player depending on the mood he's in, he is an attack oriented player with great lag. He can be moody at times which makes him somewhat of a wild card. A thoughtful person, he's always ready with a witty comment or something insightful.

Ioth wrote:Fun guy, lags like fuck.

Kace wrote:Personally before my tour with ES. I thought heath was a rusty annoying fucker. But after joining ES, he proved me wrong. Heath was a genuine force on attack. He is helpful to his squad in ways of teaching and assisting those who know less. After being in ES with heath I realized I didnt judge him accurately at all. He is a nice guy, fun to play with. GG Heath and lots of luck to you and the future squad you join.

moss & Delete wrote:wears bright tiedye and lipstick <cringe>

KEY wrote:my weird ass kid hahaha ur so cool and so laggy haha really good attacker and i think he would be a verry good squadleader so make 1 bitch !

EuRa wrote:Heath used to be a douchebag to me. Me and...ffff.... what was his name. Anyway, me and someone else got him onto OurFreedom, and we won that entire league. I was always pushing to get heath to play and start, etc, and heath was on my cock and balls that entire time. So when I made Symbolic right after, I thought he would surely follow suit and join. Nope. He hung me out to dry. I forgave him over time, but it still bugs me that I went out of my way to get him onto a team to play in EGFL, then help him win it all, only to be "dumped" afterward.

Iammute wrote:Has really become an awesome rusher this year, and has always been a solid anchor. Might be the most underrated player in all of eg. Very nice guy.

proz wrote:great solid mfr, and a great guy overall.

Ioth wrote:Herbz doesn't seem to have a very good reputation in EG, but I definatly liked this guy. Being one of my low-vp's on Russian Roulette, and evolved from there. Was the soul of smooth op, anchorring the home fort without choking.

TIT MAN wrote:crazy lag, i know every1 hates him on vulva for his aliasing scandal, but hes a nice player and a good anc

Pointwhore wrote:Really nice guy that never is mean to anyone. Best flagged lanc in the game, but can give away ground a little bit too easy at times.

Bacon wrote:Very nice, respectable player and also 1 of the best fr's in the game. I do agree that he can play it a bit safe at sometimes. But he is a reliable anchor that helped Imp this season.

King wrote:i'll be brutally honest, hydrogen does not impress me. they say he's a great leader, i can't comment on that since i've never been on the same squad as him. flagging-wise, i think he lacks the micromanagement and that "in-your-face"-attitude that separate the great players from the alright players. no doubt he plays a decent FR that doesn't choke much, which is rare in EG today, but i personally would expect more from my FR than i've seen from him. very nice and humble guy though, seems to be one of the nicest players in EG.

Ioth wrote:This guy managed to impress me alot this year, after having trouble in EGDL switching to FFR, he changed to terrier FFR, and did it with style.

Lee wrote:nice person and good anchor, probably will never be best in anything, yet is a great asset to any squad he is on.

Monke wrote:A few years ago one of the undisputed best fronts but as the game changed from fr+front he suffered a bit. Isn't active enough to keep his skills in tune but still dependable. Really nice guy, good asset to have on squad and when he cares you get 100% dedication (playing 18 hours solid as front/fr in mut vs imp game is superhuman).

Akbar wrote:Hydro is the coolest guy ever. Back when I used to mobile FR (when we had mfrs), hydro was always my favorite front because he could be aggressive so I didn't have to be. Has excellent swing management skills though I agree that he doesn't really have an "edge" when it comes to anchoring. Will usually chat with you in PMs while fronting.

Jammu wrote:not so active this year, but proved he can also be a good anchor in a terrier.

omega red wrote:every time you show up out of inactivity you always play at a high level. fr has always been your forte and this year once again you have proven your still one of the best

EuRa wrote:Great player. I traded for him this past EGDL and I was happy I did, but I really never figured out how to use him properly in the game. I think he can do anything you ask though, and I would gladly flag with him again if I had the chance.

Iammute wrote:I have random mood swings and basically play a different style and skill level every game. I really am totally useless on freqs at times.. other times I can do well. :S

heath wrote:potential potential potential.

Mitey wrote:Here's a guy with loads of talent, and probably the second best basedueler next to Dizease. Iammute is still learning the flagging world, but in a short amount of time has gone from relative unknown, to known for his amazing ability to stay alive with bombs flying everywhere while still killing quite a bit. His best position is anchoring home, but he gets bored doing this a lot of times, and ends up being a decent passive attacker a lot of the time.

StevoSupremo wrote:old squadmate of mine. good fella, took the time to teach me many bomblines. sets up his bomblines very quickly and in my opinion is one of the best baseduelers. seems to get bored or.....distracted pretty easily

Azela wrote:Probably can't stand me but I love him and his cute mood swings. On form, he's simply the best anchor in the game and his Lanc control is incredible. He often kami rushes now because when people expect performances from him, he tends to choke.

Kuppaaja wrote:This guy is just a bot when it comes to hitting bomblines. Seems like he can't miss them even if he tries to miss them! Is known to be able to get most kills while anchoring in baseduel very easily.

proz wrote:prob the most underrated anchor i've known, he could prob be the best nme or home anchor in any squad in the future.

Ioth wrote:I like him, he's not so good at rushing, but he's the best terrier anchor after jammu, on the condition he can be bothered to try, which isn't often.

Jammu wrote:one of the few people that can actually outkill me when anchoring in bd, sometimes he has real trouble staying alive though. maybe one time he will be a great flagger too.

TIT MAN wrote:when he tries omg watch out, rushes randomly sometimes but has to be like top 5 anchors in the zone fo sho

moss wrote:very weird, but proof that basedueling 24/7 can actually produce a solid anchor

Ioth wrote:Esc + 7 is what I do most, unfortunatly. I feel that thanks to sent I'm getting better a other positions aswell though. And since I can't quit this game anyways I might aswell try to specialize in something else... :P

Pointwhore wrote:Awesome both in game and as a person. You can't be angry with this guy. Best anchor last year, have had lag troubles this year, and been choking a bit. Wonder if he can play at last years level during the egfl finals?

Bacon wrote:One of my favorite guys in ss. Always fun to play with or against. good sense of humor and a real nice guy. Although I haven't seen him fr much this year (last time, he choked base to us in pickup). Lets see if he brings his A game for finals.

Delete wrote:Obviously one of the best FRs - but has shown promise as a swing, good positional player and knows all the shots.

King wrote:ioth is exceptional, his lanc FR is undisputed, no one even comes close. on top of that, he's a really fun/nice guy, and i think people often forget that he can do more than just FR. he is solid in any area of the game (apart from maybe rushing, but i only say that cuz i've never seen him rush).

Fletch wrote:The love of my life, thinks Im a total dick but still wants me to have his babies. The nicest guy ever, if I was a girl I'd prolly fall in love. Won't bother talking about his skills, everyone knows that.

Monke wrote:IMO slightly overrated. Good front/fr but there are as good around. Decent attacker using cloak and killing. Seems vaguely annoying as a person.

Kuppaaja wrote:You sure want to get this guy to mfr for your team. He doesn't choke and he does a lot those small things as mfr that gives his team advantage at enemy. He often is laggy as well, he gets specced often because of spc. Never seen it happen during matches though.

aYr wrote:Everyone knows ioth as the best ffr around, but there's so much more to him, he really is one of the nicest guys in this game, and been the soul reason i joined the squads i did, yes that does make me his lapdog, but ioth is one of the most skilled players in this game and could play any position required, easily one eg's #1 just goes unnoticed cause he auto-ffr whenever he's on freq.

Pacino wrote:Wow pieoth. I consider this guy the most valuable starter in our lineup.(Probably cause of my exalt v1 home lost @ 10% traumas caused by bad fr's :p) Great dodging capability , awesome sense of dangerous situations wich he can singlehandedly avoid, racks up massive kills in a lanc wich i think no one else in the entire zone can even do like he does and best of all he can do even more than just be an invincible FFR-er
I think ioth is still very underrated as a rusher on either defence or attack, probably cause he barely gets to play those positions. Understandable though, no squad would want to give up a FR anchor like him. When ioth is holding the home fort you feel at ease when your not at home yourself, trusting him to never let the enemys breach the massive wall that is Ioth.

Johnson wrote:One of my closest friends in EG. Its unbelievable how much his squad depend on him been there for games to play front anchor. Amzingly trustworthy guy to talk with and to trust him with your flaggies is a good idea as he hardly ever chokes bases (except for lag out!)

Brandon wrote:good anchor, everytime i enter pub and hes anchor, hes always got a high bty beside his nam

H0ST wrote:A player I look up to in the zone and I will always spec him when he's playing. I don't know how he do it, lanc-ing takes a lot out of you and requires more focus and he seems to be able to do it all day long. I will always say Hi to when I see him. Love teaming with him in bd because all of us will just lag attach through and won't bother killing and just abandon him with 3-4 enemy and he'll always be fine.

Jammu wrote:a really reliable and good lanc anchor, seems to get a bit unlucky with his lag at times.

omega red wrote:everyone knows hes a good front. most out of his squad might not know his knowledge of the game. he studies players and knows their strong points. very smart player and a nice fellow. certainly does his home work.

KEY wrote:Nicest player in eg and owns the fr for u. always having fun with u haha cool kid

Karth wrote:My oldest buddy on EG. Knew him from EverForce, him, scan and Elshorty were the best dudes to know in all of EG. As an anchor, he has been amazing. The best part is his personality which is never absurd to the point of ridicule. Totally stellar dude, hope he enjoys his new apartment!

EuRa wrote:We all know about his FR/Fronting abilities, but people doubt he's anything more than that. Ioth can attack and defend really well, but never gets the chance to shine in those departments. I think he's a GREAT defender, because he knows exactly what a fronter wants in a defender and does it every game. But he never gets the chance to shine.

joomis wrote:best front since e00z. never disses anyone.

netban wrote:I love Ioth. I remember a few years back in EGDL we played on BLACK's team (lol). Anyway, that was a failure egdl team but every game he fronted and I MFR'd. We became pretty good friends then, mostly with him laughing at me for dying every game while greening up. Besides that, he gives our squad peace of mind whenever he is home anchoring. If I'm at nme I honestly just forget about home because I always knew Ioth had everything under control. People don't realize that Ioth is a great basefighter because he doesn't get to do it that often. Too bad he's the only one of us who got awesome after those dark days in DYNO-MITE :)

Jammu wrote:i tend to get a bit egotistical at times, but try to be nice to ppl in general. in the end i do feel that my ego is atleast partly justified, as im considered the best terrier anchor not only by myself but by the majority of eg (atleast according to this thread). i find it funny to watch other people anchoring.

Pointwhore wrote:Even though he has not played that much this season, he is still #1 terr anchor in this game in my book and the only player I would sub myself out for without thinking about it, should I be anchoring. Seems to always be able to look out for the long shots, whereas I have to refocus at doing it every once in a while.

Bacon wrote:Hands down, imo, the best anchor in this game. With or without flags, it is rare to see a jammu choke. He can do it all. Has the best aim I have seen and the best dodging ability. I am amazed at how good jammu is.

Delete wrote:A talented and experienced anchor who - unlike others - makes good positional+strategic calls.

King wrote:another undisputed player, this is hands down the best terrier anchor in EG today. usually watching anchors play is boring, but watching jammu play makes you go 'wow!'. perhaps the only really solid enemy anchor without flags in EG right now. every squad drools over jammu, i'm glad he is in blood.

Ioth wrote:Best terrier anchor in EG, no one comes close, enough said.

Lee wrote:great terrier skills, one of the best anchors around

Monke wrote:Easily the best terr anchor around. Not only does he always perform but he's always improving his skills trying out new bls in secret all the time. The rock of a defense only let down by his sister jacking the connection making him lag out. Nice guy too.

Kuppaaja wrote:He maybe is not on the same skill level as last year (this according to what he said himself), but I still think he is the one of the most trustworthy anchors around. You better not let this guy anchor with flags or there's absolutely no chance of killing him, even without flags he is super good. Best terrier pilot around.

aYr wrote:I swear jammu can read minds, he always knows where im gonna be, and usually before i even do, and with that terrier aim and he makes damn good use of it.

Brandon wrote:impressed me with anchoring and i can see him mvp'n in future egfl's

omega red wrote:reliable anchor, this year saw jammu anchoring attacks more than his usual fr position.

moss wrote:best terr fr, hands down. Huge advantage whenever he plays.

joomis wrote:has a bit of an ego but then again he's the best anchor in the zone.

anne wrote:You are one of the funnest! I still own you in that game mr shoe made, connect 4!

omega red wrote:always fun to play with and a nice fellow. on imp i saw jeff in a new light, seems the change of scenery brought out the best in him.

Johnson wrote:Well, I truly have to admit I am not the most skilled player ever, no where near, I try hard when I want to tho. I have been told I am a smart player, which I wish to agree with, I'd say I know what to do and when to do things in game, but I'm just pretty shabby at implementing them during the game! Oh, and I hate racing. Fuck racing.

Darren wrote:His biggest flaw is that he sometimes tries too hard, either as a Head Ref or a player and can sometimes find it difficult to juggle the two. When he does find the balance however, he is a cool guy and a solid, underrated player with bundles of room for improvement.

KEY wrote:MY * like 80% of eg hates u the other 20% is my love for u ur the best <3 u man

EuRa wrote:Annoying kiss-ass who got power hungry. No idea about anything else.

Ioth wrote:Head ref for last EGFL and EGDL, gets alot of shit but is actually a very friendly guy. And he puts alot of time in EG. In my opinion people are kind of ingrateful towards him. Been squaddies with him before, give alot of effort in playing if he isn't to busy with mod/leaguehosting tasks. Johnson will probably stick around EG since he can't quit like me, but his presence will be more oriented on him making EG a better place instead of him becoming a top player.

cAB wrote:one of the best people in the zone :). with his lethal combo of lag and skills, his contribution to any small or big attack is noticably significant because he will always be there for the late LA, breaking through defenses! rising to elite squads this year despite flying under the radar in mid tier for a long time, josh has finally reached stardom and always has been number one at everything he does in my books!!!!

omega red wrote:haha love jt, one of my favorite players. always kicked ass on fame, played for arbo this year and im sure it was the same story no doubt.

Dizease wrote:Great to play with on squad and in games, always can rely on this guy to take control of anchor and be solid.

Mitey wrote:Has anyone ever watched the KILLER bomblines he does? He's seriously one of the best complex bombliners and MFR's out there, although his normal position is NME Anchor. He's also a good bd'er who although is fairly quiet on chat, when he does talk he either has something intelligent to offer, or a gem of a joke. Ran a 6:37 mile pace for 13 miles in vibram five fingers; fucker. Much <3 to jug.

Ioth wrote:Good anchor when he tries, his additude doesn't seem so good though. Kind of a selfish player.

Jammu wrote:can be a rather good an reliable anchor, sometimes seems to think he could do any spot better then anyone else and gets frustrated of people sucking.

EuRa wrote:Jugsy is a great player, but he shouldn't ever front again. His enemy anchoring is GREAT if he has a swing to protect him more often. He is also a leet attacker. Love this dude.

Phildog wrote:Good all around player. I told Deep-freeZe that this guy is one of the best anchors in EG.

Riddler wrote:julia was hands-down the best female dueler in the zone up to and around the time intake was a dueling squad, then she decided to go inactive and is now married and i can never have her. thus i am sad.

moggy wrote:a sweet piece of ass

Karth wrote:I have no idea what to do with this girl being in my egbddl squad. But she shows up to every match so far, which is nice. Seems to have her head screwed on right

poem ZX wrote:Juls owns, hes so devoted to his squad, I rarely even see him in pickups anymore because hes usually in pub helping his squaddies win a pub game. Great skills, all around. Love him too :D

Brandon wrote:[Same as for Mini] strongest leaders imo, never thought about dissolving their low tier squads but makin it larger, seems as losing doesnt affect their momentum

Ioth wrote:God i love juls. Amazing player, knows every position, and a teammentality. He's been leading vicious for the past year together with his brother mini, and it's definatly one of my favourite squads. They never give up, despite the fact that they may not be that good. Also when juls is around you just see vicious being twice as strong.

EuRa wrote:Good player, awesome guy. Surprised he never made the "top player" list.

AnnoyingAssassin wrote:Juls is a very active squadleader who always puts his squad before everything whether it be baseduel, pub or egfl. He's always ready to just drop everything to help a squadmember. 8) Best squadleader imo.

Mitey wrote:I haven't known kace for too long, but what strikes me about him is his positive attitude about the game. He's also a well rounded, solid player who can fill any position, but apart from good passive attacking, nothing really stands out for me. Second most religious person in EG, imo

come! wrote:my favourite fr anchor when i am front~great on anchor skill~

heath wrote:give him 2-3 months to work off his rust and he'll surprise you. despite the usual work-related inactivity spree, kace can still fill any position better than the average joe. kace has good ping and racks up quite a few kills on both attack or defence. his fingers are fast, his la is late for what he's working with and he can anchor well. he is a team-player and brings positive energy and good decision making to the game.

TIT MAN wrote:i knew kace from rushing which was awesome times, kace really helped me get my fundamentals down and was a very relaxed squad leader. always fun playing with him

omega red wrote:good swing when given the chance. its unfortunate our frs couldnt stay alive without a lanc at all times. came down to kace having to lanc most of the time. could have been more effective as a swing but it was a necessity.

KEY wrote:bastard . but helpfull GREAT swing he didnt even know he could swing like that keep swinging u rock

Rogi wrote:Was recruited by KACE to join Rushing. Kace is an excellent leader and was able to keep a great core of pilots together through all the ups and downs of Rushing. I learned a lot about flying and the different positions from him. He always pushed the squad to do better, and those that wanted to do, kept improving. Thanks for everything KACE.

EuRa wrote:Man, where did kace ever go?

netban wrote:Besides being one of the nicest and coolest dudes in the zone, kace is an explosive player who is known to be able to fill really any position at a top level. Glad we were able to pick this guy up, he has been an absolute pleasure to play with.

Monty Python wrote:a nice and warm person. has been active and inactive alot ever since we know each other for the past..5 years? im not sure..however: kace can be an great at almost everything and all the knowledge he achieved over things like ref., trainer, and council comes back in his overall understanding of his gameplay.

Kace wrote:Great on attack, funny as hell. Pretty solid MFR. Love him yelling on TS.
heath wrote:miserably underrated fr anchor. he is easily up there with the very best. actually key is my pick for 2009 best mfr. not as good on nme anch, funnily enough, but he can fill attack or aggressive swing with a wham bam wham . . bit of a character too.
poem ZX wrote:KEY is very underrated as an MFR, I love him though he can be a fag at times. He stuck with ES through the good and the bad.
Jammu wrote:has potential to become a great anchor and perhaps rusher too, some day.
TIT MAN wrote:one of the nicest players in EG, great all around player, sucks at mw2 haha
By Toretto
King wrote:talking about yourself is always weird. while i may talk a lot of shit and act like king of the hill, the truth is i'm far from as good as i used to be (a source of great frustration for me), and many, many players have surpassed me in skill. there are better players than me in every position, but i am one of those who can play in any position and still perform well. my greatest strengths are experience and understanding gameplay, which are attributes not to be underestimated. although i still consider myself overrated in most of EGs eyes.

Pointwhore wrote:He has won a dozen 'best of blabla' categories over the years, and even though he's maybe not as dominant as he was in his prime, he is still one of the best ones around. Would put him everywhere, but in a lanc. Think he's one of the best attackers in EG, especially as he can push without giving his anchor up to the wolves.

Bacon wrote:He is my Cowboy and Slytherin brother. Great leader, great player. He is a dangerous attacker, proved he could nme anch and fr if needed. Just an all around player that all squads would love to have.

Delete wrote:Pretty much faultless - strikes fear in swings+ancs.

Ioth wrote:Sucks at playing with a broken keyboard, but owns at playing with a good keyboard. Great leader and knows all the positions, except maybe home anchor, since I've never seen him play it.

Lee wrote:another born to be a leader guy, good in every position, very dedicated when he really wants something.

Kuppaaja wrote:Great freq-/squadleader. He will yell at you if you don't play like he wants or if you don't listen to orders. You will most likely see 5 lines of spam "I DIDN'T CALL YOU IDIOTS TO ATTACH TO ME, DID I??" if you accidently attach to him when it's not a good idea. He is able to fill any position really, but I like him most when it comes to attacking/flank holding/flanking. Is one of the greatest attackers still if you ask me. He is also pretty easy-going guy and a great guy to chat with, but when it comes to real games it's serious business of course.

aYr wrote:King is easily the most annoying players in this game, the way he infuriates me when im up against him is unbelievable, his skills are inhuman and i wanna play just like him, oh yeah and hes great squadleader blah blah blah.

moggy wrote:one of the best all around players in the zone

Mitey wrote:A very smart player, one of King's main strengths is that he's an all-around great player. He's versatile and does just about everything very well. Also a good leader due to his jovial nature, he can sometimes come across as arrogant and condescending, although, he may just be one of the few players who've earned having that over-the-top self appreciation due to his accolades.

Azela wrote:King is incredibly skilful and also has killer lag (for me), which is a dangerous combo. I often go to King for advice to help with the tactical side of my (flagging) game. King is one of those solid all-rounders who isn't just good at every position, he's great at every position.

Pacino wrote:Exceptionally good player right here. I think any top squad in the zone would be greatful to have king on their roster. Excellent flank swing, attacker, flex swing or (fl)anchor. He can simply do it all.

come! wrote:nice and leet leader ~great attack and anchor skill :D and who teach me a lot in blood~

BOMBED wrote:A 100% solid player and 100% solid leader, can fill any position and do them exceptionally well. Lead blood to a egfl victory while managing to do good in the matches himself. A truly great player with some pretty unique hair.

Jammu wrote:always wanted to be on a squad with him, and when he restarted blood i was all for it. showed he can be a really good ingame leader and a nice guy. played more or less every single position in egfl, and only sucked as nme anchor sometimes.

moss wrote:best leader. In all his years of leading, never talked to anyone that didn't love playing for him.

EuRa wrote:King is just one of the coolest players ever to play EG. Attitude is awesome. Skills are leet. Leadership is top-notch. One of the best all-around players ever.

joomis wrote:used to be so cool. got struck by the squadleader syndrome and became very grumpy and nowadays he likes to yell at people and diss them. for a second i thought that sentenal might've stolen his alias, but then i realized that king is a pretty damn good anchor. can do everything really, a great player even though he's a bit moody.

Phildog wrote:I don't have much reference for this guy because I didn't play back when everyone says he was amazing, but if he gets much more awesome than he is now I think it has to be cheating. The guy is scary to play against because he is one of the most skilled and most intelligent players out there.

moggy wrote:What can I say? He's got it all... physical skill, mental game, leadership, good looks, etc.

Johnson wrote:This guy is a comical genius! I swear he's crazy irl. He just talks about random shit and I love his stroies about the time he got raped by an old lady and sued her ass.

Karth wrote:Great TW player, always has a squad that wants her there. Her appearance in EG is always polarizing. Very strong personality, her loyalty is unflinching; a very valuable player that tells it how it is. Always appreciated.

Mitey wrote:Super nice, super laid back guy who has AMAZING timing and aim. He is one of the best passive attackers in the game hands down, who on small attacks flat out pwns. I'd love to see him and trance go at it on flank. I think knit would get the upperhand in the end...

come! wrote:one of the killing machine in eg~ Leet on attack and defend ~~~

H0ST wrote:I remembered him long time ago when I first started eg. What caught my attention was his alias which is like the coolest alias evarrrr, in addition the T banner beside him is so cool. After joining tper, I came to realize he's a very nice and funny guy who also treated everyone as equal.

Jammu wrote:let him down in egdl when i kept getting more and more real life shit during the spring. never had the impression he was angry at me, and the squad did win it in the end even though i only played in the final.

omega red wrote:one of the best passive attackers. most of the rookies can learn a lot by spectating knitex, he knows when to rush and when to hold. was a crucial part of tp's game

EuRa wrote:knitty! Cool player who for so many years couldn't win "the big one". I'm happy he finally did. Unlike most vets, his skills never seemed to diminish.

Monty Python wrote:one fo the older guys of the zone, a vet for years and as most vets that find their favorite positions, he found his in just beeing an killer-machine.

King wrote:kryp is another one of those impact-players, one of the greatest 1v1-fighters and spider-pilot, everyone has some experience with your home being taken by kryp while you were all attacking. while not as active as he used to be, is still a player to watch out for. behind his emotionless, almost robotic appearence, is actually a really nice guy.

Ioth wrote:This guy is always there ripping on me when I make a mistake, so I feel he holds some sort of grudge against me i dunno.. :P He's a great player tho and definatly deserved last year's best player title more then me.

fletch wrote:alca without the leading skills and humbleness. After alca, prolly the 2nd best 1v1 player there is. EVENTHOUGH he has lost to zeker in bd 5-0.

Lee wrote:i can honestly say from all the players in eg, kryp has probably owned me or my freqs most for last 9 years or so. really versatile player, who is equally a great killingmachine and top cloaker or anchor. abit inactive, but definately belongs to my all time top 10.

aYr wrote:Kryp is amazing, his ambition for perfection is inspiring, and fortunately for me, he spent one late night early this year 1v1 in bd. Where to his amazement and mine found out that i could literally neither fly, aim nor dodge. Thus beginning kryp's patient training with me (as with plenty more, but first kryp) and i gotta thank him for that. i would say i wanna play just like him but his style of play is beyond my comprehension and sadly unachievable for me.

Azela wrote:When he's well practiced, he's probably the 2nd best 1v1 in baseduel. I seldom see Kryp rush, he's a lot like ap I guess. I thought he was Exalt's best swing but Zeker tells me otherwise.

Pacino wrote:One of exalts most outstanding players. Can fill many positions, kryp is flexible, dangerous at all times and a constant threat at enemy. Best guy to practice 1v1 baseduel with:p, can flank swing like a champ. And whenever kryp is greened, you see FR anchors automatically back up!

Akbar wrote:I am a huge fan of kryp's, as I suspect most players are. He's so crafty. The only knock on him is that he's an uncompassionate conservative.

Johnson wrote:Prolly doesn't know much of me but just watching him yesterday in the final games just showed to me how AWESOME he is as a player! He knows exactly what to do at the right time and will be an asset to any squad ever.

proz wrote:he can move like no one else, if eg had to have a role model on rushing, it should be this guy.

Jammu wrote:can do more or less anything, really scary when he has flags in a spider. also annoying to kill 1v1

EuRa wrote:At one point, he was considered the best player in EG. That's a hell of an accomplishment. He's another player I'm very cautious about when I'm flagging against him. When we're on the same freq, we don't see eye-to-eye all the time (leadership), but we both want the same end result, and since he's more popular than I am, I usually back down.

netban wrote:I'd have to say he's the best player in EG... Exalt people know that the highlight of my career is killing Kryp when he was flank anchoring with flags... in a pickup. Sad, I know. He will hate me for saying that but maybe I can make it up by saying just watching him play you can learn a lot. Unfortunately I just don't think everyone can develop the aiming and dodging skills Kryp has. Not to mention the fact that he quietly knows every aspect of the game... maybe doesn't bark at us like sentenal but once in a while you'll get a verbal beatdown.

Mitey wrote:I've not played anyone 1v1 in bd more than kryp. He was also the toughest to beat. Playing with and against this guy, I always felt the need to play my best. Made me better just by his play, and pro tips.

Kuni Kid:
TIT MAN wrote:an overall cool cat. sometimes lags out cuz blahhy dls too much porn (they share a connection) but a player that is getting better as time passes

Pointwhore wrote:Used to do nothing but baseduel, it isn't until this year that he has started flagging for real. Good anchor, but doesn't qualify for 'best anchor' category imo, and with a sometimes unstable connection. Have probably lost several thousands of rating pts to his lagouts in bd.

Bacon wrote:I remember when i thought he was aliased coming into bd and owning it up. He has turned into a really solid player. He can anchor home or nme, and is starting to kill a lot as a swing or atk. Has a chance for top new player imo.

Delete wrote:Formidable and killer-instinct attacker, top 10. This guy never seems to have an off day either.

King wrote:another person who made himself known through baseduel, originally came from redstar. this guy is a great rusher/killer, and a great guy to boot. is also known to anchor once in a while. kuppa's weakness is lack of experience with the flagging-scene, which has made me angry at him more than once. he is active and plays hard, and without a doubt he will also go forth to become one of eg's best players.

Ioth wrote:Another player who improved lots this year, one of those who plays every position. Not great at any of them, but definatly a good filler.

b0w wrote:Used to only play bd, but now i finally see him off that arena. apparently it payed off since he's in blood. sure changed alot since redstar where he didn't say a word to anyone :p

Lee wrote:developed alot last year, yet i dont think he is top 10 in blood, but well blood has alot of good pilots.

aYr wrote:This guys has some xrazy skills and is autowin in bd, but has a great attitude about it which i just love

Azela wrote:Talented 1v1er, all-rounder and a super awesome guy. Like someone said before, he's autowin, especially in 2v2,3v3.


Iammute wrote:Nice guy, well rounded ownage player.

Jammu wrote:nice guy that really got out of bd and into flagging this year. a good rusher and la'er that can also anchor when needed. unfortunately he had lag problems for most of egfl so he didnt get to show his skills as much.

joomis wrote:possibly the nicest guy in the zone, not an asskisser like nunnnez. good allround player who's improving constantly.

netban wrote:I told people on exalt to snatch him up while he was in EG as an unnoticed basedueller, but no one listened to me. I used to play with him in RedStar and he was dominant there because of his dodging and aiming abilities. The ability to dodge and aim in this game translates from zone to zone, and I knew with some experience and guidance he would be a top player in no time. And hey look, he is. Great guy too.

Mitey wrote:First time I ever played against this guy in bd, I thought he was aliased. Total unknown to me. Had to make sure my freq challenged his again, and sure enough, more ownage from kuppaaja... seems like a nice guy too.

Kuppaaja wrote:This guy used to be one of the best baseduelers around, too bad he went inactive. Used to love his crazy la's and mad rushing skills. Awesome guy to play with, so fun.

anne wrote:I miss basedueling with you. Your lag is really bad but it's fun LA'ing through the bases with you :D! I miss you sooooo!

Pacino wrote:Solid ass player who never gives up, has the mentality of a true champion and knows exactly what his strengths are and builds off of them. Great passive attacker, probably one of the best in the zone though barely recognized. Very underrated it seems while kute can really be a gamechanger at times.

Ioth wrote:Another underrated player. He's very good, which is mainly cause of his additude. He always seems full of fire when it comes to playing, and always tries to give his A-game.

EuRa wrote:I got on his case hardcore like I do with most players. When I make fun of people, it's usually because I think they can OWN THE SHIT out of the game, but just don't try. In my memory, he's one of only 2 players that I can remember that when I challenged, instead of talking smack back to me, cry or quit, he would fight to play me every chance he got, and wouldn't quit until he owned the shit out of me. The only other player in EG that's responded the way he did: sly. Respect earned here.

Lacoste wrote:A good motivator, especially for newer players, lacoste's strengths are leading freq's that lack organization and direction. His game skills are suspect at times it seems due to his inactivity probably, but he's best suited for attacking aggressively.

Johnson wrote:Rofl. Laco, no matter what other people say about him, he is an awesome guy.

Brandon wrote:does most work in eg and keepin newbies here, no matter how bad or short the squads are,,, they are definately helpin newer players better

Jammu wrote:keeps saying he's quitting but always comes back.

EuRa wrote:Unlike most people, I love lacoste. He is the only person in EG who can take any group of noobs and expect to go out and beat anybody at any point in time. I mean, who does that? Who has the balls to think they can do that? Lacoste could seriously be a great player if he adjusted his attitude and got serious. I love the guy, and LOVE flagging on his freqs. Fun and exciting for sure... until he leaves unexpectedly, lol.

Bacon wrote:2 [same as for renegade] of the nicest people you will meet on this game. They are the most unselfish players in the game and are willing to do anything to help your squad win. What kind of squad doesn't want these players. In a simple pickup or pub game, they are willing to spec and lead a team through spec. 2 of my favorite players.

King wrote:skill-wise, i don't know much about him. personality-wise, one of the nicest players, a great spec-help, and an active pubber.

Jammu wrote:always spec helps in pickups and pub, even when his own squad isnt playing. nice guy to talk to once in a while.

joomis wrote:a good allround player, a funny dude. the forrest griffin of eg.

Mitey wrote:Just found out he's Trannysaurusrex (spelling?), LOL. Really good all-around player. Ultra competitive. Hilarious guy. Owns at modern warefare PS3 games.

heath wrote:the best 'analyst' in the zone. dedicated, amazing leader. smart, reliable swing. not my first choice for attack.

King wrote:personally don't think lee is one of the great leaders in eg, his leadership was always too passive for my liking. used to be a great terrier pilot, but has become known for his great killingcapabilities and passive push in spider, one of the few players today who really understands the importance of having a slow, steady push over mindless lagattaching. has been pretty inactive for the past year(s), which has contributed to the difficulties trespass has been facing lately. still, lee is a fighter and has managed to create a loyal group of players around him.

Fletch wrote:The sane lacoste. Love it how he brings competition to eg.

Kuppaaja wrote:I haven't played much under your control - so don't know too much about your leading skills. But in game he is able to fill any position - not maybe in best possible way - but he sure has the experience to do it. Also, is able to write good analysis about games.

aYr wrote:Has this aura about him that says "don't even dare look at me, noobie" but makes some excellent posts.

Mitey wrote:Prior to TP & tper, I always thought Lee was very uptight. I've def changed that perspective since getting to know him more. He's a great passive attacker, easily among the top 20 in the zone right now. Strengths are solid leadership and smart play. You definitely won't see Lee make a bad attach as this is a huge pet peeve of his. Better player than leader.

Azela wrote:Love his dedication to EG, don't always get along with him but he's a strong ass rusher and an accomplished squad leader. He's one of the top players in EG but tends to over-rate himself a touch.

Kace wrote:What can I say, I think your a great guy, you love this zone and your squad combined. When found out I was aliased leading rushing gave me an atlernative other then being kicked for double squadding. Pretty well rounded as well. I have seen him do almost every position in the game.

Pacino wrote:Though ive mocked lee and his squad in the past, im not one to hold grudges or have my mind set on that. I still consider lee as a very good player. Always dangerous as an agressive swing or at enemy as a more passive attacker(can be agressive aswell) Overall very flexible and performs well even when hes not that active!

come! wrote:leet swing and attacker~but never saw him anchor :D and good leader

H0ST wrote:I'm really glad that he started Trespasser and giving mid-tier pilots like me and some others to grow, improve and get noticed. I love his leadership style he doesn't breathe down your neck but will always bring the best out of you in every game. A surprisingly good attacker who I always count on to make the attach when no one else could and give good setup for us laggers to plow through. I especially enjoy the time he taken in writing up in game analysis on every egfl week, very insightful and accurate as always.

omega red wrote:played under lee in his younger squads back in the day. from what i remember was a very passionate leader and kinda hot headed too. not the best skill wise but knows how to run a squad really well. recently i had the chance to play against lee, was swinging and was playing quite well

moss wrote:may seem overly argumentative and stubborn to the casual observer, but is actually an extremely level headed and effective leader. In my 1.5 years on trespass (6months council) I don't believe I ever got in a fight/argument with him. Great guy.

EuRa wrote:Good player... no fuck that, great player. I don't know much about his leading skills, I never saw them in action. People tell me they are good, I have no idea. Really arrogant though, and even more self-centered than i am.

joomis wrote:pretty similar to king. great leadership skills, and a good allround player. pretty grumpy at times but he's funny as fuck when he logs on in a drunken state.

Lethal Force:
H0ST wrote:A great nme anchor and mfr with leadership qualities, capable of carrying and inspiring pub freqs to a WIN.

Mitey wrote:His name is used as an insult when someone is bomblining with flags too long at the expense of everyone on a flagging freq.

Mitey wrote:A very nice guy, it seems that recently ligaya isn't as good as I remember him to be. Still though, a very good defender when he's able to play on a computer on not the floor, he doesn't seem to be as passionate about the game now.

come! wrote:love to partner with him ~ swing 1

Kace wrote:What can I say about ligaya that we all dont know? He is gay at times. When I first started playing EG seriously, he was in blood, Ligaya until this day refuses to play with people beneath him. So he would refreq on me all the time. I hated him. But then we became squaddies in Silence, and I got to see a different side of him. He is a passionate player, he takes each game serious. He will play his heart out. He is/was an amazing swing. Great attacker. Unfortunately, like the rest of us, just dont have the time/dedication to continue playing as much as he once has. He is one sexy mofo tho ;) lil gay :D

EuRa wrote:The other choker. If come! is the biggest choker I've ever flagged with, lig is a close second. he's not as stupid as come is, and he has more skills than come too. But god damn... those chokes are too big for me to overcome.

TheCript wrote:rs homey for life, my retarded sister sometimes deserve a spank but a lovely person... plays some good flagging too sometimes i feel like she doesnt look while playing but still manages to play good...

Karth wrote:This master tree is a great pilot that has taken a lot of newer players and attempted to elevate that. If he always succeeded or not is another question. AFK at times, he helped kill the latest version of mutiny! <3

Trifighter aka office wrote:great squadleader, at times fun to talk to, helped elevate new players

Pointwhore wrote:Whereever he is, shitloads of people tend to die, all over the place. Maybe the best aggressive killer active today.

Bacon wrote:Killing machine. I hate to play against him because he has that perfect lag where he will eat your bomb while killing u. He has real good aim so its hard to play against him. He can play swing or attacker and he'll get the job done.

Delete wrote:Intelligent and aggressive attacker - great fun to play with.

King wrote:ah, fuck you you little shit. luige is one of the most annoying players to play against, his lag is crazy sick and he is one of the best aggressive swingers/attackers. luige will kill your anchor, and all you can do is shout "OMFG LAGGER, !lag luige".

Ioth wrote:Keeps stealing my mostkills when I'm swing, bastard. Probably the least-douchebag-finn around keke.

Fletch wrote:Has earned his spot amongst ap and Dazz this year. Only one question remains, is he really a finn?

Lee wrote:best aggressive swing in eg, shame we couldnt find a good s1 to partner him entire season.

Kuppaaja wrote:This guy doesn't talk shit all. He lets the skill speak - super agressive killer, and like someone mentioned makes you go like "!lag luige" all the time.

aYr wrote:We're all waiting for the day luige lags out so we dont have to fear the quick succession of visits to center safe that is: playing vs luige.

moggy wrote:best aggressive spider 2009

Azela wrote:If rushing was a disease, Luige has it and spreads it. Widely regarded as one of, if not the best rusher, he's obviously just as good in baseduel and would strengthen any team. I think Lee did well to keep hold of him. :o

Akbar wrote:Mashes down the forward key like no other. Can and will plow through your anchor.

anne wrote:Luige, the most innocent, cute, nicest guy on SS ever! <3

Jammu wrote:annoying to play against, kills alot and la's pretty late. also has good aim so need to watch out when anchoring.

EuRa wrote:I hate attacking when this guy is defending... he's just annoying. But if you don't LA to much, he's beatable.

anne wrote:I miss you Lyra, you will always be my big sister. I still hope you log in to SS again but I know that will never happen.

m6d/Lacerated/TIT MAN:
TIT MAN wrote:aka tit man/lacerated/a bomb, a relatively new flagger that started in late 08 with exalt v1 that cannot anchor for shit because he is an impatient son-of-a-gun and way too agg, however his agg is suited for his rushing abilities that has definitely improved over baias guidance. now that ES is dead, if he is placed in a squad that practices consistently his rushing skills are bound to improve even more.

Machete wrote:amazing, charismatic, sincere, handsome.

joomis wrote:a pretty decent guy even though he's sentenal's right hand.

netban wrote:I know everyone gets on Rebel because he's a loudmouth but in all honesty he's a pretty cool dude. Besides that, he's a very smart player and has filled in ANY position in HUGE matches for Exalt, and always did it well. Whether he had to switch to home anchor midgame because Ioth was lagging out or had to NME anchor out of nowhere, Rebel was always up for the job and is a great player.

Majin wrote:Fast reaction times and good ship variation is what strikes me first about majin. An aggressive nme anchor who when on his game helps an attack push quickly, his activity fluctuates which effects his consistency. Also, wants to date my daughter, but is too shy.

Pointwhore wrote:Used to see him as just another avg attacker, but have been impressed by him during this EGFL. Has some wierd 1 on 1 in shark going where he gains ground fast even vs very skilled defenders. Takes big risks which can be good, but also makes him look like a choker at times. Got a really short temper.

Pacino wrote:Mci is considered quite the trashtalker nowadays, though like other good players who like to bash others at times..mci can back it all up with his skills. Great rusher and cloaker, always dangerous to have him on the enemy team.

Ioth wrote:Another suprise to me this EGFL, turned from an ok swing, to EGDL choker, to one of EG's best cloakers. It's quite a bitch to anchor when he's on the other team.

Jammu wrote:talks a lot of trash, but is actually a pretty good swing. seemed to only cloak this year, and was pretty effective. also dies with flags pretty often.

EuRa wrote:The third played on my list that I'd consider under-rated. The best cloaker in EG by far, no question, imo. Plus he's a great leader and player too. Top notch in my book, and deserves wayyyyyyy more credit than he gets.

heath wrote:has never been anything less than ownage flying with u my deary. oh teary in my eye.

Mitey wrote:All-around good player, and one of the leet cloakers of the zone.

poem ZX wrote:Mini, i love this guy, my main man when i was in discipline. Though we dont talk much anymore he still is drastically underrated as a leader and a front anchor.

Brandon wrote:[same as for juls] strongest leaders imo, never thought about dissolving their low tier squads but makin it larger, seems as losing doesnt affect their momentum

Mitey wrote:Hmm, I'd say I have days where I can hang with most great players, but other days where I play terribly. I'm extremely inconsistent, but able to muster up a good performance when needed. I just have a tough time taking the game too seriously these days...

Dizease wrote:Honestly one of the nicest people you would find on eg by far, his a great friend to talk about problems in game or real life. Game wise his pretty solid in all aspects of the game, strengths from what i seen would belong to swinging and anchoring. His a very smart player in general not given as much credit for it (showed in tp vs tper match) almost worked fu mitey. But look forward to playing more matches with you in the future.

anne wrote:Mitey, you've really put alot of effort into Trespasser. I think you really deserved being promoted to Trespass. I think I only played one game in egfl for Trespasser, but you were really good at spec leading. I kinda remember you being around in duel more. But duelers make great flaggers! Keep it up in Trespasser, and you will soon be one of the best players in ss!

rykn0w wrote:Coolest old guy in EG, HANDS DOWN!

H0ST wrote:Ah.. I've always love Mitey, he's one of the nicest guy in eg. I would say a father figure in Trespasser and will keep us "kids" in control. While skillwise may not be the best of the best, he's a very versatile player who steps up to any position that is given or abandon to him without complaints. What he lacks in skillwise, he makes up for it in his leadership skill - keeping Trespasser together and keeping morale high. Has shown his in depth experience and played a big role in Trespasser success this egfl, memorable teamwork was with me and Mitey keeping an attack always going no matter how bad home is (home 90, attack 10)

Jammu wrote:has a hot wife

omega red wrote:hah my good friend mitey, i remember when i joined your newbie squad .pwned. were good times. from what ive heard much of tpers leadership came from him and im not surprised. is an asset to any squad, knows how to run shit. never was the best in the game but he has stepped up since ive last played with him.

moss wrote:aside from his delusional views on the college bball hierarchy ( :) ), a great guy to talk to. Underrated player as well. One of the few ss'ers with a significant other who I'd actually bang sober.

bear wrote:My first squadleader who actually helped me improve. After joining pwned my activity skyrocketed, my skills rose, and I started to get noticed. I <3 Mitey. We still chat about rl and eg while playing and have a pretty good time. Even though he didn't invite me to Vegas. He's a great leader and player and is fun to be around.

EuRa wrote:Mitey, imo, is the only other really honest guy in EG. He's not afraid to speak his mind, and he's extremely unbiased in his opinions. As a human being, he gets more respect from me than perhaps everyone else in EG. Probably one of a handful of people I'd actually like to meet irl.

Minister wrote:a Public fronter that owns it up at front and stays alive for his team, you definitely want him on your side

Bacon wrote:My main man right here. Such a cool guy and a funny player. Even tho he lags out about 10 times every match, when he gets in the game, he can get it done as a swing or attacker.

Delete wrote:Popular attacker, gives the enemy no space!

King wrote:bi-polar and extremely cute, moggy is one of my most favourite people in the zone. skill-wise, he is one of the best rushers/attackers, and can fill in other positions with moderate success. unfortunately his lag is super-unstable. any squad would enjoy having this little fellow on their chat, playful with a great sense of humour.

Kuppaaja wrote:Good rusher, but often forced to sit in spec because of lag issues. Is also a fun guy to chat with.

aYr wrote:Even though i don't know him very well i feel like we been friends for a long time.

heath wrote:a bit of a slut. he can easily make you feel special and then easily forget you. cultured, with agreeable taste. plays well.

anne wrote:Moggy, I <3 you. Almost as much as I <3 nunnn!

Jammu wrote:ownage player and a fun guy. had some odd lag problems in egfl.

omega red wrote:one of the coolest guys in eg. i still kick myself for not taking a chance and drafting him in egdl. was a steal late round and reminded everyone why after his long break. i love playing with him, strong points mostly swinging and attacking. never saw him anchor much

KEY wrote:ur funny :P a nice player makin his own squad now and i know it will be a TOP squad Good luck with that tho :)

joomis wrote:used to be one of the coolest people in eg. now is a fucking dickhead backstabber fagget.
By Toretto
TIT MAN wrote:a good all around player who hates me cuz i invaded team plow chat like 8x rofl

bear wrote:Awesome swing and can push at nme. One of the smarter players in eg and always fun to play with.

Bacon wrote:As most people know, monke tried to keep me out of blood as we didn't really like each other much. I hope that's changed in his eyes b/c monke is a real nice guy and a real good player. A reliable swing and attacker that will kill a lot when needed.

Delete wrote:Experienced veteran, perhaps a little out of touch?

King wrote:monke is one of my best friends in EG, and has always been known as a solid swing. has sporadic times of activity lately, and is a bit rusty. when active, is easily one of the best swings around. an extremely fun guy to have on chat as well.

Kuppaaja wrote:Great swing. Often seems to spray a little too much with his guns, but when he is in the beast one there's no way to stop him.

moggy wrote:not as active as he once was but i consider him ap junior (sorry joomis!_!)

Akbar wrote:One of the nicest guys in the game and a good, if inactive, staffer. I still can't believe he plays so well on a laptop keyboard.

Jammu wrote:thought he was past his prime, but showed in egfl playoffs that he is still a good swing. likes to play around with his powers, not as bad as fin1 used to tho.

EuRa wrote:I remember when monke (monkeeeeeee) was a noobie. Thanatos and I saw him and thought he could be a good player someday. Fast-forward like 10 years later, and monke still owns.

joomis wrote:one of the nicest and funniest guys in the zone, has a great sense of humour and i also heard that he's pretty handsome. is an awesome player, i tried to emulate his playing style and failed miserably.

netban wrote:I know he doesn't like me much and I'm not exactly sure why, but I think he is easily top 5 swings in EG, maybe top 3 when active. Can play passive or aggressive and always makes a huge impact.

Monty Python:
kace wrote:I have known monty for years, since the days of HammerOfGod, lead by Elshorty. Monty is a smart, well round player, his biggest strengths in game; Front/Swing

poem ZX wrote:Monty is the go to man when it comes to defense on ES. I loved swinging with him, we had great teamwork when we play together.

omega red wrote:killing machine, can hang with the best of them. really nice person

EuRa wrote:FUNNY DUDE! Good player too, but rofl funny dude.

Mitey wrote:A sweet front in his day, he also enjoys talking about his sexual escapades and sports.

Kace wrote:Its pretty fair to say, Either you love him or hate him. Years ago; labeled as one of EG's biggest squad hoppers! The guy who pretended to be his brother Ros. The guy who would spend many drunk nights in pubs and in RB chat slurring his words in text. Example: I wnet to this bra tonigt and ogt very drinked. rofl! At one time considered EG's best front (one of the many). Moss in my book is a cool guy, fun to talk to, an asset to have on any squad (when active).

EuRa wrote:Moss is like me, but even worse. He was at one time, maybe considered a top 2-3 player in the zone, but shit that was like 10 years ago, and he's been semi-afk ever since. I really do believe that if moss ever decided to get serious, he would own the shit out of just about everybody in the zone, but I don't think that will ever happen.

mr shoe:
omega red wrote:one of the nicest people in eg. chill dude if you take the time to talk to him. didnt see him play much this year usually hosting or keeping a watchful eye on tkers.

anne wrote:Mr shoe, I think you are one of the nicest players on subspace. Why? You're always kind to me, and others. I always have alot of fun with you on fame chat. You are really good at those technical things on subspace.. and do alot of effort into EG. Respect to you Mr Shoe!

StevoSupremo wrote:been seeing you around a lot more in baseduel. you are stellar at rushing and can seem to get in the best places to rush. Haven't seen you anchor tho. Have helped me before with my questions always really nice :)

blue wrote:Publically, he's not known as the best moderator. However, he definitely deserves to be recognized for his bots and care for EG. He's not only a great developer; he has grown from an average player in EG to established in a short amount of time.

Mitey wrote:One of the few people I know in EG who gets paid from other EG players on his birthday. This guy is rock solid at swinging or rushing. Underrated. If he played a lot, he'd be considered a top tier player, no doubt.

TIT MAN wrote:beast at BR, i think he got like 2nd best time in EG right under ap's record...very good at la'ing too, very underrated

Mitey wrote:Usually, great baseracing translates to a decent flagger... then I watched this guy... super nice though! =)

BOMBED wrote:really cool guy and good player more then likely gonna end up taking best dueler/te player from me.

Brandon wrote:striving for that #1 [duelling] spot doing good job on training newbies

Shana wrote:1v1 specialist, gifted dueler, nice guy, will probably dethrone ag$ and bombed one day

Nath wrote:well apparently he sucks. He's not good at doing anything. I mean, he can lag attach but that's about it. Reviews from anchors that I rape often only, please.

Dizease wrote:One of the laggest bitches with insane delay on lag attaches, great to rush with... Known nath a long time, has become an great friend over these years. Nath is one of hardest people to predict in terms of attacking, cause he can sc or simply plow your bombs and mines.
Sad thing is he can only attack but thats all you need him for right?

Ioth wrote:One of EG's biggest laggers, played against him in bd today and figured his lag was pretty much all he got for him. He gets deep alone, and just rams a mine. Doesn't think, just lags. Cool guy though, always making some competition in bd.

Jammu wrote:lags alot, only really see him in baseduel. always wants to make a priv so that teams are unfair :<

TIT MAN wrote:one of my favorite people to play with on tp (except for bacon and piu), ridiculous lag, ridiclous sc la's, sometimes pops outta nowhere (maybe just on my screen cuz i only get 25 fps haha) - TIT MAN

Phildog wrote:Has quite a bit of lag but seems to rely on his lag a little too much.

Mitey wrote:I once anchored a freq with Nath, Dizease, and H0ST on it. They la'd all the way to the opposing anchor starting from 50% of the base. Won the point, and the other team specced. Funniest baseduel I've been a part of, and that summarizes the kind of lag Nath has and how much it helps him. Wonder if he'd be any good with a lot less lag...

netban wrote:I have my on days and my off days, but I try to contribute in games by using the knowledge I have to make good decisions and help the team win in any way I can. I am always up to fill any position even though I am obviously not great at all of them. I try to use everything I've been taught tactics and strategy wise in my playing and hope that can carry me because my skills aren't much above average I don't think.

Ioth wrote:Used to be EG's worst greener. Nowadays he makes Exalt a fun place, I can always rely on him when I need someone to bash on our newbie recruits coughtapcough. Especially since odium ain't here no more. Other then that, his skill doesn't reach an extremely high level, but he is actually one of the smarter players in the zone. He will always make the right calls, and bash on you if you don't.

TIT MAN wrote:a huge UNDERRATED player that has awesome fucking lag and can la like a beast look out for him! he sometimes dcs randomly though

anne wrote:noizer is a fellow dutch and he is inactive. but was always a really good player. i wrote this on my mobile while laying in bed. can't sleep..:-(

TIT MAN wrote:i dont know what to say to you BUT THE REAL TERRORIZE IS MY NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR so if ur not trifighter then who the fuck are you?!?!?!

moss wrote:look for a sequel to the 40 year old virgin with him as the star in ~2030. Good at racing.

Mitey wrote:Good ole numb nuts. Always good for a laugh, and likes to baseduel and LA LA LA.

King wrote:perhaps best known as eg's clown, is still an exceptional rusher. although he is not as accomplished in other areas of his gameplay, is still also a decent dueler. both exalt and blood can attest to this guy being one of the most fun players to have on chat.

Ioth wrote:I love nunnnez, funniest guy in EG by a large margin. Also getting better ingame.

Fletch wrote:CRACKS ME UP. A lot like me, goofs around and has no skill whatsoever. He even stalks my friends on facebook.

Lee wrote:weird guy, has very annoying lag is fast and at times erratic, loved having him on egdl team.

Kuppaaja wrote:Maybe the funniest player in EG. He can write some very funny shit, very fun to chat with. A decent rusher as well, not the best, but a good no matter what.

moggy wrote:the best theoretical player in eg

StevoSupremo wrote:he is like my own personal online sexual predator <3

Azela wrote:Nun actually sucked not so long ago but has since metamorphosized into an incredible rusher.

anne wrote:He always makes me smile, and he is a very promising bf.

Mitey wrote:A very intelligent player, nunnnez seems to do really well in spurts but doesn't always make the smartest rushes/decisions on aggressive attack from what I've seen. Probably one of the funniest fellas in EG by far, he has a serious side which can be hard to ascertain at times since he tends to troll conversations a lot.

poem ZX wrote:rofl nunny, I remember when he was just some newbie with loads of potential on HOT COPS, and right after egdl he started really getting noticed. You have come a long way man. Very nice, and very skilled. Love em.

Brandon wrote:good and coming up as an all around player

Jammu wrote:funny ingame, annoying on forums with his pics of shaved kittens and fat naked men etc. also a pretty good attacker, as he got to prove in egfl.

EuRa wrote:nun is just one of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of being on the same chat and squad with. Res Dog drafted him to our team in EGDL, and I didn't think much of it at all at first.... 1 VP noobie. But he was just out-standing in the games, and was funny as hell to boot. I begged and begged sent to recruit him to Exalt, and was very fortunate that sent said he would allow me to select one and only one player to Exalt, and I chose nun. <3 nunny. Fuck you for leaving, but <3 none-the-less. I prolly would have tried harder to remain in EG if you had stayed, lol.

joomis wrote:an asskisser with a weird stalker personality, a great guy. one of the best norwegian players in eg. the funniest norwegian in the zone, though there isn't much competition for that title. a second rate mascot.

Happy Cat wrote:blood's current mascot and eg's resident troll. it's advised not to click any links he posts in chat.

netban wrote:Besides being one of the funniest players in EG, nunnnez is a great attacker and fun to play with. His personality and skill make him a great addition to any squad or freq! Come back :(

TIT MAN wrote:my irl cousin, he chokes when it comes to anchor cuz he has a really shitty res (1280 x 600 or something), but he can la/chain surprisingly well even though he sometimes ditches anchor

omega red:
Mitey wrote:Here's another of the underrated players. A good cloaker, nme anchor, and attacker, he has shown recently that he is effective wherever he's put. He's also always taking a crack at someone in a joking manner, and a pretty funny guy.

Johnson wrote:Sir Chokes-a-lot. However, I may have been gay to you in the past, but I still think your an OK player and we should unite to bully either poem or baba.

Ioth wrote:Kind of a choker as anchor, and also not that greatat rushing/defending. He's a good freqleader though. He just had tough luck his EGDL team was full of ego's who couldn't follow simple instructions.

Jammu wrote:never really seems to really be up to it, even though he does try alot and step up. attack or flank often dies out if he is anchor :<

moss wrote:my favorite mexican

KEY wrote:nice guy and he will be a nice leader i hope ur squad will do great next egfl good luck

Karth wrote:Loyal player who's in it for the long haul. Should be an interesting year.

EuRa wrote:One of the few people in EG I wish I knew more about. When I aliased as a noobie (several noobies... that is), very few people were nicer to me than Omega. He fights for the noobs man, and plays hard for the pubs. I really like Omega as a player and a person.

H0ST wrote:Team Singapore ftw! I actually learned a lot from ota as an attacker, he can lag attach like mad and still kills a lot - forcing more aggressive swings to passive and makes a big difference on attacks. Pushes and motivates me to play better and will yell at me if I starts to slack off..

TIT MAN wrote:my fellow medical school guy! crazy lag and very nice player

Pointwhore wrote:well, he's an anchor, but tbh kinda dies quite often as soon as theres someone on defence trying to kill him instead of his swings.

Bacon wrote:Another player that i don't especially like. But, disregarding that, he can play a solid nme anchor. At times, he does really well, and at times he is filled with chokes. Haven't seen him play much recently tho.

King wrote:not a great player in my mind, but performs well when surrounded by other great players to back him up. personally i feel his ego is not proportional to his skills, and getting trashtalked by this guy just seems wrong.

Ioth wrote:plays all positions, but isn't rgeat at one of them.

Lee wrote:as someone said, can have his moments when on good freq, pretty invisible among newbies.

Mitey wrote:Seems like a somewhat controversial player due to aliases etc. and it seems that I always see a little bit of drama when he's around, though I don't think 75% of the time it's his fault. A pretty good anchor and passive swing, owens definitely knows the game well, but sometimes lets his hot headedness get the best of him. When he's "on" he can be very dangerous cloaking, but that seems to come and go.

aYr wrote:In his opinion never once made a mistake, which can lead to a quite a bit of conflict it seems.

Bacon wrote:I know Pacino and I weren't really friends when we trash talked each other awhile ago, but Pacino is a really cool dude and since ive gotten to play with him more, he's an extremely good player too. He can anchor when needed but is a scary attacker.

Delete wrote:exceptional player, great in all positions.

King wrote:pacino is a great player, overall. can perform in most positions, and although a lot of people find him to be a trashtalker, he has the skills to back it up. easily one of exalt's top 10 players.

Lee wrote:Used to dislike him way back, but he's a cool guy now, and a good player.

Lee wrote:annoying personality that hasnt changed over time, good laggy rusher tho.

aYr wrote:At least im better than pac at MW2 pathetic 0.95 k/d ratio! But in ss he will obliterate any defense, along with h4b one of the best attackers around.

anne wrote:You moved to the same small town where I live, and you've never come to visit me yet! >:(

TIT MAN wrote:my sand n1gga aka terrorist of EG what more do i need to say? haha

KEY wrote:KUUT Buitelander haha since i played this game my first chat was with pacino kinglee and xillion 3 ducthies fun ass hell one of the best players in eg

joomis wrote:a bit of a dick but i've always liked flagging with him, fun to play with.

netban wrote:Pacino was always one of Exalt's pilots who got the job done all the time while remaining under the radar to the rest of EG. Now that I play with him recently when he's very active I am starting to realize that this guy is hands down one of the best players in the zone. His dodging and aiming has become top notch and I know I can count on him to help us win game in and game out, whether he's attacking, swinging, or anchoring.

Akbar wrote:One of the oldest (in experience if not in age) players around. A very solid player though he is so inactive now.

EuRa wrote:One of the few people in EG who has played longer than I have. And for a brief moment (2006?), was one of the best players in the zone. Still a damn good player though.

moss wrote:only person i've seen achieve a 0.4 w/l while attacking in a terr

Mitey wrote:Has become a forceful attacker. Talks a lot of shit, but he's entertaining with it. Harmless.

b0w wrote:havn't seen him play in ages, but he was a great attacker. too bad his attitude is terrible and that's probably why he was the last picked guy in egdl two years ago.

Phenomenon wrote:This guy was an up-and-coming star... until his attitude got in the way. Last pick in EGDL, and that's all I remember from him. If he still plays, he should just make a new name and start over.

Phildog wrote:Stopped lagging like 6 years ago, that's about when I stopped standing out... currently looking for some free dial-up internet.

Mitey wrote:Good player that can do all positions. He's a bit inconsistent which is why he doesn't have a super great reputation. Fun guy to chat with.

TIT MAN wrote:pew pew pew, notorious for his late la's, his cheating tactics in bd, and just overall pure pwnage. this guys always catches my la setups ALL the time. he just doesnt get rc. good shipcontrol

Mitey wrote:Super funny brother of nao, this kid is one of my favorite ppl to baseduel with. Pretty ownage when he tries.

poem ZX:
heath wrote:not awesome but definitely underrated. he would undeniably be elite by now if he got to play more often. brings too much vulnerability, naivety and friendliness to the game to swim in the cesspool. a drowner, but one of my favourite people in eg, ever.

moggy wrote:the best player on elitestar besides baia/rushmore + what heath said

Taunt wrote:we go way back since explose. we've been on plenty of squads together. you have improved alot since explose. great guy to have on chat, and does what is asked. imo is underrated, hope your talent gets more noticed :)

Johnson wrote:Gay name. Gay person. Go to school nerd! Improving at EG tho.
Ioth wrote:I love poem, definatly one of the friendliest guys in our community. Unfortunatly his activity is lacking right when he's about to get better.
Jammu wrote:saw him speccing a ton of egfl games, not really sure how good he is at playing. if he stays active maybe some day he will be great.
TIT MAN wrote:aka the "youngin" of EG, great swing and a good team player
omega red wrote:one of the under rated swings of the game. sadly didnt play much this egfl. still when we showed, the difference was noted, mostly when paired with monty python.
KEY wrote:my lil brother sometimes wanna kill u but our love is too damn big haha :)
EuRa wrote:I think poem could be a DAMN good player in this zone if he had more chances to prove himself. He's also a cool guy.
Monty Python wrote:one of the younger upcoming guys - he can swing good and has a feeling for teamplay which makes him more and more, more then an freqfiller!

Pointwhore wrote:Been gradually improving until my SS computer broke just before egfl. Have learned to cope with the lag somewhat, but I do not consider myself as one of the best any more. Have some periods where I do great, but can also be so unfocused I dare not anchor anything.
Bacon wrote:I always thought pw was an extremely solid anchor. This year obviously wasn't his best but i dunno if thats him to blame. Imp gave up half way through egfl and he just didnt have a good surrounding which allowed him to play to his potential. You give pw a good surrounding cast and he will rarely choke.
Delete wrote:Inactive - but, like gunslinger, a formidable player. Smart as anc and a good killer on attack, an asset to most line ups.
King wrote:ego, ego, ego. pointwhore is binary, either he performs really well or he sucks cock, but when he does perform well he is among the top anchors in EG. unfortunately didn't show his best side this EGFL, partly due to imp sucking ass this year and a long period of inactiveness during due to his computer breaking down. performed exceptionally well during EGDL, and kills a lot while anchoring. the talent is there.
Ioth wrote:Turned from a chokey edge mfr into a pretty solid anchor, not 100% reliable yet but he's definatly getting better.
Lee wrote:good anchor and good swing, definately hard to kill when he tries, unfortunately developed an ego on edge.
Kuppaaja wrote:Good anchor, and he is also able to fill pretty much any position. Not maybe the best there, but sure a good all-round player as well.
health wrote:probably my favourite anchor. pointwhore offers the best balance between attach point and managing to kill enough. definitely the best aggressive anchor, if there were to be such a category. real hugs too.
moggy wrote:funny. every cool group needs a fall guy! pointwhore is the azela of elite flaggers!
Mitey wrote:A good nme anchor and mfr, he's also a very smart player and person who's really matured as a player and communicator. A little bit of a jokester, he's seems to be very proud of his brother trances' play quite often.
Azela wrote:A decent all round player but probably is at his best when flagging where he belongs in the top tier.
anne wrote:You show everyone that you are really good and all. Well you are a great player, but I know that there's also a sensitive side of yours. Pw, I like talking to you and I know I can trust you if I need to tell someone something. Plus, I really enjoy it when you try to zing me but fail.
BOMBED wrote:a solid anchor but can also feel any other position as a solid player. a really cool guy with a really great attitude...another one of my favorite players and people.
Kace wrote:Solid anchor. Nice guy, great in spec chat during egfl finals!
Jammu wrote:watched all of the finals despite not being on either squad, so pretty insane to start with. often a good anchor, but sometimes chokes when he doesnt need to.
omega red wrote:can be a dick at times but usually nice. one of the top nme anchors at the moment
moss wrote:solid terr anchor, great guy to talk to. Top 5 coolest in eg hands down
EuRa wrote:I'll change my opinion of PW, right here and right now: I was wrong, he doesn't suck. Good player, damn good anchor. He's not one of the best players in the zone or anything, he just doesn't suck.
joomis wrote:self proclaimed top 25 flagger in eg. i don't know about that, but he's pretty good sometimes. has better jokes than ap.

Dizease wrote:Well when i first saw this guy play in arena or in baseduel he was rofl.
But since then his improved alot in my opinion both attacking and defense wise. His trying to always get better in eg all the time and thats an great attitude to have. Something that i noticed recently is pounder's lag attaching has gotten really deadly and if he works on that can be really useful for him later on. Good job pounder keep up the good work ^.^
proz wrote:so fun to play with him, he knows what he is doing all the time in bd, quite the rusher.
Iammute wrote:or as I like to call him poundcake.. Dont know him too well but seems like a cool guy. Solid anchor.
H0ST wrote:I love this guy regardless of if he is on the same team with me on bd, whenever playing with him or against him I will always have a good laugh and takes me off the competitive mood which frustrates me sometime..

Puniisher/The punisher:
Bacon wrote:One of the underrated guys in this zone imo. I see this guy having a lot of potential and he got started the right way (coming from a good leader like baia.) Given some more time, i can see him working his way to a top squad.
King wrote:i really hate this guy, i'll be honest. him and ali~ are some of the lamest players in the zone, and he spends his time trashtalking newbies in pub. that aside, his lag is crazy and is a dangerous rusher. with the proper training, this guy could become a really good attacker.
Ioth wrote:One of the nicest and most humble guys in game. Not that good yet, but he´s getting better. He is very active too, so we´ll definatly see more of him in the future.
Lee wrote:annoying lag, seems pretty newbish to me, but can become good if he ends up in a decent squad.
Kace wrote:He was one of my favorites in Rushing. He started out just a newbie fraying, with some small work in rushing, we got him into flagging. His lag was pure ownage, after rushing dissolved, he was one of my recommendations to baia on who from rushing was worth ES/YS training. Between ES/YS and his personal drive, he has developed into a awesome attacker. Very quiet and nice guy. <3 punii fo lyfe
H0ST wrote:I got to know him while in ys (EliteStar) - A player who can give a decent attack, a good guy but what I dislike about him is the pub rapes and winning of small jp that kills the game.
Jammu wrote:rofl most annoying, laggy and always reccing/runwinning in pub. fun to own him when he's reccing though (normally takes about 2-3 minutes).

Quick Strike/qs:
Pointwhore wrote:When he's in (and not lagged out because of his cheap, mexican connection), anchors tend to have a tendency to die very often. Very dangerous attacker, but also a bit tricky to have as nme anchor because he's always so far away, humping the home anchors legs that he tends to forget about his own.
Bacon wrote:I love this guy. He can do it all. He is an amazing attacker. A good anchor when he wants to be. lag has kept him down this year, but whenever he gets in, you dont wanna be on the other side.
Delete wrote:Over rated. Chokes a lot but is an above average attacker.
King wrote:i expected more from QS this EGFL, but as has been mentioned, lag made it difficult for him to really make an impact this season. is considered one of the greatest players in the zone, rightfully so.
Kuppaaja wrote:I have always been afraid of this guy. For some reason I always die to his bombs, his aim is super good and he shoots super fast bombs. Better be a good dodger when you face this guy! Also known for his anchoring skills, but he is able to fill pretty much any possible position when needed.
aYr wrote:I always think qs has a look of glee when he comes up against me, he loves to ez people and with that aim he can, it always warms my heart to read qs> sad, one of the few people i like to see lose :P
Dizease wrote:This guy what can i say... loves getting metal blowjobs by his girlfriend, loves sexing up blahhy and rooz. But qs has to be one of the best players in eg not only because of his amazing aim but amazing ability to adapt to any situation. Playing with qs is so fun also because he loves to joke around (too much hanging out with blahhy)
Mitey wrote:Excellent attacker, I think he strikes fear into a lot of defenders when he gets into a game but his antics usually just make me smile. Used to be known as a good anchor, recently I've seen a lot of chokes from him. Seems to get bored a lot lately, and plays a lot just to talk to friends online. His dodging easily makes him a top 5 attacker in my book. Was good for about 2 years, but is just above average these days...
Pacino wrote:Along with mci this guy was the pushing force of impurity in my opinion. Very good flanker, rusher and flex swing. Constant threat to enemies in his terrier with great aim, fast lagattaches and slick dodging abilties!
anne wrote:You are really one of the nicest players in this game. You have a great personality and I love playing and talking with you!
Brandon wrote:imo good all around player
Jammu wrote:can more or less do any position and be good at it.
EuRa wrote:STOP MAKING QS ANCHOR YOU IDIOTS! HE WAS ONE OF THE BEST ATTACKERS IN ALL OF EG, AND YOU MADE HIM ANCHOR!? ROFL! STOP! QS can rape a FR if you let him. Unleash the beast for crying outloud.

R Z A/dps:
Mitey wrote:He's one of those players you want playing especially if ppl are apathetic. Due to his temper, he sometimes gets very verbal, but overall he's more passionate about winning than nearly anyone I know in EG. He yells a lot, and motivates ppl to play up to par. A good s2, but also can anchor well when he wants to.
Ioth wrote:My star mid-low-vp on Russian Roulette until free agent system fucked him over. Got better ever since.
Jammu wrote:i could never keep up with the aliases on tper, this one included.

Iammute wrote:I haven't played with him too much.. but he always seems to be owning it up on attack
Ratio/The Junky:
blue wrote:If there's one person that I think deserves the most credit for contribution to EG, it is this guy. Although he isn't active flagging-wise, he's a great inspiration and is one of the smartest people in the zone. His dedication should not be forgotten. The one thing that disturbs me about him is his fetish for feces.
[/i][wtf blue?]

heath wrote:mellow guy, very easy to get along with. he's got good ship control and is usually decent, if a tad inconsistent (purely for the fact he barely leaves spec).

Bacon wrote: 2 [same post as for lagger] of the nicest people you will meet on this game. They are the most unselfish players in the game and are willing to do anything to help your squad win. What kind of squad doesn't want these players. In a simple pickup or pub game, they are willing to spec and lead a team through spec. 2 of my favorite players.
King wrote:the robot. renegade is all business, working behind the scenes. a lot of people probably don't even know who he is. he is a really great spechelp, one of the nicest guys in eg, and an active pubplayer. skill-wise, probably not among the greatest, but still any squad would love to have this guy on their roster. superloyal, all his efforts go into helping the squad, and i am thankful we have him on blood.
aYr wrote:Gives the most awesome spec help and is truly one of the nicest guys in eg.
Jammu wrote:amazing spechelper and always ready to give his spot in a game to a squaddie or friend.
EuRa wrote:Renegade is like Ace Joker v2.0, but better.

res dog:
Pointwhore wrote:solid anchor, but I've gotten the impression that he used to be better at it in the past. Haven't seen him do anything above avg in attack/defence.
Bacon wrote:I agree that he hasn't played as much this year, but he has been a huge help in speclead. Also, when he gets in he can be an extremely good anchor. + he's been raping atk the last few pickups he's played.
Delete wrote:Solid but lacks x factor.
King wrote:ah, res dog. most people consider him to be an anchor. when active, can definitely perform well as an anchor, but i think most people forget that he originally started out as a kamikaze-rusher. it's a shame he's started working on anchor over rusher, as i believe him to be a much greater rusher than anchor. is also a really fun and nice guy, and a great specleader. he deserves a lot of credit for making blood as successful in matches as we've been so far.
Ioth wrote:Good player, never impressed me that much though.
Lee wrote:really amazing speccaptain and good in supportive role in terr.
moggy wrote:like pointwhore but on a better squad
Jammu wrote:blood's main speccer with rene in egfl. kept showing to games even though he hardly played.
EuRa wrote:Res Dog would own the shit out of 90% of this zone if we were back in 2000 again.
joomis wrote:great guy, always hungover.

b0w wrote:plays in baseduel only, and usually ends up lagging out. he has some potential put it goes down the drain since he's barely active.

Pointwhore wrote:Haven't played in ages but probably sucks, but still got an ego so big it wouldn't fit in Texas. Bugged me to say something about him for a good half hour, SO HERE IT IS!
Bacon wrote:The gayest player in eg (I am a close 2nd). Rickey is a guy you can't hate. He's a funny dude who is really fun to talk with. I love you rickey
EuRa wrote:He was on my first ever squad (-ERA-) before he got good and left for Zeta... and he's still there. Awesome guy.

Mitey wrote:A very smart player who usually fills in where is needed on an attack, I remember him being a good swing and able to give good advice to anyone in-game very quickly. Wish he played more as he was someone I used to really enjoy playing 1v1 in bd.
Jammu wrote:trolls forums
EuRa wrote:Riddler! COME BACK! He owned this zone when he arrived... then had a bigtime slump for many many years. Then owned the SHIT out of EG in 2007 and 2008... then disappeared? Come back!

Pointwhore wrote:Annoying but amusing guy that is a good filler on attack. Imo lacks that special 'edge' on attack that makes an attacker really scary. If he had it, he'd be deadly.
Nath wrote:Definately more than just a 'fill attacker'. You are crazy if you think that, and I hope when you flag u underestimate him and get a bomb in your face.
aYr wrote:Has been on perm-ignore for a while.
Ioth wrote:Annoying guy, but fun to play against. I just don't want to lose to him, so I play my fullest whenever he's on the enemy team.
heath wrote:rk is a gangsta but he's actually kind of cuddly. loyal to his opinion and always enjoyable to watch trash queening. NO EDGE? RK IS A KNIFE MOTHERFUCKERS!
omega red wrote:always fun hanging around egs only croat. still doing what he does best, attacking. has shown he can lead a squad and was a part of imps success.
bear wrote:Passionate about cocaine and eg. I think it's awesome how active rk is and how enthusiastic about eg he is. Rk was a good squadleader imo and he is a great guy to be around.
EuRa wrote:Great player that let his attitude ruin it all for him. I think he could have had a shitload of followers to his squad... whatever it was called (forgot)... if he was a cooler person. weird too, because when he was on Symbolik (my third ever recruit to that squad), he never said a word.
joomis wrote:basically a misunderstood genius. one of the coolest people in eg and people seem to hate him for some odd reason. underrated as a player, can lead better than king and is also a pretty good attacker.
netban wrote:Some of my squaddies will probably bash me for this, but I think that rk is one of the better utility players in the zone. I had the opportunity to play with him for some time throughout my time here and whether he is front anchoring, attacking, or aggressive swinging I've always seen him play well.

TIT MAN wrote:a really laid back guy (hes from Cali so go figure zz), my fellow brown n1gga, Uter pradesh status, HIGH CLASS PRIESTS BRAHMINNNNNNNSSSSSSSS

BOMBED wrote:my fellow highschool drop out friend, a good player and is highly underrated. can fill any position and also hold his own in teamelim. really cool guy
Jammu wrote:actually a pretty good player, but seems to get frustrated and ragequit pretty easily
omega red wrote:almost forgot about my good friend gaymore. always helps me out with my computer trouble. kind of a nerd haha. doesnt seem to care a whole lot about preparation, kind of just shows up and wings it(like the rest of fame). still makes me wonder if he were to get active and actually prepare..
moss wrote:cool guy to talk to when he isn't busy cybersexing kitty

Mitey wrote:Here's someone that every time I play against I think "I'm going to kick his ass" but then, he surprises me with some crazy moves and beats me. A good attacker, he's also a pretty funny young buck I enjoy chatting with about anything really.
TIT MAN wrote:another old exalt v1 buddy, has definitely improved over the last 2 years
EuRa wrote:Underrated. Vastly under-rated. He will be one of EGs best in 2010.

Karth wrote:Some newb TW player thats trying to make it big in EG. He's learned well, we'll see how things go

H0ST wrote:saiko has always been a nice guy and treated me equal even I'm a nobody. At times he'll get pissed when I do badly and always motivates me to try and do better.

anne wrote:You always make me smile like nunnnez. So random, funny, and it was really an honour to be on your chat!
Jammu wrote:is skinny. showed to egfl finals to cheer us on!
EuRa wrote:Skinny power! I love this guy, love talking to him, love flagging with him.

moggy wrote:an angel
come! wrote:Cute and nice and pretty and beautiful and sexy and cool =v=
TIT MAN wrote:one of EGs nicests mods, always trying to help the zone out, TY SO MUCH FOR EGBDDL <3
moss wrote:best eg artist
Mitey wrote:My favorite mod. Beastly lag, and knows how to use it. Love by all I would think.

TheCript wrote:very nice person always up for a game, dont see him alot either... good flagger

Ioth wrote:My favourite player for sure. A true fighter, when you tell him he sucks, he starts playing better. Whenever someone bashes his skills on, he starts practising harder. He's a great swing and a great attacker, also pretty good at anchor. On top of that we've been bff's since 2006.
fletch wrote:One of the most stable players I've played with. Always reaches his own level, never unperforming.
Lee wrote:traitor! but really versatile and great pilot.
aYr wrote:Scan is teh Beast! He's apparently one of the most underrated agg defenders, scan racks up the kills at an outstanding rate with this xrazy ability to survive when he has no right to.
Pacino wrote:Scanaroo! My old buddy from mujaheddin, it was great to see him progress from a 2nd tier player to being a starter in trespass and now in the great squad that is Exalt! Awesome player to have on your team, easily on of the top 3 agressive swings in the zone right now. Threathening on either defence, flank swing and even on attack. This guy can basically do it all and dominate on every area.
Jammu wrote:is known as a swing and is a great basefighter, but can also nme anchor well if needed. apparently he just didnt want egfl title enough as he left mid 2nd game
scan wrote:Great dude. Greater pilot. Greatest teammate.
EuRa wrote:Oh yeah! I said earlier, I try to push people with my words when I think they can be a better player, and scanlon is one of the few to push right back with elite skills and show me what he's really made of.
joomis wrote:like bacon skill-wise, but he doesn't trash talk people.

omega red wrote:can be annoying at times. decent nme anchor and a good friend. looking to see you improve your game in these coming months
By Toretto
King wrote:having earned the nickname hitler from some of his squaddies, sentenal is a great leader. is known to have squadleadersyndrome, where he considers himself a great enemy anchor. i don't think sent is a great enemy anchor, but i do think he's a great pilot in other areas, and a great strategist. has done an awesome job with exalt, and rightfully deserves credit for that.

Ioth wrote:Exalt's squadnazi. Even though using drastic measurements at time, it seems to be working. Exalt's always on their top level when he's around. Though not as active as used to be, I hope he's coming back.

fletch wrote:Exalt would be nothing without sents hitlerismsmsm. Always yelling, always bashing, a true insane genious. I dont understand how he let me in exalt, but thanks for that sucker!

Lee wrote:probably the most dedicated leader ive ever come across with in eg. when he is motivated he really does more then anyone else. in my opinion he wouldnt be fit as top 10 in any top squad as a pilot, but with pracs and specleading, there are a few who can match him.

Kuppaaja wrote:I never thought too much of him as a good anchor that he seems to play when he is in the game. And I don't know much about his leading skills, but it seems that he is a good when it comes to building up strategies. Good specleader, he is a able to see a bigger picture of every situation in game.

Mitey wrote:A respected leader within his own squad, he can be quite harsh which can take the fun out of playing at times. A good anchor when flagged, his nerves get to him in big games (i.e. egfl finals). Also seems to be quite persistent that he helps squad more in-game, than in spec when having a bad day. Overall, a good player at just about every position, but needs to take some meds to take the edge off for big games.

aYr wrote:Sent takes up any position on the freq no matter what, he'll do whatever is necessary and for some reason this has got this idea into people's head that sent lacks skills. People are so used to sent shining that his chokes become all the more obvious and become the focus of attention, still one of the best and smartest players in eg .<3 sent.

Pacino wrote: My good friend from the old exalt. Has evolved as a leader, taking the last egfl championship by storm while being the underdog. Sentenal is a true inspirer, great leader obviously and also a very skilled player when he tries. Next to leading, sent can swing very well, attack like a true champ and also nme anchor if he feels like it. One of the most valued players in EG imo!

BOMBED wrote:has his moments of playing extremely well or pretty average. above all else hes probably the best leader in subspace that i've ever met. took a bunch of no name newbies and turned them into egfl champions, pretty decent guy also...i heard his voice on a youtube clip and he sounds really fucking cute.

Brandon wrote:whiney bitch and most over rated.. needs to retire

TIT MAN wrote:knew sent from exalt v1, very good squadleader, interesting tactics, a reliable anchor and always prepared for any situation

omega red wrote:cool dude with a fucking sick squad. hes turned these guys into fine tuned flagging machines. a lot of his players have climbed to the top of eg and his leadership has much to do with that.

EuRa wrote: There's not enough to say about sent dude. I respect sent more than any player in EG. Just a great leader and (despite what few say) a great player too. he can play any position, and while he does it, he's leading the entire freq too. 99% of EG cannot do that. Plus, he has the balls to go against conventional wisdom when leading/creating a squad, and succeeds in that area as well. An EGFL title, and EGFL runner-up, on a squad that gets ZERO LOVE for it's talent. I don't think anybody else in EG could accomplish what he's done (maybe except for fc...). But his love for EG hasn't died after all these years, and that says a lot. I love senty.

netban wrote: Aw, what can I say. I wouldn't even be playing this zone anymore if it wasn't for sentenal (I know you'd all like that, right? :P). He really took me under his wing a few years back and helped me gain whatever skills I have today. I know he did that same thing with many other players on Exalt, and that's why we're so loyal to him. I can't really say he's the best leader in EG because I've never had the opportunity to play under King and only have played under alca a few times, but I doubt there's much difference between the 3. They all know exactly what is going on at every moment in the game, and make the right moves to help their team win. I know a lot of people say sentenal overrates himself as an nme anchor, but he plays a unique style that will either help the attack progress tremendously or will make the attack get cleared. I know he would never put himself in a position that he didn't think he was the best person for. Besides that... awesome basefighter, intelligent player who is simply a winner. Thanks for everything sent!

Kuppaaja wrote:Very nice person who plays the game for fun and doesn't trashtalk shit. He is known for his high lag as well - crazy la's. He also has proved himself as a good anchor with both lancaster and terrier. Is one of the people that used to say "hi" to me when I hardly knew any people in EG. :)

heath wrote: i remember watching sea start out in ss with his friend sky. i had been playing quite a while and thought he was a bit of a newb for quite some time. however, we were always kind of distant friends via fob association. down the line we played together in awesome hk/aussie lag squads. we became better friends by 05, when sea was becoming a much better player. sea was always a laggy attacker, never anched so much in those days but every time i popped in for a visit after quitting ss, sea was making his mark in the top squads and pwning. he's retained his kindness, and we still have fun whenever we go out on the town lagging.

come! wrote:stupid and stupid and noob :p good @ anchor -.-

Jammu wrote: good lanc pilot, showed to games even when they were at gay times for him

EuRa wrote:2 players I always wanted on my squad, and sexsea was one of them. I finally drafted him in EGDL and got to flag with him... then I traded his ass away, rofl. He's still a good player man, and I would easily flag with him again. He's just not as great as I thought... and that's my fault. I expect god-like skills... and I only got semi-god-like. :P

TIT MAN wrote:my highschool friend who owns hard, a must have on my bd freq

Mitey wrote:I love this guy. He says it how it is, and doesn't mince words. He's also a very good attacker and hard to kill. Eats a lot after lag attaches, and sometimes gets really upset when something doesn't go his way in a game. <3

Johnson wrote:My British buddy. Yay! He is a blunt cunt to anyone he hats or thinks is shit and seems to love to argue with anyone about anything! He's an angry player, massive emo, and however much he hates newbs, he loves me :) <3

Jammu wrote:will argue with anyone that is up for it, apparently isnt able to play much cos of lag. was funny how he left exalt before finals but he still played in them.

omega red wrote:fucking lagger attacker. impressed me the most last year when he sorta came out of nowhere and was fucking up all kinds of defenses with his aggressive attacking. i feel like taking a trip to england some times and strangling you but when youre on my side not so much

Mitey wrote:A talented player, he's also a troublemaker who has aliased his whole EG career and not seemed to be able quit stirring up drama. If he could stay on a squad long enough and be active, he would become a top tier pilot in no time.

unknown player wrote:Widely known as the best player to ever play EG, sly is also one of the nicest guys around. He may portray himself as big and bad, but he's sensitive at heart. He loves poetry and long walks on the beach.

b0w wrote:Great mfr, whose egfl year has been a bit up and down, a bit too many chokes i guess? he's still great at that position, and is already an egfl champion allthough he's only been active for about two years in this zone.

Ioth wrote:When he came to EG he had this choke-label on himself. During EGDL he totally got rid of that by owning every game he fr'd in. Then EGFL came, and he's a known choker again.

Jammu wrote:sometimes a chokey anchor, other times reliable. a bit of a mystery.

EuRa wrote:Smilings skills go up and down. Sometimes he's GREAT, other time's he's average. You never know which guy will show up. But a cool cat, none-the-less.

Mitey wrote:SD is one of my favorite ppl in EG. Always nice, always up for a game, and fun to play with. He's become known as a choker because he anchors (and a lot of times doesn't want to), but if he's motivated, he's an awesome anchor. He's also a great cloaker!

Mitey wrote:Doesn't play as much now, but pops in from time to time, and man, he tears it up right away! A very smart player who adapts quickly, he is best as front or cloaking through NME (odd combination, but he does both so well!).

EuRa wrote:Man, I wish more people knew about sole. rofl, what a cool guy. Good player too.

space bug:
Minister wrote:an ownage pilot that is a rushing/swinging machine, and is great to lag attach off. One of ViciouS's favrites

Mitey wrote:Biggest eater in the zone, and rose to "good" pilot status fairly quickly. Fun to baseduel with, and against!

Pointwhore wrote:Worst leader and pretty homo as a person that doesn't really make much friends anywhere, however good enough as a player to make people disregard his personal shortcommings. Inactivity has taken its toll on him this year, but he's probably still been exalts best swing when he has showed.

Bacon wrote:he might not be the best leader in eg, but he certainly has a lot of skill. He is a scary player to play against b/c he can hurt u at any position.

Delete wrote:Very creative player - is able to think outside the box with exceptional strategic play. One of the best.

King wrote:has won 'best player' twice, i believe. deservedly so. spartan is one of the best players around, can play any position, and takes the in-your-face-approach to a new level. while lately he's been most known for getting most greens, and while he may not be the greatest strategist in ss, and while he hasn't been active at all lately, he still deserves credit as one of the biggest impact-players in the zone.

Ioth wrote:Great great great player, but he's additude ain't always the best, so I'll be there on exalt chat to give him shit when needs to me. I don't dislike him though.

Lee wrote:used to be best in just straight basefighting, inactivity has had some effect on him and his ego almost cost him missing egfl.

aYr wrote:people have this opinion that spartan is a douchebag, which i did share until i played with him, he has this passion for winning which he lets nothing get in the way of, even if it is other peoples feelings :< But having played this egfl with him, i can see apart from the obvious great player that he's a really cool guy once u get to know him :)

Jammu wrote:helped exalt some this year, but in finals i think he only played a part of game 2 or 3 and speced up after like an hour.

moss wrote:best overall player. Doesn't matter the position, he can do it better than 95%. His swinging for exalt this egfl amazed even me, and ive been on the same squad with him for the past ~3 years. Great taste in games too (turned me onto the Tales series)

EuRa wrote:One of the best EG has ever seen. His ego (like many) did him in from time to time. He always seems to start squads out strong, but he just doesn't have the drive to keep them going and finish strong as well.

Special KG:
BOMBED wrote:another really awesome guy that can do any position and play good in any arena. very highly under rated and doesnt get as name spoken as much as it deserves to be. easily a starter on any squad.

EuRa wrote:Has played EG a hella long time. Under-rated.

Pointwhore wrote:One of eg's top cloakers and attackers that often switches between ships to make life more difficult for defenders. In my opinion a very solid player.

Bacon wrote:This season, spike feels he's been sucking so he keeps trying to bench himself. However, i still see spike as one of the best attackers and one of the best cloakers.

Delete wrote:Another brilliant attacker - someone who took interest in me and helped me into trespass. Friendly+highly skilled.

King wrote:spike is going through an existencial crisis at the moment, where he believes he does not deserve playingtime. being brutally honest, spike is an excellent rusher/cloaker, but due to being somewhat inactive, his 1v1, 2v2-skills are lacking. even so, he is still one of the best and most influental attackers in the zone.

aYr wrote:I feel so insignificant next to spike, he's one of those players that i wish i could be friends with but is too cool to even notice me 8)

come! wrote:my favourite leader when he make provoke~ leet @ cloaking and attack ~and own eura so much

BOMBED wrote:very good player at whatever he decides to do. the type of player u want on ur freq no matter what arena ur in

Ioth wrote:Not sure what to think of him. Sometimes I think he's one of the best, and other times I think he's ok.

Jammu wrote:yeah good player, he couldnt stop playing even after we won egfl finals and went on to play like 5 or 6 more hours or smth.

omega red wrote:nice person, one of the best attackers.

EuRa wrote:I still don't think he deserved all the accolades he got over all these years. He's done well in games, but he's never ever been "one of the best" players in EG. He's not one of the best cloakers either, he just cloaks more than other people do. mci is easily better at cloaking. so is yawn. And other than those 2, I can't think of other players who cloak, which makes spike 3rd out of 3. so take that. But he is a good attacker and defender when he isn't cloaking.

joomis wrote:often regarded as an attacker, but can play any position well really. maybe a bit underrated. fun to play with.

Phildog wrote:Solid player with excellent attack skills. His great ship control and timing of rushes is what makes this guy elite.

Monty Python wrote:he is so good, that i always enjoy flagging with but mostly against him: for the chellenge!

Mitey wrote:I remember when I made .PWNED., Spike was one of the few leaders that took an interest in helping our squad. At the time, he'd come into the arena, and we'd freak out thinking he was going to take our best players, LOL. To me, he's one of the few elite players I really enjoy playing with because of his enthusiasm and kindness. <3 this guy.

moggy and Jammu wrote:the best looking player on blood

Mitey wrote:I got to know stacy a bit when she joined Trespass, and she's honestly one of the nicest ppl you'll meet in EG. Good passive player. Used to drive me mad when she'd never rush! =)

Azela wrote:Love SSChick, nice person, a little moody, and a good leader. She and Herbz lead SO to a semi final in EGBDL. I keep saying this a lot, but she's another good all-rounder.

Iammute wrote:Solid swing and Anchor. Excellent addition to any freq

anne wrote:I do not know you, but I think you are great. You managed to get your squad into EGFL and play great. Respect for you lady!

proz wrote:one of the few leaders i like, very responsible, and chance giver.

Ioth wrote:SSchick isn't as bad as people think either. Has good aim and knows how to kill when going forward. Another reason why smooth op did better then expected.

Jammu wrote:a pretty decent anchor and rusher in bd, props for leading a squad.

omega red wrote:came through into a tournament with all odds against you and your squad performed well. given more time to prepare i have a feeling it would have done much better

Mitey wrote:Drafted me in the first round of a baseduel league, for that I am forever indebted. Greatest moment of my EG career. <3 SS! But really, such a nice person, and far underrated. I always enjoy seeing her own some overrated vet.

StevoSupremo wrote:need to work on maneuvering around. need to learn to set up and get in position for bomblines quicker. i can be pretty streaky when it comes to rushing, sometimes i do very well other times im trash. i need to learn how to LA. i need a computer moniter bigger then 8.9 inches

Dizease wrote:funny guy and new to eg. Playing with stevo is both funny and frustrating at times but nevertheless is one nice dude to hang out with. Always improving with his anchoring all the time and in time will become an great player. Loves to spec other players and discuss topics that will help him improve his skills in eg. Keep up the good work stevo!

Bacon wrote:This guy is one of my favorite bd'ers to play with or against. I haven't really seen him out of bd (probably cuz my lack of pub play). He's a chill guy with a good attitude. Also a really funny guy. He's starting to learn how to anchor. I see him improving more and more every time i play him. Soon, he will be a good pilot that squads might wanna take interest in.

Mitey wrote:The 9th smartest kid in Canada, and also a stripper, Stevo is one of my favorites. I'm his Chuck Norris and Jesus Christ all rolled into one. He loves me that much.

Karth wrote:The epitome of laid back

Mitey wrote:This guy has a really odd sense of humor. Sometimes hilarious, other times you can hear a pin drop and get a sense that everyone is saying to themselves "WTF" after one of his jokes. LOL

kace wrote:Great NME Anchor, Great Guy! Definitely the first guy who gave me a chance as a newbie! He has/had the talent to lead risinblood. Or anysquad, only problem is activity. When active he is a monster for any squad who takes him. Greatest steal/asset!

EuRa wrote:He's an OK enemy anchor, but over-rated imo because of all the talent that's surrounded him when he anchors. Still good though, but not as good as others think. Ask him to enemy anchor a game with mediocre talent and with no flags... he flat out denies doing it because he knows the truth will come out. However, he's vastly under-rated as an attacker. He can own the shit out of anybody defending. He's one of the few I do NOT want to see on an attack (or anchoring with flags on a leet team, lol).

Dizease wrote:All i know about this guy is his called Kumar vs Harold Lol. Haven't really played much with this guy but seems pretty solid all round in all positions.

poem ZX wrote:I love this guy, was fun having him on ES, but then he ditched D: Great guy to have on defense, as swing or anchor.

Ioth wrote:Aka DreOwnsU, used to be a complete newb for so long. But has finally gotten better and managed to develop himself in a player who can fill any position.

Jammu wrote:finally getting to the top slowly but steadily, perhaps a star next egdl or egfl.

KEY wrote:Fu ur a better ref then me its not fair QQ hahah love u man :)

Mitey wrote:Taunto finally got good. I always used to confuse him with SSD for some reason... Pretty decent anchor, but similarly to bear, he is too aggressive sometimes. Fun to baseduel with!

heath wrote:gosh you're the cutest

moggy wrote:my idol, creator of the best squad in eg.. sharp dresser

Mitey wrote:The first time I played with him, he only used a terrier. He has since always used a terrier. Decent aim when he's been playing a while, but he doesn't seem to play much anymore. Nice and funny guy for sure.

Jammu, aka Captain Obvious wrote:blood mascot, played on the name "There will be" for egfl, so that together with squad it's "There will be Blood", which was our motto.

EuRa wrote:One of the smartest and best players to ever play EG. I think he should be mentioned with the likes of fc, king, sly, etc. He was that good.

b0w wrote:Not really good at anything, just sits in spec and tries to talk shit about someone. usually fails at that miserably too.

Ioth wrote:I swear this guy has issues, always talks trash to pretty much everyone. Can't have a normal conv in spec-chat when he's there, hate this fucker.

TIT MAN wrote: another med school guy, this guys is fascinated with pooping, a passive anchor who has some ridiculous angles sometimes

Mitey wrote:Got poop? Always talking about how I will get retinal detachment someday, LOL. Entertains me often.

TIT MAN wrote:sick nasty underrated player, a little laggy so its always fun to la to him

Pointwhore wrote:Making a dent in my ego, trance rapes me (and just about everyone else aswell) in both attack and defence. A bit inactive nowadays, but as tp probably can attest from their semi finals vs blood, he's still got it.

Bacon wrote:Solid ass player. He can play attack or swing (proved it this egfl). It's so fun to watch him go 1v1 or 1v2 on a flank. He is a beast of a player even tho i hate when he keeps cloaking past our defense in our practices b/c he scares me everytime.

Delete wrote:An asset to any attack, under rated due to inactivity but still an experienced and solid player.

King wrote:with the buddy-system in blood, me and trance got paired up as buddies. there is nothing bad to be said about trance. arguably the #1 attacker in EG. is superlaidback and a really fun guy, and extremely humble to boot. in addition to being a flawless attacker, has shown that he has the skills to perform in other positions as well. beastly.

Ioth wrote: This gay dodges more lancaster bombs then anyone else, I hate playing against him when I want an easy win, I love playing against him when I want a challenge.

Lee wrote:squadhopper! but really good pilot, can do anything.

Kuppaaja wrote:One of the best attackers in EG with h4b. Makes crazy la's and is able cloak your home with a shark or just rape your home with spider.

aYr wrote:I hate the way this guy attacks. Defending against trance makes me want to quit playing ss.

moggy wrote:the best attacker in the zone

Azela wrote:Brilliant player, for some reason excels in 3v3 situations but I haven't seen him play that much, he's not a regular in baseduel.

Pacino wrote:Awesome rusher as everyone already knows, along with h4b i think trance has really learned how to take advantage of his lag but barely relies on it nowadays. Can also swing on either defence or flank, and show his explosive way of playing on any position needed.

Jammu wrote:one of the most annoying players to anchor against, he is one of the few players that seems to often know where im going to shoot rather than me knowing where he is going to fly. proved in egfl he can also swing or double anchor.

moss wrote:always seems to do the right thing at the right time. One of my favorite people to attack with.

joomis wrote:has fucking annoying lag and is very hard to play against. one of the best attackers and swings. he's good for a swede. also funnier than his brother.

Mitey wrote:He always gets his way on flank or small attacks. I'll never bet against him.

AnnoyingAssassin wrote:a good dueler who is fun to be around but sucks at connect 4. I've beat him 5-1 so far :D

moggy wrote:1/2 of the cutest couple in eg

BOMBED wrote:great dueler and egl player, got best stats last egl and was mvp and proved to people that she was a great player. made a good move into flagging has raw talent just needs general direction at times. also the most beautiful and best person with the best personality ever and i love her.

Jammu wrote:i thought its just been bombed playing on that name this year

H0ST wrote:I'm going to comment them [same as for chin] altogether because they are without a doubt, the most selfless people I've ever seen, their ability to always carry a pub freq to a win and make random newbs to play like a team always astonishes me. While they may not talk much, when they do people will always listen and brings the selflessness out of every player in freq.

Mitey wrote:I've never heard a mean word from this guy. Excellent swing. H0ST said it perfectly

viper slayer:
Iammute wrote:Kind of inconsistent but an amazing rusher when he's on. Again extremely nice.

proz wrote:one of the most talented guys i've seen, this guy is a great attacker and a good la'er

Ioth wrote:Great future prospect. Plows bases like fletch drinks alcohol. Keep an eye out for him.

Jammu wrote:a pretty good rusher, if he keeps it up he will get to the top eventually.

Azela wrote:Never really seen anything good from Viti, he stacks a lot so it's hard to tell just how good he is.

TIT MAN wrote:a pretty bad tempered player who lets his emotions get the best of him, but when hes on a competent freq he can la like a beast, has nice lag, and a very very reliable anchor

EuRa wrote:Add him to the list of the scariest flaggers of all-time. His lag is there, sure, but lag alone does not make the player. He has the brains and skills to beat anybody at any time. When WW shows, and I'm fronting, I call 1 person and always have a second person ready, and more often than not, I have to call a second guy. Just too good to leave by himself. He's also "badass". I love the players who talk smack, and aren't afraid to back it up.

Mitey wrote:I know ww as the best SCLA'er in the zone, hands down. Also a pretty hilarious guy.

poem ZX wrote:Wing is crazy underrated, I assume he still viewed as this 12 yr old Asian kid whose real life friends with GBH. But he has serious potential.

TIT MAN wrote:so fun to bd with this guy, always playing agg, especially fun playing 2v2 with constant rush cuz he can la like a beast

Mitey wrote:I've seen him play a few times. Nothing special. I know he loves Nokia and girls... A LOT.

Iammute wrote:I dont know much about this guy except that I only see him in pub and he's usually tearing it up

BOMBED wrote:a super fucking old man, i love to play baseduel or teamelim with him. really cool guy

Jammu wrote:old guy who is pretty active but still not GREAT at anything, can anchor ok and rush ok. always in a terrier.

moggy wrote:one of my 2 favorite people to play with

BOMBED wrote: another player [like bold] who can play in any arena and can also do any position in flagging. in my honest opinion the way people seen sly is how i see yawn. i doubt in my eyes anyone will ever become a more entertaining or better flagger to watch to me. 100% imo the best flagger in extreme games. There was a pub game and we was on priv 2 pub freqs with 10 people each was attacking each other, and yawn and his brother cloaked past all 20 of them and took there base. truly amazing player

Jammu wrote: think he only showed for some of the finals in egfl this year, but he did own when he was playing.

moss wrote:best combination of lag and skill. A nightmare to play against.

EuRa wrote:For some reason, yawn always likes to be the supporting player on a freq, never the leader. One of the best cloakers, attacker, defenders, anchors, etc to play the game. He could easily be "the best" player in EG if he really wanted it.

joomis wrote:the best player in the zone. easily. sucks at betting.

Mitey wrote: Underrated player imho. Not very well known as well. He can step into a lot of different positions well, but is better in aggressive attack and nme anchor. His jovial attitude makes him good for any freq's chemistry attitude-wise, but that doesn't diminish his awesome la'ing skills and good decision making. Can be somewhat inconsistent at times due to getting bored, but overall, I think he'll be noticed in EG a lot more this upcoming year.

H0ST wrote: To me is a very down to earth guy, a mature, consistent and underrated player. A player I will always rely on for a good stable attack, doesn't crumble under pressure when being abandoned as nme anchor while the rest of us plow through nme defense.

Pointwhore wrote: In my eyes a clear winner of biggest ego of 2009, which is probably why many dislike him. Has evolved into a very reliable swing and a good killer on attack. Thankfully he still can't anchor that well, because I wouldn't really be very comfortable with thinking of him as better than me. I mean, the guy pretended to be a girl for gods sake!

Bacon wrote:All ego and all trash talk aside, Zeker has become a real good player. He's become a solid swing that really knows how to play and take control of a freq if needed too.

Delete wrote:Smart attack -has really matured this season and has deserved his starting position for exalt.

King wrote: while feeling extremely reluctant to post something good about zeker, cuz it will only make his ego grow even bigger, zeker has proven himself to be one of eg's greatest players. this year, he may actually be a worthy contestant for best aggressive swing, and has proven he can still play well in other positions.

Ioth wrote:TS: Everyone is quiet, all of a sudden 'OMG I KILLED 2 PEOPLE ON A ROW LOL'. That's zeker right there. Though being an annoying selfpraising fuck, he doesn't mean any harm, and he did turn into a good player. I like the guy, when he doesn't annoy me. :P

fletch wrote:God can't this twat shut up already. I thought no one would pass Beany's ego but then I met Zeker. Unfortunately he has the skill to back his thrashtalk, and man do I hate that.

Lee wrote: im sure he would be respected more if he could keep his mouth shut, good swing and can be a good anchor, still room for development.

moss wrote: seems to be dangerously close to the Ben Wallace "underrated for a while but due to everyone finally noticing, has suddenly become overrated" syndrome.

Kuppaaja wrote:One of the funniest guys to watch when he talks while playing, he goes in capslock mode pretty often. Skillwise he is good, one of the best decoyer as well, I always kill Zeker's decoys! Good swing, good cloaker. The word "ROFL" is first line that you will see Zeker type in game. This guy must've used it millions of times.

aYr wrote: Everybody has an opinion about zeker, and why not he has one of the biggest mouths in the game, but you'll find its never really trashing with spite or anger in mind, which is one the reasons i love this guy, he's a guy who really enjoys playing and hates being in spec. Zeker's another guy who's really helped me out during this year and im proud to say i wanna play just like him.

Azela wrote: Apparently they call him zorro when he flags, but in baseduel he's not as good (but still very good). He's a solid all round player with a good knowledge of the game. One of Zeker's strong points is that he's so enthusiastic about the game and always willing to give advice and that's why I love him and his brow.

Pacino wrote: Zeker is probably the best player that came out of exalt v1, growing from a whiny newbie to a solid player that can fill many positions. Though his strong point lies on defence as a passive swing, zeker is a great asset on any area. Still has a bit of a bloated ego but i think zeker is a force to be reckoned with. Can pull upsets against strong players and always pulls through when hes outnumbered! Browly beast right here.

Mitey wrote:A goodhearted fellow that really enjoys interacting with others, he is known as being egotistical. However, I feel he just looks for recognition in immature ways, but he's definitely improved that some since I've known him. Zeker is one of the quickest in-game players you'll find around, meaning he makes quick decisions, usually good ones, he reacts quickly to changing situations and is able to "type on the fly" quickly. If you have Zeker as your swing (flank or at home) in any swing position, you usually feel comfortable he won't let you down since he's so competitive and talented. He has definitely risen to the upper echelon of flagging in recent years with his aggressive forward moving style. He does however, on occasion play passive but isn't quite as dangerous as when semi-aggressive. That being said, Zeker is unique on so many levels as he has actually met some ppl from SS; one went away with a broken arm, another with a kiss (supposedly), which tells a lot about his in-game emotional state of mind.

Johnson wrote: Massive Massive COCK. Only due to his ego of course. However much his ego pisses me off, I love him! I love to make fun of everything he does wrong! Doesn't know what a Global Announcement is, however he is a very skilled player.

heath wrote:incorrectly labelled "egotistical", zeker is simply a big mouth with a big heart and big skills.
Jammu wrote:good player, but sometimes gets a bit carried away with his ego.
TIT MAN wrote:overrated eyebrow man, but hes really fun to play with has weird lag..tho his ms is low, knew him from back in the day when he pretended to be a girl (2h2) ahahahaha
moss wrote:a lot better than he gets credit for, but will never be considered elite due to the fact that he never shuts up and constantly tries to be the center of attention
KEY wrote:ur ego is sooooo big its fun to see you talk to other players and squad wonderfull swing really Good player
bear wrote:Anotehr one of my favorite players in eg. He can play most positions and play them well. He is fun to play with and gets too much crap for having an ego. I <3 Zeker- bear
EuRa wrote:One of my favorite players in EG of all time. I just flat out love this dude. he deserves to be cocky, because he really is that good. He's the best player in EG at the moment, imo.
netban wrote:Zeker and me go way back, and unfortunately he's just another one of my old friends who really kicked it into gear and surpassed me far and beyond in skill. One of the best players in the zone because you can count on him to do literally ANYTHING. Was noticed for his swinging, but people underrate his ability to attack, nme anchor, and home anchor.

Dizease wrote:PAT PAT PAT and loves making burgers.
Mitey wrote:Great basedueler. Third best imo, behind Diz (1st), and Iammute. I wish this would join a flagging squad and tear it up! So nice and happy all the time, zhong is a great guy to bd with or against because he's so much fun! bwuahahahahaha :D
proz wrote:the most enjoyable guy to bd with, can anchor and rush, amazing la's and doesn't take the game too srsly.
Ioth wrote:Haha i love zhong. Funny player. Lots of lag, lots of energy, lots of baseduelling and not too bad at anchorring either.
iammute wrote:Really fun nice guy to baseduel with. Oh yeah and he ownz too.
Jammu wrote:always seems to have fun in bd.

anne wrote:Ziggy, you are nice person to talk to. You are romantic, and always call me snowflake. You are also a great player, not only cause you lag but you've also been playing quite a while now. I've known you for about 4 years now? Not so sure. Anyhow, most people should fear you when they have to play against you cause you pew pew through enemy in a blink of an eye. Love you always! <3
EuRa wrote:One of the biggest mistakes I ever made was denying zig from returning to Symb when he left and came back. I said no, I believe imp said yes, and zig has owned my squad ever since. Much love zig!
By MiTeY
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Page 13:
H20 wrote:Ioth- My Favoritest person in EG! Yes, favoritest! <3 Awesome Front, SMART player, and is more about the team than the individual.

Dazz- My bald brother. When he wants to be, he's the best swing in the zone. Ask him to FR for your team today! ROFL

Blahhy.- SPELLING CHAMPION! ZzZzz. Awesome player. One of the best overall players in the zone when he wants to be, but as stated multiple times, he usually just plays for fun.

H20- No clue, Decent front? Much better at training than actually playing probably. Guess I'm a pretty smart player. <3

Pacino- AWESOME and smart player. Really understands game flow and adapts to the situation. Great to have rushing with you too bc he nails 90% of the good LAs.

dotcom- starting to really like this newblet! Good at cloaking and getting to be a really good terr anch.

bear- <3 this guy! When he flags seriously he's a very skilled flagger.

Kryp- Best pilot in the zone, of all time, when he wants to be. I've been in this zone a LONG ass time, and he's one of the best I've seen at being able to do everything and do it well.

Sentenal- GREAT LEADER. One of the best I've had the pleasure to work under/with.

Alca- One of the best in game freq leaders ever. AWESOME player and great leader.

Moss- One of the coolest EG dudes I've ever met. Learned most of what I know from either watching or being taught by him.

Eura*Fag- One of the only EG players who's played as long as I have lol, also one of the most prestigious players in EG history. Very fun and awesome player to play with, can truly do it all.
AH dealer wrote:H20 - Sounds like water to me; flows like liquit, rushes trough everything, and if he's ur front, ur base is secure. ALMOST as good as Ioth...
page 14:
dotcom. wrote:Gaz : Gaz is a pretty fun player to talk with, and have a chat. If he sets his mind to it, he can rush pretty decently, and even pull off some anchor moves. Mostly though, hes just there to have some fun, and dick around :P

Zeker : Zeker is an excellent aggressive swing, and even a good anch when he trys. Hes also a real nice guy to talk to!

Bugs: Bugs is a great Front/MFR anchor, and his swing game is underrated. Hes also another one of those players that nice to talk to!

Mitey : Mitey is a reliable anchor, and a strong swing when he wants to be, and if he really sets his mind to it, he can lead a freq. Mitey is one of those players u could enjoy having a chat with.

Bear/mice.: Bear is a great member to have in a squad, because hes pretty loyal. Hes a solid anchor, and is even good put in an aggressive rush position.

I'll do some more later!
Pacino wrote: Adammo

Fatammo! One of my favorite players in EG, very underrated but then again NOT underrated. His activity really ruins it for him, this guy could be on ayr's level(maybe even better) right now if he would stay active.
I see unlimited potential in adam, more than i've seen in any other player in the last 4 years or so since i've been on the lookout for recruits. I'm still hoping one day adam will decide to get into EG like never before and rip shit up!
Right now he is a pretty decent swing, good attacker, mainly easy to play with and great to have on your team. One day...ONE DAY, HE WILL DOMINATE day.

I've gotta do a review on blahhy for some reason. Because I used to think he was really overrated, mainly because kute kept telling me he was the best player in the zone and was basically goggling his c0ck. Since i've seen blahhy play again i've come to realise I really like the way he plays, good basefighter, adds some UNF to your attack and usually gets the job done. Main thing that I like about him is the rather "strange" moves he pulls in basefights, and the explosiveness of his actions!(explosiveness? wtf.)


I've only recently discovered this newblet. Dotcom is probably one of the best upcoming players in the zone right now, definitely a contender for the best player in top 2010 category. Good swing, never gives up in basefights and holds his own against some of the best in EG. I also especially like the way he steps up for anchoring positions, its a refreshing change compared to some other recruits.


Netty! Another one of my favorite players of all time. Hilarious guy to have on your chat, talks shit to everyone and gets away with it. Doesn't care much about his reputation in the zone, and neither do I! I love that about net.
Skillswise I think net is definitely a good add to any team, but like Adammo, net has never TRUELY given this zone his all. I think he can already hold his own against the top players of this zone when he tries, and I hope he decides to get back into EG top flagging, cause it would be an honor to fight along side Commander Netty this upcoming EGDL/EGFL.
Kuppaaja wrote:H0st

Annoying lagger, but very fun guy to have on your team (annoying as an opponent, hehe). He can plow through anyone with that lag!


ROFL. I had to start this with that word. I'm not sure if Blahhy is the one who invented that word, but dam he uses it a lot. He can lead your freq (no matter how bad the freq is) to the victory easily with his excellent basefighting skills.
H0ST wrote:Sann
Sannehhh, I hold a lot of respect for this dinosaur because she's one of the most hardworking mod. She really hold her own against bunch of douchebags and whiners in the zone and does not need any assistance in defending herself and the decisions she made. I've always had fun playing with her not only because she's a very skillful player but also she makes me have fun and enjoy the game instead of getting frustrated at times.

If there's 1 word for me to describe Kuppaja is Beasting! He's one of those talented players that could carry a team of newbs to victory in baseduel, I always have the impression of him more of an anchor but when he starts rushing he really made my jaw drop because not only can he plow through defense but at the same time clearing any blue dots he passes - safe to say he always clinches most kills or second most kills in most of the games he play.

rofllf sea jai, he's probably one of the anchor that can choke and I won't get mad and instead we will have a good laugh. It's always fun playing with or against sea because just like sann, sea reminds me to not be too serious and just have fun. Having said that sea is a very versatile player from anchoring to swinging to rushing, he can do it all and do it well!

Ahhh my brother from another zone. I was overjoyed when I found out Delete was a player I used to play with back in T3G, he's a very talented and mature player which basically can do it all - from anchoring to swinging to attacking to dueling to bla bla bla!! Just like kuppa, he can rush very aggressively, have tons of kills and at the same time knows how to utilize each player's strength. Getting the perfect balance of knowing when to stay alive and when to die and give me perfect la setup all the time.

I would say one of the most overrated pilot, sure he can anchor sure he can rush but what I dislike about him is he's even more emotional than all my ex gf combined. It's tricky teaming with mute in bd because it all depends on his emotional status, if he's not feeling it he will deliberately throw his whole team under the bus by not killing anything and just flying around dying with a 0.2 rating. When confronted as to why, he would say he did BETTER by not killing so he can focus solely on FLYING. If your name is not Wavy Run - get another pathetic excuse for your emotional break down.
Page 15:
nunnnez wrote:stisev - has been known to fray for hours in his shark, wreaking havoc around center safe, cloaking unsuspecting victims and taunting them with "EZ" after he turns them into a green.
Lacoste wrote:Qs: rly good beany player
xai: wow ohio nerd more!!! lol azn good guy
luft: omg calgary german! too funny and always get most kills (watch bombullet matches stats)
blahhy: vancouver lacoste drama queen
sephiroth: job or no job? skool or no skool? drama but care to lead a it

ah dunno who else to say

scot: anglo quebecer but speaks it..but hes gone or aliased now :(
rickeyboy2: living in Laval but good guy!
zeker: simon but now a good guy helping Apex out!
supa-fly:cool guy great flagger

ahhhh too many people

nunnez: giantpanda mascot

eura: rly cool guy, can flag and understands me better then many others (ERM ERM QS lol jk)

winamp,enuff..forgot his last alias..ah Kanoe: good guy but gone :( football!

i was almost gonna forget Owens!: cool guy, stuck with same problems at me back awhile ago (aliasing a bit heh)

factor:dickhead! got me kick from Exalt for not much..just saying newbie to NUMB lol to NUMB and it wasnt even like i was being mean or anything but kidding around <the wrong way> for exalts i guess

if i forgot you, sorry!
Delete wrote:nunnnez: fairly average. learning though, and with time could be as good as his squad-mates.
nunnnez wrote:delete: fairly average. learning though, and with time could be as good as his squad-mates. not quite as handsome as nunnnez.
gaZ wrote:nunnnez: hider, very cute. I like to seckz talk him while he plays.
Page 16:
conjo wrote:Gaz: Gaz, you are one of my best Extreme-Games friends. You are always kind to me, and I can talk to you very well. You have a great personality and EG would be so empty without you! <3
Toretto wrote:Gaz: Is single handily the most awesome person I have ever come into contact with in EG. He always makes me chuckle, And since I met him back in 03/04. Has only pissed me off 1time. <3 gaz
Dicas wrote:Scan : one of the best players i know, to bad he isnt active as he used to be.
a great team player, think i could better stop now or he will start giving his penis a hand

Ioth : best front i know, really nice player to bad hes getting mean now a day but always willing to help and a great leader, he just needs to save some money for a better PC

Pacino : great guy always looked up to him when i started playing, great player and really smart in game nice to play with him and always willing to help ppl out

Zeker : Good guys he will make a good mod, just to bad he has a big ego but thats whats makes the guy, in the right team he can be one of the bests swings there is

h4b : one of the best attackers there is

Saiko : always thought he hated me but found out someone else used his name, now i know the real saiko i must say great player nice guy, always in for a game

Nath : great guy love to play with him makes everybody crazy with his lag, the only guy i know when can still la after 10 sec ^^

Jammu : best terr for sure enjoyed playing with him on EF

Nattmackan : Nice guy good player, he can really get the best out of ppl and make them better great leader

Luige : doesnt know me i think and i dont know him very well but always been looking up to him, great player love to watch him play so smart to hard to write it down !

Mitey : Atleast 1 guy in eg who is never mean ! biggest family man in EG!

Xyo : Great guy nice to play with and u can always find him in bd ready to play!

bombed : love to play with him on att great player

Dica/Dicas : aka me ^^ not alot to say about myself just trying to stay active =]
Toretto wrote: ww
Ww is known as one of the zones best attackers, with some amazing lag, matched with skill. When ww tries you will get plowed! Definitely someone to have on your side and not be against. Personality is pretty awesome as well. He plays an excellent air banjo ><
Page 18:
SEALs wrote: cube - can swing up to 6.5 - 7 on her best days, but really inconsistent still at swinging. Can anchor only in bd at about a 5.5-6, outside of bd in match situation, I would say 4 anchor, 6 swing, 5.5 rusher = overall a solid 5.5 player who if she focuses can be much better than these ratings :)
cube wrote:mitey is a 9+ anchor and a little less good of a rusher, though i've seen him do some great things in a shark in bd :)
Toretto wrote:golfer: 8/10: one of egs best anchors. did a spectacular job for tp this season.

Taught:9/10 as swing 1. Fun guy to flag with.

Monty: 8/10 smart player, cares about his squad and its performance, glad you chose to come to tp. great swing 2

Renowned: 8/10: put reno anywhere and he will rock it. Most well rounded player tp has.

Feiyin: 8/10: fei is just a beast. Another back bone of tp this egfl.

boogyman: 7/10 smart player, great spec leader. Sold and reliable anchor
Page 19:
Huy wrote:acerockola
- a jolly player who just seems to enjoy playing recreationally, seemed to have stopped playing for the most part but i guess thats what happens when you're trying to play catch up in life. gl with everything

- I miss agro's post on the forums :( he was quite the character, although not really known for his outstanding pilot skills

- most asian player i know, makes you feel special when you talk to her

- the best swing to ever grace the game, known for his superb ship and energy control. I still remember when blood picked him up from splynter out of our entire roster of 15, and rightly so. He never looked back after that, and pushed his game to what most people would consider as omnipresent.

- an excellent model of an aggressive grunt player, really elevated his game to another level when he regularly started for exalt

- i recall him being an excellent leaguer prior to him starting to flag, but never really got anywhere in the flagging scene

- proceeded to take over ursa's reign as one of the most feared players in the game, highly regarded as the best player in the modern game at the moment. Always plays with intensity and isn't afraid to break a few laughs to show off his softer side. co-pilot of shake and bake, ricky bacon and cal sunstreak jr, the best two to ever do it yo!

- much has to be said about his ES squadleading history, considered one of the most influential squads in the history of eg, baia has bred many of the elite players to play the game today. he generated competition, allure for the lower tier pilots, and gave his loyal members a taste of what it was like to compete with the giants. Adaptable in his gameplay and considered to be a dangerous pilot on any freq.

Black Boy
- ah fellow famer, played extremely well for ace when he was expected to perform. nice guy, was never too competitive but was nonetheless a solid player

- impactful and intelligent player, shame he wasn't around when flagging was booming (or maybe he wasn't known at the time)

- overcheckin here. Seems to have popped out of nowhere, amazing league player and flagger, can hold his own against any top player

- hard to imagine any one of older generation duelers and leaguers to be BETTER than bombed. he is simply on his own level when it comes to duel and league. I was really glad he made a transition to flag, people were really curious to see how a best-in-class dueler would match up against some of the long term flaggers. He was ready to compete at the top level right from the start, and I'd say he has had a successful run in flagging up to this point.

- brings drama everywhere he goes, people either hate it or love it. He will pose a challenge for anyone in duel or league. Owns an ebay store front for selling old tshirts belonging to his mom, a part time entrepreneurial cannabis dealer, and a regular at country boy family restaurant. ;)

- one of the 100 pot smokers in the extremely dense city of hong kong, great player to have on chat, wished we got to play more when fame was active :D

- chin and luige sitting on a tree...great player i've admired since the Apple days

- versatile player, oozes confidence and tries to let everyone know when he plays (probably a technique to help himself play better), grew from a lowly pilot of despair to one of the most intelligent and educated pilots. loves playing with newbs to give himself a challenge, which to me shows courage to want to elevate his game; this has paid off in recent times.

- a solid player, not the most reliable but always shows up to win. been fun hanging out on fame chat

- a recreational regular pub/bd player, great attitude and personality. would no doubt be compatible with any squad mates on any squad. Will probably meet one day at a Datsik concert :D

- one of the most intelligent players in the game and offline on forums, never shies away from any argument, will defend his point to the death. In game, he is one of the most underrated players, an outstanding rusher, solid swing, lacks anchoring instincts but no doubt if given enough time, he will shine in this area of gameplay as well. the only reason why i'm not retiring without a single title (recent brutal EGL win) in my tenure lmao

- known for being the originator of the vulgar foreskin jokes, impressive terr skills in BD

- one of my fondest memories in eg, when domio cried on TS/vent after mut win

- eye opening front skills back in the day, one of the best to ever do it

- a role model, the north star of Fame, impeccable morals, always a pleasure to play with. been a fun ride on fame :D

- one of the most organized leader I've had the pleasure to play under...shame he wasn't around when flagging was booming mid 00's. A kind and gentle player with the best intentions in mind. Best masseuse in eg ;)

- not sure if rosale has seen ioth play, but even one of the front legends would be impressed. The best front in the modern game, even maybe all-time.

- Even with the showering of praises, jammu manages to leave his ego outside the base whenever he ancs, hard to say if he is the best to ever do it, but his reign as the best nme anchor in the recent modern era certainly puts him in a position to be so.

- one of the most overrated anchors today, arrogant but really has no shining skills to show for his gloating. Always seems to be bitter, might be one of the most repulsive players to play with. Nonetheless, he was regarded as a knight on trespass, despite having tremendous performances in many games, he is still widely regarded as a middle tier fr starter at best.

- The most respected player, probably ever. A role model for every player who aspires to reach the acme of eg competition. With utmost leadership qualities and spaceship skills, he reminds everyone in eg who have had the privilege to watch him play or lead that his alias is more than just a nickname. As I near the end of my time in eg, one of my deepest regrets is to not have tasted Blood before retiring. King is the most influential player to ever grace the game.

- KniteX would be on most people's dream team draft (he certainly is on mine), one of the best to ever play the game. Unlike most of the older players, he seems to have evolved at a higher pace, enough to still make an impactful impression on the new players.

- one of the best aggressive attackers atm, he only continues to get better. a delight to watch.
Huy wrote:Lee:
- Having led some of the most impressive assemblies (Erratic, Trespass) of pilots to ever compete for the throne of eg, Lee is nothing short of eg royalty. His impeccable standards for the regulation and maintenance within his realm/squadron has led to pledges of servitude by many of the most adept pilots of the old and new. Regardless of the popularity of the seasonal leagues and tournaments, Lee has been the most reliable source to provide insightful commentaries. His duty as the most prolific scribe in eg has won him only the richest praises from the community. However, it would not be fair to Lee if I fail to mention his spaceship skills. Hailed once as one of the best passive spiders, Lee has managed to make his mark in all aspects of this game. When eg nears the end of its time, Lee will be regarded as the most iconic player to ever grace the game.
Azela wrote:Sentenal - Leader

The best leader and tactician the game has ever seen. I've spoken to a lot of people about how flagging used to be many years ago and they all agree that tactically, flagging is superior, although skill has reduced. I'd like to attribute the rising standards to Sentenal, he raised the bar and introduced tactics which became mainstream. People are going to say that these tactics existed before and he just adopted them and some will agree with me. What we can all agree upon is that he out foxed every other squad leader for the past few years. Sure, blood has won the last 2 EGFL's but were they tactically better?

Ioth - MFR

Ioth is loved by pretty much everyone, an awesome character to have in your squad, friendly, helpful and not to mention the best damn lancaster in EG. For someone who doesn't like the MFR position he is absolutely perfect at it. He is trustworthy and highly skilled with both balancing home with nme and seldom choking under pressure.

Autopilot - S1

Probably the greatest player of all time, autopilot could probably be the best at any position if he applied himself. He swings in a spider like a double anchor (it works for him) and generally out kills everyone, every game. He is reliable and one of the very few players that I like as a person and as a player. I don't need to say anything more because he is the target that every other player wants to reach.

Zeker - S2

An on form Zeker is a force to be reckoned with, a reliable powerhouse in the heart of any defense. Lately he's not lived up to the standards which he set a couple of years ago and right now I'm not really sure who the best S2 is.

N/A - S3

Jammu - EA

Because no one else really stands out right now.

Combo - F1

Combo is almost exactly like Luige, he is a beast at aggressive defending and attacking making him the perfect flex. He is a smart player and is one of my favorite players, the best flex in EG and the worst anchor.

Luige - F2

Luige, a beast at defending and attacking, like Combo, but perhaps less experienced at winning those big matches and with perhaps a little less game smarts, he is however the 2nd best flex in EG, 2nd only to the great Combo.

King - A1

I can't stand King. His beard, his titles, his ability to win everything. He is undoubtedly a player that you want on your attack in any position. I don't think he's primarily an A1 but if you want to win EGFL, you're going to want King on the attack. Maybe there was a day when Lee would be here instead of King, but Lee isn't quite what he used to be.

Bacon - A2

The best attacker and basedueler in EG, period.

Yawn - A3

His cloaking and power rushing is so hard to handle, no one else comes close to his style of play. The best cloaker in EG by a mile.
conjo wrote:Sentenal: He's a scary person.
Page 20:
Toretto wrote:rk: considering I have always been against him, I never really got to know him or witness the atmosphere around him! Last egfl I recognized his ability as a leader, when ruckus started to sink I decided to follow him!
Toretto wrote:karth:
Another player that I had a bad outlook on. It wasn't from personal experience either. A few people over the years mentioned his Attitude. k wasn't until I joined next that I got to know him. He is absolutely awesome. One of my Eg BFF's.
AH dealer wrote:Taunt:
An anchor who has been around for a while now, but haven't made the top of the top anchors yet. I don't know what makes him choke allot (imo), but if he could fix that he's a great anchor. He kills allot and most importantly, he launches the swings just in the right way when they attach. Not too far from the action, not too close either. If he stops choking, might be an 8 for anchoring, yet he's still a 7.5

Not quite there yet, but improving allot. She's a nice team player who will pick anything up you say to her (tactic wise). I think this is an upcoming pilot who could be for great use in the next EGDL. Not the best ship control tho, doesn't get that many kills, but is pretty reliable. With some good prac from the master anchor (Nao) Cyp will become great. For now, a 7 for anchoring.

Pretty good anchor and a nice guy, just love to fuck around with him (literally). Jet the mistake he makes every time I've played against him or have seen him, he's either overrating himself, or underrating the players he's up against. Those have been deadly mistakes he has made. I would give him an 8 for anchoring, since we don't have many good anchors left. A 6 overall.

Knows allot about predicting, he knows where the enemy will shoot and will go so he'll always have his bomb ready. He never bombs unless it's useful (either make the enemy dodge/slow down or kill an enemy player), so he barely gets TK's which makes him "one of a kind" in the anchor scene. Yet could improve allot more to see the whole picture better and knowing when the enemy will mob, when to call another swing, etc. But those are only details, so a 8.5 for anchoring, 7 overall.

Blood Line:
Best anchor of the zone, kills ALLOT, I mean, ALLOT. He gets allot of tks tho, but thats ok, blood line can hold the fort on his own. Doesn't die, never gets surprised, most reliable of all, doesn't talk much, but man this is a great anchor, reminds me of myself. A 9.5 is not overrated, since he's the best anchor of the zone at the moment. -.5 because he tks so much. Or he just tks me, could be either one.

Kinda done anchoring and focussing more on rushing, so if some1 could review me on that, would be for great help.
Page 21:
Kace wrote:Golfer:
When he was first recruited to TP i was hesitant on starting him in matches, especially that he was new. He proved me wrong on a day we were short options, he had superceeded all of TP's anchors at the time. Quickly became my first choice of MFR. He even got better with Grid, without a doubt the backbone of Grids defense this EGFL. Definitely one of the zones best anchors, he gets a solid 9/10. Good job golfer and you have developed quite nicely over your time here. Definitely cool as hell too, i give him a lot of trash, he gives it right back. I love it
PAT wrote:Attack Monkeys - probably one of the most underrated players when he's on his stuff. Imo people see him as a close to warhable player. But in bd daily and playing with the vets, he's improved up to a Silence-level player. May be a top contender in a year or two. 6.5/10

Kace - fckin awesome old man. Most overrated player in history of EG but at times when players think he's too overrated, he pulls through and plays like a man that's played as long as him should. Against Grid in EGFL semi-finals game 2, he was the reason Grid took so long to take nme and shut down basically the best player in the zone (ursa). Kace can attack, swing, mfr, nme anchor, spec lead. He's truly a huge asset to any squadhe joins and should of joined grid this year :D 9/10 overall. 10/10 specleading :D
Jugulate wrote:attack monkeys: awesome attacker to rush with. 8/10 :D
Kace wrote:Jug - I remember him in bd a few years ago, if I remember right he was or is in the top 10 for elo. When I was in tp he was our strongest and most reliable anchor. Then he acquired lag and became a pain in the ass to bd against and awesome to play with. Overall a great person to be on a squad with, usually adds life to chat
Kace wrote:Acid rain - one of the zones most despised players, rightfully so. He came on the scene and unlike most newbies and he started trash talking before he was any good, ar was the opposite, he had ego and then got good.
Unlimited wrote:kace: underrated as hell, can fill just about any position i give kace a solid 8/10, 9 on a good day. 10 if he was still smoking but he quit, newbie. lately has been helping with staffing/reffing/coordinating and doing a great job. next to golfer has to be the nicest pilot in eg, always helping players.. and is now running a low tier as well as a mid tier squad helping pilots improve

pat/acid rain: has gotten better as a player, cut down on the retard shit in-game 100%.. big turnaround for ar imo, only thing with him is he rly needs to stick with one alias
Bacon wrote:im here for u sexy nao
Nao - can easily be a top 3 player in this zone. Already proved his anching abilities and his rushing is pretty damn elite. I won't start this guy at anchor anymore if we get even decent anchors to show b/c he is that good at pushing and is a smart player. Last 6-7 sm's or pu's ive played with this guy as a2 or s3, he comes through with most kills. If he's attacking with me, i can fly by nme without shooting at them b/c i know nao will clean it up.

Golfer - love this dude, 1 of the best active anchors and he's proving it in egfl. For active anchors, the only 2 i see up at the top are Blood line and Golfer. Karth plays 5 miles back and then gets aggressive for a second and dies. Not only is he a good anchor, he's an awesome person who wants to help eg and is one of my best buds on this game. Even tho he still sucks at mw3 and blackops. (GO RACECAR!!!!)

Kace - Got a lot of respect for this guy. Yea, i don't see him as an elite player anymore, but he can fill any position thats needed and can do it good enough to beat the best squads. He's a smart player who, like golfer, really wants to help this zone. Havent squadded with him yet but I really hope to get the chance sometime to play with this guy in egbdl,egdl or egfl (if there is another).

Pat - u want my honest opinion acid? I think ur 1 step away from being a great player. Your 1 step below in almost every position. And yea i did get unlimited to pick u b/c i think ur underrated at 6vp and u proved it when u played. U just gotta settle ur ego down a bit at times (lol coming from me, but ask any squaddie ive ever been with or u can even answer that i will rarely bash squaddies). In egdl, u bashed a few if they said u weren't playin ur best and u ragged on unlimited when staff was gonna find out anyway.
Kace wrote:Bacon: there aren't many people I fear in this game! During egfl, everyone says ooh ursa is on grid, doesn't phase me. I see bacon flying outside my base, my butthole puckers. Honestly one of the absolute best players I come across. As I read somewhere here you got to love him or hate him, I fortunately never been on his bad side ;) Only thing I haven't seen him do is lead. For that he is only a 9
Toretto wrote:ioth:
I remember our stint in Wanted together, You were already beginning to shine. We had an awesome EGFL season, you were our Front, I was MFR.. you were such a vital player for our team, that when you didn't start against Trespass, they steam rolled us. During our time on Exalt together, you were a mini sent no doubt, always yelling and talking trash. LOL you even made me spec during a pickup, im sure I sucked tho. You are an amazing person, player and leader (when you want to lead). a Strong 8, only because you don't anchor no more.

I remember years ago, when I first seen that alias of yours, I just thought you were some newb who took "lee's" alias and reversed it. Then you would always spam me "TAKE FRONT", I couldn't stand you. LOL. But over the years things have changed, you are another player who impacts the zone by leading low/mid tier and possibly the next EGFL champs. You have proven to be every bit of the leader this zone needs. In game skill wise, you are reliable wherever your placed. Due to your leadership and game skills, I give you a 8 too.
Toretto wrote:Unlimited:
I think unlimited is an awesome attacker, he still got some work to do. But overall is an asset on your attacking team with some nice La's and pushing. Also depends how high he is tho, as a former stoner I can understand.. Its either you go into that zone where you feel like Neo from the Matrix or you go into that slump like 40 year old virgin. Luckily for unlimited those slumps aren't often. I have respect for unlimited because he will call you out and isn't afraid to voice his opinion. Unlike most newbies who kiss ass, unlimited will be frank. Overall I rank unlimited a strong 7 - I never seen him lead or anchor.
EEL wrote:Kace- has been around forever I remember when he made elevated for the first time 03 or 04 can't remember so that can tell you he's atleast been knowing how to lead a squad/freq. I remember him being one of egs premier anchor back when it was really hard to get into a pickup or even him fronting in a big public game lmao that's where TAKE FRONT came from lmao. But yeah not being in his prime like almost all of us he's reliable anywhere but choose not to even though he should be attacking instead of swinging. Kace gets vicious in that terrier and. Can hold his own amongst the elite and can join any squad he wants to. Also a big motivator so for that I give him a 9
H0ST wrote:EEL:
Actually I don't really know anyone that well but i like eel, he's funny and unfortunately i've yet been in a squad with him. I think trespasser's favorite meal back then was explosive or some other squad i forgot, never really regarded eel as a very skillful player but he makes up for it with leadership skills, I can see many ppl stayed loyal to him and followed him around with the squads he starts, another thing I admire is that he always go for mid tier squad and doesn't mind taking the time in guiding the mid tier players to the next level.
Jugulate wrote:h0st: smart attacker who uses his lag well; you definitely don't want to play against him. a strong 8.
Clownie wrote:Jugulate-Great anchor and overall player. Miss basedueling with you :/
Wagon wrote:clownie:
good rusher and pretty smart player dont know about his anchor skill only seen him once and did very well
apex^_^ wrote:nao- one of the more agressive players in the zone, knows how to use it to his advantage when anchoring and can push as an attacker better than 95% of the zone. great guy just likes to drink alot haha
Agro! wrote:Aelderon
Aelderon has improved remarkably in recent times, for many years he remained a mediocre shadow to eel but those days have since elapsed. His work in EGFL 2011 had a genuine impact on his squads success and he deserves that credit. It's good to see improvement in long-term players and very few have improved more than Aelderon in recent times.

Attack Monkeys
AM is in my opinion an extremely under-rated player, however this is largely due to his low aspirations at success or participating in leagues. His is an incredibly smart person and one I gladly enjoy flagging and bd'ing with.

AP was the greatest swing in this game for many years. Although game play has changed and his inactivity has ramifications, he still ranks highly. He is an extremely nice, approachable player and always has a happy and amusing disposition.

I Abhor Azela more than I hate virtually anything, however his flagging and anchoring is solid. Though nothing he does is without agenda, he has in many respects - contributed to this zone and regularly puts his hand up to help organise and run shit, a rarity nowadays.

I do like Bacon, despite my constant legitimate gripes with his conduct, maturity and impulse control issues. He is an excellent player and gathers a ferocious loyalty from his squadies. His flagging ability puts him in my current top 10.

Baia is a very good player, but leadership and dedication are his defining characteristics. He has discovered and effectively trained many many players over the years and is a very well liked and respected player.

Black has been around forever, though his gaming improvement ceased awhile ago he still plays at a high level. He has solid leadership skills and a passion for EG. He obviously still enjoys playing this game and is always first to start freq's and get shit rolling.

Bombed is one of the best Duelers ever to grace Extreme-Games and he has gone on to great things in flagging. When I drafted him to Team Love for EGFL, he was still breaking into the flagging realms, despite already being better than a significant portion of flaggers already, including myself. While bombed isn't the smartest player, his raw talent and natural ability make him a starter on any team. If I saw a position he would excel in the games current form, it would be as an aggressive swing, though his attack is equally as solid. Bombed has an real natural intelligence that is often overlooked due to his naivety and basic dialect, he seems to lack the motivation to really enunciate this in person and in game, though I suspect it merely a matter of time.

Chewbot is a great guy and while his flagging is not right up with the elites his presence in a squad and the moral he brings is absolutely priceless. I realise he has fallen off the reality wagon recently and this is a tragedy, but he still was/is a genuine character in this game and has brightened up this place many times in the past.

Clownie is a concrete player and a reliable presence on any freq. What sets him apart from other players is his genuinely empathetic and enjoyable nature. He is always happy and welcoming, this being an atypical trait in such a faceless medium.

Yet another player who has improved incredibly in recent times. Spent a significant portion of her time fucking around in pub for the first few years, but now plays at an very competitive level. I hazard to guess, she still has yet to reach her full potential, which is an encouraging and foreboding development.

Dispite recent remarks from others that dazz's style of play is now archaic, I do reject that profusely. He can be an extremely aggressive player both on defence and attack, with excellent base duelling skills and a genuine intellect for this game. His constant rock-solid performances in big games is the reason I have a healthy respect for him as a player and rank him among some of the best.

Dbz is not the smartest of players and this has bitten him in big games at times. His ego and lack of swift decision making tends to cloud his judgement and performances somewhat, but he still ranks in the very top tier of this game. He is an extremely likable guy and has come a long way in all aspects of life, and I hope he applies that acumen and intelligence to his gameplay more because he would be a relentless force.

Eel is one of the few passionate leaders left in this game. His commitment and leadership with Grid in EGFL 2011 is the reason they won so comfortably. While his zenith was reached during a very dead period in this game's history, he is a noteworthy player, leader, staff member and a real asset to EG.

Not seen him much lately, but a great guy and a real friend. He was an extremely good front [back in the day when the position mattered] but his biggest asset was his passion for success and natural leadership abilities. His contribution to this zone is/was invaluable and I fear he was not appreciated fully due to his gaudy and opinionated persona at times.

Never an amazing flagger, but a very vocal and nice player. Has been around for a long time and holds a strong network of friends and supporters, one of whom is me.

f16 is a painfully annoying and young player, this unfortunately has lead to him being somewhat ostracised by the majority. With maturity and an awareness that he does not need to kiss everyone's ass, I think he could be tolerable and go on the help lead successful squads and contribute to this zone. His flagging skills are improving, but still not at the top level. I think as time progresses he will mature and a name-change would be beneficial in helping his poor reputation, this being a means to re-invent himself like it has worked for many others in the past. [Like me]

Fat Mouse
FM is an excellent attacker and always shows to matches, hence his reliability in squads is the principal reason he is such a valuable player. This corresponds with his game play too, as he has exceptional malleability with any of his squad-mates in game, this chemistry is becoming a defining point in this game, making him even more valuable.

I've not known golfer long nor know him well, but myself and many others underestimated his skill as an anchor and a player and while he is pretty haphazard in pickups and base duel, his big game performances are virtually immaculate. I have a solid respect for golfer's abilities now and hope they continue to improve.

h0st is quite under-rated at this time, I think this is largely to his time-zone, enormous lag and a long time spent as a mindless la'er. However after watching him in recent times, there is definitely some raw skill and aptitude in his game play, his ability to kill has improved significantly and he uses his lag exceptionally well. Watch this space!

Ioth arguably invented MBFR, his lance skills are absolutely unparalleled as is his aim. His constant steadfast performances in big games has made him revered and a benchmark used for comparisons. He is one of the nicest players in EG and has evolved his skills in attack and defence to a very high level, making him an exceedingly competent all-rounder, not just an anchor.

Brilliant anchor and an excellent player with amazing survivability. His bounce-aim is virtually unrivalled and in his pinnacle was a top 10 player [if not still]. I've not seen him play a lot lately, but Jammu is a name worth noting, as his influence and presence in games of past have made him quite a universally respected and renown player.

Often called under-rated, I for one reject this. Kace has moved his way up in this game and earned legitimate respect for his abilities. He has weathered some disdain in his time and has come out on top with elegance and a solid self-respect. He is a helpful, friendly and fervent player and has spent significant time helping the lower level players break into the top tiers. I appreciate his presence on any squad or freq and he plays at an extremely high level. I rate him very highly and find it difficult to understand why this is not a collective opinion.

Karth has received significant contempt and scorn throughout his history in EG. While somewhat naive and trying to many in his first years, he has improved significantly. Though his skill lacks refinement and reliability, he does an ample job at pulling his weight on any freq as a support role and is a unyielding anchor, whom will see improvements in consistency as time progresses. He is a positive influence in this game and on staff. Has a passion and (un)healthy commitment to this game, which is reflected in his consistent hosting and interaction with players from all walks of life. I would suggest people drop the misconceptions and predetermined opinions, because Karth is a notable and amiable player/person.

King is one of the best all-rounders in this game and has a uncanny ability to influence games beyond that of a single player. He has run Blood for a very long time and has deservingly achieved virtually every accolade imaginable as a player and a leader. He is extremely smart and regularly tops these silly dream-team lists, though his passion and activity has diminished in recent times, and significant portions of his time are spent fucking around trolling pub, there is no doubt that king is an eminent and influential figure in EG's history and a consistent and fair staff member.

Knitex is one of my most rated-players in virtually any position. His survivability, adaptation and unusually calm nature have made him one the best player ever. He is one person to watch and learn from in all aspect of this game. He is a solid TE player and this again illustrates his natural talent in all aspect of EG.

Loud, obnoxious but definitely not lacking in skill. Often overlooked [possibly due to his inability to stfu] i do think he is somewhat under-rated. I have not seen him play recently, but in his day he truly was a influential player with significant impact in games.

Lee is quite opinionated and an instigator of some of the most biblical shit talking ever to take place in here. His work with erratic and subsequent squad-dissolve loss to Risinblood will go down in history. He is a very composed and fair squadleader and his flagging ability is still at the highest of levels. For a time long ago, his snipe-aim in bases was unrivalled and quite menacing. He is a brilliant deep-anchor, though his skill in all support positions is equally as formidable. Lee's work and contribution to this zone are often gone unappreciated, but there exists few people that have given as much effort and time to this zone, than lee.

Majin was one of the best players in EG, though he has gotten somewhat rusty in recent times and no longer consistently producing his talent of old. I tend to imagine this is a product of already achieving everything you could in this game and he is now merely playing at a social level. I have enjoyed playing with majin and he was a real authority in Mutiny's first EGFL win.

Laggy, talks a lot, but has consistently improved. I do not rate his ability in the highest regard as of right now, but I see considerable potential as well as marked improvement. He is a nice guy and though somewhat exasperating at times, remains someone worthy of my time and attention.

Moggy is a difficult player to rate, on one hand I have seen him do some completely inhuman things in games and been in absolute awe, I've have also seen him underperform quite badly. In moggy's prime he was a starting attacker on any squad, but inactivity and lack of impetus have made him inconsistent at times with glimmers of brilliance. He does bring with him an aura of likability and is a superb asset on squad. He has a real reliability to show to games and possesses this innate and inexplicable gift of lifting squad spirits and creating a loyal and cohesive team. I'm very glad to know you, moggy, and we will smoke up one day man - promise.

Never seen Mom play, but she is a long-time resident and one of the nicest people you'll meet [In and outside of this game]. I cannot speak highly enough of Mom and I know this opinion is shared by many.

One of the best swings in EG during his time. I remember he was S1 for Impurity during the 18hr EGFL semi vs. mutiny and racked up well over 5k kills in that game. His defence was impenetrable and his longevity in games sets him apart from most.

Moss was the original EG Ego, and though it was arguably warranted he was not without an ample list of foes and doubters. I have not seen him in a long time, but he was a big part of this game and the success of some big squads were helped by his presence in games.

mr shoe
Very nice guy and extremely approachable staff member. Has contributed to this zone in many forms and his promotion throughout the ranks of staff was well deserved. As a flagger he is not dazzling, however still commands an genuine impact in games, on attack or defence.

Nunnez was a breath of fresh air when he arrived in EG. A larger than life character and a very inoffensive demeanor made him instantly liked. His attacking skills were extremely effective and he is a clever player, with an enormous personality. It's safe to say I am one of his devotees.

Omega Red
Omega is one of the few reliable Nme-anchors in EG at the moment. He can make rapid and knowledgeable decisions ingame and is a very realistic and grounded player. I have often seen him change position or sub himself if his performance is not up to his idea of par, there are a lot of players who wouldn't do this. He has noticeable proficiency in all positions and will near-always volunteer to do jobs most people avoid. He is the example I would use to define a team-player.

PoemZX was my low VP pick for EGDL on Team Love and he was very reliable, but not terribly good - in fact, id go as far as saying that he was shithouse. I [as much as I'd enjoy taking credit] did not foresee him becoming as good a player as he is atm. He has an extremely good kill-rate and can be frustrating to play against, the rapidity of his improvement has exceeded most anyone I know and I'm exceedingly surprised at his continual evolution.

Was a formidable anchor, but also very good in support roles [swing/attack] His flagged anchoring was right up at the top in his day, though he did tend to splatter his ego excessively. I found pointwhore to be quite affable, though i would imagine many have not.

Quick Strike
QS is often called over-rated, I am skeptical of that label as I have seen him do some things that defy realism. He falls into the small and prestigious category of excellent all-rounders and can produce consistent high-level performances against anyone.

A really good person and often deservingly acknowledge as one of the nicest players. A capable flagger, his major quality is as a spec-leader, he is also someone that can accurately and meticulously analyse gameplay and players, though he would humbly refute this.

Riddler made his first impact in this Zone as an accomplished dueller though i saw only the end of that chapter, evolving then into an accomplished and renown flagger. His attacking ability rated up with the best, those skills translocated throughout most position he played. Awesome personality, Best DJ ever and not one to shy from a debate. His borderline thesis's throughout this forum were typical and often a worthy read, that regularly generated some fantastic drama.

Rushmore has had a colourful history here, with his energy, item and wall hacking debacle - his obvious competence with an emulator was only exceeded by his skill as a legitimate and lawful player. He is a scary presence on attack and extremely easy to play with and build a quick and effective in-game chemistry with.

Very much an improved player, but still emerging into a full fledge top-tier pilot. He is definitely worth watching in the future as he will be very good. He has quite an analytical aptitude for EG that is shared with some of the few accomplished tacticians in this game. A trait that will no doubt begin to emerge more prominently as he progresses in his 'career'.

Lovely person and a good player, she was definitely more than just lag and I found her very easy to attack with effectively. I know it is inherently female to be quite sweet and kind-hearted, but sann really set a benchmark.

Julia has some very vocal adversaries in EG, likely resulting from her highly attuned and articulate vernacular which can be brutal at times, however it's ordinarily quite logical. I think she has improved a lot in recent times as a flagger, notable on attack, and is a very capable dueller - I would confidently anticipate this improvement to continue. She has graced this place for a long time and has accrued some very loyal friends and stood on many a toe. [Something I proudly admire]

Excellent in any support role, has a very quick processing speed which is reflected in some quite freakish reflexes at times. One of the best players currently and has been for a long time, extremely versatile.

One of the biggest and most adept trolls in eg. He has a remarkable talent for this game, but could really give a fuck. Don't know him overtly well, but found him to be glib and quite a satirical person whom has a large supporter base and earned popularity.

Turtleeater is a notable dueller and has adapted to flagging quite astutely, she is often overshadowed by Bombed, but does however deserves credit for her fluid transition into flagging and the obvious advantages of being a skilled dueller do appear in her game play often, which can leave an attacker or defender looking quite stupid and ineffective when she is on the ball.

Amazing attacker, one of the best this zone has seen. Has a remarkable ability to play well with most anyone, one of my top rated aggressive players ever...unbelievable at times.

Fellow stoner, somewhat outspoken but a very capable flagger and one of the better staff members.

Possibly the best player in EG currently if not all-time, which is something he will freely smear around the place as he battles with that debilitating ego. Don't know him well, though he seems to have the personality of a frying pan and equally as shallow. Absolutely one of EG's legends and his skill level has not diminished over what is now an impressive length of time.

One of the best aussie players of all time, remarkable ability to utilise his lag and blister through defensive lines and can make a defense look incredibly stupid.

The best aussie attacker ever to play, unrivalled cloaker and constantly produced incredible performances. Inactive nowadays, but one of eg's greats.

Bullied by many and liked by many, Zeker certainly had an ability to be quite infectious - and because of that you will find very few people that know him, that are absent of a strong opinion albeit negative or positive. He has not improved much in recent times to my observations, but still resides in the upper echelons of eg's vets and has proven an aptitude for virtually all positions.
Page 22:
Trance wrote:Acid Rain: his ego hurts him sometimes, but this guy getting better and better.

Agro: I love to play with this guy, i remember owning with him on blood when we won egfl a few years ago. Shame he stopped/went inactive after.

alca: Probably one of the smartest players eg has seen, he was amazing back in the days.

Anne: Very nice player! Doesnt see her play much now.

Autopilot: EG`s best swing ever, superb aim. Also very good anchor, only bad thing i can say about ap is that he support shitty footballteams!

ayr: Really good swing, got really good in exalt.

Azela: Dont know him that well, but he seems to be a nice person. Good anchor!

b0w: rofl this russian is a funny guy, good basedueller.

Bacon: This guy is elite! Best allround player or second best for a long time now. Can do any position better than 99% of eg. Only bad thing is that he got banned during egfl playoffs, if he didnt i would have another egfl-title for sure!

BLOOD LINE: Sometimes impossible to kill, outstanding terrier

Blue/danztr: I miss this guy, he was awesome back in the days, eg needs him back, makes better bases than anyone.

Bold: another missed player, very funny guy. Was a great swing.

BOMBED: bombed is pro! first he was just a dueller then he became good in flagging, now hes a topplayer! EG´s best leaguer.

COMBO: Another solid player, can do any position.

Delete: Good allround player! Doesnt play mugauch now wich is sad, love to bd with this dude.

demokillerz: rofl i love all the drama he starts! Nice guy to talk to.

dtiss: dtiss is underrated for sure, good swing/basedueller

element_sun: One of the nicest players on blood! hes gone now, but im sure he will own if he gets back.

fat mouse: great shark, got a nice lag as well.

guap:another funny guy on bold`s chat, good cloaker.

Gunslinger: Gun is elite at his best days! great dodges

h0st: rofl probably highest lag in eg, very funny to bd with this guy, can do crazy la`s

h4b: one of the best agressive players in eg, he also knows how to use his lag wich most of eg`s lagger dont.

Hydrogen1: Was probably top3 mfr when he was active.

Hawkeye: One of my closest friends. Lethal in any ship, got a huge ego but he can back it up. Hawkeye and bacon have been dominating in eg for years now.

Ioth: Ioth is one of the few anchors i always want to kill bad rofl. Wich usually ends up me being lured. Amazing anchor!! Best levi anc for sure.

jammu: Cant think of any better anchor in eg history, i always try hard agianst him. Never chokes.

Kace: Does alot for eg! I hope he stays for a long time.

King: King was my buddy in blood, when i first came to blood i actually thought he was a nazi-leader guy. But he is very nice, probably eg`s best leader ever. Crazy skilled as well, top 3 in eg. Also a smart player, always do the right things.

Knitex: Killingmachine! I think he lost a little skill due to inactive now, but he was elite in trespass.

Kryp: doesnt play anymore but i have to mention him anyway. Imo he carried mutiny alot when he played, great aim.

Kuppaaja: Love to play with him! He plow more than anyone on attack.

Kute: This guy does anything to win, wich i like. good allround player.

lawsuit: good player and funny guy to chat with!

Lee: Lee does alot for eg, dont think anyone can replace him really. Got very good chemistry with him, he knows how i play, lee always been a great player.

Moggy: One of the nicest players in eg, funny guy to attack with as well!

Monke: Monke and ap is probably eg`s best swinging duo ever. Great swing, i remember raging when i attacked vs him when he was perma lancing.

mr shoe: does alot for eg!! underrated player.

nunnnez: rofl love this guy, one of the funniest players on blood. Good player, supports even worse team than autopilot though.

Nao: One of eg`s best anchors, also great attacker.

Pointwhore: Pw is my brother if anyone didnt know that. Was a very good anchor at his top, stopped playing now.

QS: Not sure what to say about qs, this guy can go from one of eg`s best one day, just to be average the day after, very wierd.

scan: one of my favourite players in eg. One of eg`s best swings. Cursed!!

sentenal: Perhaps not the best player, but one of the smartest. Using great tactics in egfl.

Sponger: One of eg` best overall players, can do anything, also got a very good lag.

Sea: Nicest player in eg! Huge lagger, fun guy to play with.

s_fcdb: One of my best friends in eg, has helped me alot with my egbdl squad. Does alot for eg.

Taunt: When taunt doesnt choke, hes a very good anchor, nice guy to chat about gym.

Thecript: Got a huge ego wich sometimes hurt him, hes actually a great spider.

Werewolf!: I remember watching him play back in the days, back then he was probably eg`s best attacker, best lagattacher in eg.

Yawn: Yawn/Hawkeye have taught me alot, for me hes eg`s best attacker. best cloaker for sure.

Zeker: Great player, for some reason everyone think hes best as s3, his best position is attacker.

Zig: One of my best friends in eg, cool guy with his broken english. Great attacker, very annoying to play agianst.
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By Square Apple
Unko Man - Hardly a dull moment when he's on your freq. Fun guy to talk to and play with!
By Lacoste
cuberoot wrote:these are all wrong.
ur right..i was just thinking..Wow took a while for Kace to do that..ty much for it!

and then i read that cuberoot francaise bourgeoise thingie and i was like DAMN RIGHT YANKEE!
Sly with 1 comment rofl. You can add this from a retired vet..." Easily one of the top 3 players to have ever played EG. Killed EG along with his BFF FC by leaving for WoW. "
By nunnnez
nerd: a dumb Image
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By X400
wow I have a place in here too? Amazing! sad reviews tho for the best player ever to grace this game, but hey a mention is still nice ^^
By Hunt for Blood
Havent rly been that active in the past 5 years so most of my reviews will be from 2005-2012


One of the best passive swings in his prime and it was a pain attacking against him. Great aim, very good energy control and maybe the best LA chain finishers around.


Very fun and competitive player and I enjoyed playing baseduel with him. Versatile and unpredictable player.


The guy with the maxed LAG and knowledge on how to use it. It was just unreal LAing with him. You had to stare at death screen till the very end to see if beany catched your la setup and sometimes you didnt even catch a glimpse of his turret/ship and had to check for namelist if the Turret sign (green T) appeared next to beanys name.


Great guy and possibly the best player I've ever played with. Performed always at the top level never saw him tilted.


Good anchor and swing. Thanks for hosting leagues


Underrated player. He practised alot and was one of the best players to play with. Reason we won vs Blood in egfl finals was because of aYr catching that LA setup.


The most annoying player to attack against. You just can't rush in to him because he doesnt miss a single bomb or a bullet! Also you can't slow push him because he has elite ship control and positioning. You can't cloak him because the radar is his second eye or something. The best swing in my book.


Very competitive and smart player. Great leader. Maybe the smartest player ever. His positioning is always on point and his brain semmed to be operating like a supercomputer. Amazing game sense. Knows everytime when attack/defense needs lanc/terr/shark/spider/wb and plays them well.


The ultimate flagger.


Great lag attacher and good all around player.


Cried on vent when we(mutiny) won EGFL. Great player


Mr. Foreskin is a fun guy and great bder. Awesome lag I just wish he would LA wiht me more.


Easy to play with. I think our play styles fit well on the attack.


The best swing with Autopilot in the zone. Fun guy always telling jokes in 3rd person. I once asked him to help me with my Spanish essay and he gladly did. That essay failed and the teacher suggested me to quit spanish after the course and that I did. Thanks Dazz.


Very good and consitent player who just seemed to be getting better and better. Very deadly on attack or defence.


terrible dota player. Decent in ss ;) Very laid back player


The best dueler and got into flagging and after some prac he started to dominate the flagging scene also. His ship control and aim are out of this world.


Great anchor with patience and sisu. Very nice person eventhough maybe the fame got a little bit in his head when he was kept as the best terrier anchor around.


Hands down The best LAncaster around. Great MFR and nowadays just an all around amazing player. Great personality and always positive!


One of the aussies with huge lag and good at using it. Also decent anchor which must be kind of hard with lag he has. Thrives in full def or full attack as most laggers do.


Cool guy and very good player. We had hard time playing together though because we would have very similar play style so we would do same manouvers and fat eachother. But moggy adjusted his gameplay and we started to own. Very versatile player.


One of the best cloakers. Always see him in a shark or camping and slow pushing with a cloaked spider.


Great explosive player with good game sense


Funny guy and can play any position with out problems.


Great aggressive swing and a kill machine with nice lag. Fun to play with and against.


Great guy and a beast player when he was active.


The backbone of EG, love reading his analyses and he is also a smart leader. Good player too and fun to play with!


The best basedueler with huge lag. Great ship control and awesome LAs.


Fellow finn, former red star player who knew how to la when he came to EG. In EG he quickly gained respect as one of the scariest aggressive swings in game. He can play any position really.


Has to be my all time favorite player to attack with. Just cant suck with him. In exalt our attack line with me, odium and kryp would decimate any defence with ease. Maybe the best player in spider.


Never really played with king but against alot. Smart Aggressive player who thrives in full attack/def


Great swing and awesome guy. It was always easy to play with scan. He can kill and make the LAs

Quick Strike

HAted playing against him. Great attacker with nice lag. Also a smart player who can anchor


Fun guy to play with. We always had a blast when we played together!


One of my all time favorite players to play with. You could LA chain with this dude for good 3 minutes. Even when getting rc I would still catch his LATE la. They were that late. Attacking against blood stacked defence was so fun with this guy.

omega red

Awesome all around player with great game sense. EAsy to play with.


MAde that LOTR themed journey about me photoshopping my head in pictures around the middle-earth. Funny guy and I think i might have his phone number.


Very good player and basefighter. Fun to bd with.

Monty Python

Chill dude who can pretty much do anything. Great swing and I remember his lancaster doing work when I attack against him. Mine clearing is annoying.


Fun guy and fun to play with. La chaining and kamikaze rushing with this guy was awesome.


The unibrow is really good swing and decent at anchoring too! Fun to play with and against.


Huge lagger who has great game sense. Very difficult to handle if you let him get his roll on. You don't want to be finishing his LAs rather make him finish yours.


Very explosive player and fun to play with and very annoying to play against since he would just eat everything.


remsu_82. My fellow attacker with amazing skills all around. Very dangerous player on attack or defence.


Excellent base fighter and easy to play with. Kill machine.


Great person and imo underrated basefighter. Always anchoring because so good at it but he is a very good swing.


I remember from my early days this guy was the best spider nme anchor around.


Very good attacker. Fast player who always seemed to have more speed than others.


One of the most skilled players around and very competitive player. Great guy too.


My buddy from exalt and we would have the greatest time attacking and LAing together we just maybe over LAed more than couple of times but it was worth it everytime.


The best leader I've ever had with new game changing strategies and incredible game sense. Demanding leader and we got the title because of him being a nazi.
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By Ioth
Rofl it's kivimetsän.

Thanks for reminding me of your journey around the world!
That shit was hilarious rofl, can't believe you even remembered it :p
By Hunt for Blood
Ioth wrote:
March 15th, 2017, 9:46 am
Rofl it's kivimetsän.

Thanks for reminding me of your journey around the world!
That shit was hilarious rofl, can't believe you even remembered it :p
Lol it was too epic to forget!
By DaZZ!
Ahh, it was truly my privilege to assist you with your Spanish essay and the memory still brings me many rofls. But anyways, I don't believe I made any errors whatsoever so maybe Spanish was a bit too much for you. Like they say in Spain, Nadda hay nuevos debajo del sol.
By Hunt for Blood
DaZZ! wrote:
March 17th, 2017, 4:40 am
Ahh, it was truly my privilege to assist you with your Spanish essay and the memory still brings me many rofls. But anyways, I don't believe I made any errors whatsoever so maybe Spanish was a bit too much for you. Like they say in Spain, Nadda hay nuevos debajo del sol.
Dazz go sign up for bdl
Finite - 9vp, GOAT
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By Square Apple
Unlimited — Notwithstanding that one incident with j00z... I mean, Mopy, Unlimited is a decent friend in-game, and apart from his already solid swinging abilities, his skills as a shark also makes him an asset in attack.
The Future of EG

EG all the way! I really hope it works out well.

TWDT Season 18

I'll sign up if you cap


Why not just host a ete/duel league!

Ways to attract Vets back???

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